Auburn Homeowner Thrilled with Her New Gutter Shutter System!

November 2023

No more over flowing water!

Auburn Homeowner Thrilled with Her New Gutter Shutter System!
No more over flowing water!

Failing gutters are not just annoying to deal with, they can cause permanent water damage to your home!

Proud Pacific Northwest homeowners from Auburn, Washington saw our Gutter Shutter system in the Seattle Times and called right away! They had been dealing for nearly 20 years with an old, poorly installed gutter system, and they were sick of it!

Gutters were detached from the back of the home, and improperly installed downspouts caused water to shoot over the gutter system (these are not the kind of waterfalls we like in the PNW!). Our team made a trip out to their lovely home and gave a custom quote for a new Gutter Shutter system.

Our Gutter Shutter installations are backed by a LIFETIME guarantee to never clog, sag or pull away from the home. The baked-on enamel finish has a 20-year warranty to not chip, crack or peel. The system uses the process of liquid adhesion to suck rain water into and through the gutter system, while leaves and debris roll right over the top. You can get off the ladder for good, and know that your home is protected from costly water damage!

liquid adhesion

Our team removed the old gutter system and upgraded the home with its' new, custom gutter and guard system. They no longer have to listen to water overflowing over a broken system!

The new Gutter Shutter system not only flows properly, it compliments the home's fun aesthetic! At Pacific Gutter we LOVE being part of our client's success stories. It is always an honor to help resolve gutter issues for homeowners and give them peace of mind that their home is protected!


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