Gutter Maintenance & Cleaning Service

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Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

Water damage can be a devastating consequence of clogged, damaged, or poorly maintained gutters. Pacific Gutter Co. offers professional gutter maintenance and cleaning services to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your gutters, particularly open gutters or older installs.

Don’t wait to protect your home with proper gutter maintenance. Prevent water damage today by turning to the experts. Contact the team at Pacific Gutter Company to learn more about our service offerings or get a free estimate for your project when you visit us online today.

Comprehensive Gutter Cleaning
Our thorough leaf gutter cleaning process removes leaves, dirt, and other debris that can clog gutters and downspouts. We ensure that water can flow freely, reducing the risk of overflow and damage to your property.
Gutter Inspection and Maintenance
Our expert team conducts detailed inspections to identify any potential issues like leaks, sagging, or damage. We then perform necessary gutter maintenance services to keep your gutter system functioning optimally.
Gutter Repair and Replacement
We offer professional gutter replacement services if your gutters are damaged beyond repair. We will help you choose the best materials and designs that suit your property, budget, and long-term needs.
Scheduled Service
Enjoy peace of mind with Pacific Gutter Co.’s convenient scheduled gutter service. We take care of cleaning and maintenance on time, every time, saving you frustration and hassle. The ultimate convenience!

Why Choose Pacific Gutter Co. for Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance? Here are just a few reasons!

High-quality, personal service at highly competitive rates.
Scheduled gutter maintenance services means no disruption to your daily routine.
We employ strict safety protocols and use proper equipment.
Professionally trained team to handle a variety of gutters.
Detailed consultation & free estimates before starting work.
Your satisfaction is important, and always fully guaranteed.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality & Efficiency

At Pacific Gutter Co., we uphold the highest service standards, and your satisfaction is our ultimate benchmark. If our work doesn't meet your expectations, we're committed to making it right. Alongside this, we value your time. Our team is structured to deliver timely and efficient leaf gutter cleaning and maintenance services, ensuring you receive outstanding results without disrupting your schedule.

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What can Pacific Gutter do for you?

How often should you clean your gutters?
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In general, you should clean your gutters about twice a year. Living in the PNW with increased foliage and rain seasons, it can be more. This increased precipitation also creates potentially dangerous ladder conditions. 81% of fall injuries are from falling off a ladder. Protect your safety and hire a professional to clean your cutter system.

Is it worth it to clean your gutters?
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Gutter cleaning and maintenance is an essential routine task that helps prevent serious issues from forming and damaging your home. The task can be dangerous and dirty, so we recommend calling a professional.

Is it okay to walk on the roof to clean gutters?
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We do NOT recommend walking on the roof's surface with out proper training and tethering equipment. Leaning downhill to reach into the gutters increases the chance of falling. If the gutters are clogged, there may be algae, water or leaves on the roof's surface that be very slick.

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What our customers say about us

We needed new gutters due to the February ice storm. The entire experience was a 10 plus! From the estimator to the installers they were kind and listened and answered all our concerns. This is an investment and we feel we got our money's worth!

Lake Oswego, OR

Karen L
The team was extremely professional in the installation of our new gutters. They arrived on time, cleaned the work area, and in less than four hours we had new gutters. We like our new gutters, they handle the heavy rain easily. No more water pouring over the gutters. I highly recommend this company.

Janet E
The installation crew was awesome. They finished the job in one day, was on time and super friendly. They explained the entire process. Absolutely recommend Pacific Gutter to anyone. Great product.

Vancouver, WA

Ron C