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Expert Roof Cleaners

Protect your home from the potential havoc caused by moisture wicking, deteriorating shingles or inadequately maintained roofs. Pacific Gutter Co. provides professional roof cleaning and maintenance services, striving to preserve the durability and efficiency of your roof.

Comprehensive Roof Cleaning Service
Enjoy peace of mind when you entrust our experienced team with caring for your roof. Our meticulous soft wash cleaning procedure eliminates leaves, dirt, and other debris that may obstruct your roof's functionality. We ensure unobstructed water flow, minimizing the potential for overflow and safeguarding your property from damage.
Roof Inspection and Maintenance
Our experienced team performs meticulous inspections to uncover any potential issues. We highlight problem areas and elucidate the advantages of our gentle wash technique. With our expert roof cleaning and maintenance services, you can rest easy knowing the safety and quality of your roof is in good hands.
Scheduled Service
Enjoy peace of mind with Pacific Gutter Co.’s convenient scheduled roof cleaning service. We take care of cleaning on time, every time, saving you frustration and hassle. The ultimate convenience!

High Quality, Personal Service at Competitive rates

Scheduled Services Means no disruption to your Daily Routine
We Employ Strict Safety Protocols and use proper Equipment
We use Soft wash to help preserve your roof life
Detailed Consultation & free estimates before starting work
Your satisfaction is important, and always fully guarantee

Dedicated to safeguarding your home against the elements of the Pacific Northwest.

At Pacific Gutter, we specialize in addressing your Gutter and Roof cleaning requirements. Our meticulous process guarantees thorough attention to detail, surpassing the elevated expectations of each customer. Allow Pacific Gutter Company to demonstrate our commitment to excellence. Contact our team today and work with our friendly experts to schedule fast, convenient roof cleaning and maintenance services for your home.

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Why is Pressure washing bad?
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Pressure washing removes years of granules off your shingle. Ultimately leading to your roof life deteriorating faster. Our soft washing techniques ensure that your roof life will not be impacted.

When should you clean your roof?
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A good way to tell when to clean your roof is when you see mold, mildew or moss build up. This can be caused by leaves building a damp blanket on your roof line. Moss can hold up to 4 times its weight in water. Any sight of obstructed waterflow on your roof can lead to potential pooling or retention into the shingles.

Is it worth it to clean your roof?
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It’s not only worth it but it's necessary to clean your roof to maximize your roof life and to preserve your roof's warranties.

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