Bi-Colored Gutter Shutter Install in Puyallup, Washington

September 2023

Bi-Colored Gutter Shutter Install in Puyallup, Washington

Gutters are a necessity, but they can be stylish!

Puyallup, Washington homeowners had recently seen Pacific Gutter in the Seattle Times newspaper, and gave us a call to see if we could help address their failing gutters. Our trained technician team assessed the families gutters.

They had a gutter cover system that was failing. Leaves and debris were still able to get into the gutter and clog the system. Having this cover made it even harder for them to address issues, not easier. The system was old and looking shabby. The family was ready for a change!

A well-functioning gutter system is a necessity in the Pacific Northwest, but it does not need to be an eye sore! The Gutter Shutter system is not only the largest and most-durable gutter system on the market, but it also looks sleek! It comes in a variety of colors to compliment your home. Whether you want your gutters to blend in completely, or look like crisp crown molding- Pacific Gutter will custom-build your Gutter Shutter system, on-site, for a perfect fit to your home.

This Puyallup family wanted the look of clean, white gutters and downspouts for a nice contrast of color to their maroon home, but wanted the top of the gutter guards to match their black shingles. The Pacific Gutter team was able to remove the old gutters and custom build the new Gutter Shutter system, on-site, in just one day! Their new gutters look fresh and bold, but more importantly, they are protecting the home for life! The Gutter Shutter system is guaranteed for an entire lifetime to NEVER clog, sag or pull away from the home. It has a 20-year paint warranty to not chip, crack or peel!

The homeowners will never have to climb a ladder again to address gutter issues, and if they decide to move or pass the home down, the warranty transfers with homeownership! In one day they protected their home and added value.

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