Open Gutter Installation & Repair

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Welcome to Pacific Gutter Company, the trusted name for high-quality open gutter installation services. Most people know us as a leading provider of Gutter Shutter systems, but we offer a comprehensive range of services, including the expert installation of open gutters for residential and commercial properties!

Open Gutter Installation
Trust our expert team to install open gutters that blend functionality and aesthetics. We collaborate with you, considering your property's unique needs and budget, to choose the best materials and design.
Gutter System Design
We create a custom design for your open gutter system, ensuring optimal drainage. Our design considers important factors such as roof size, slope, and climate to make sure your gutters perform effectively.
Gutter Replacement
If your current gutters are beyond repair, we offer top-quality open gutter replacement services. Our experts will help you choose the best solution that matches your property's style and requirements.
Free Estimate and Consultation
Get free estimates and consultations for our open gutter installation services. We visit your site, evaluate your needs, and offer a free, comprehensive proposal for your unique gutter requirements.

There are a lot of reasons to choose Pacific Gutter Company for your open gutter installation. Here are just a few:

Detailed consultation & free estimate before starting work.
Only the best, most durable open gutter system materials.
Post-installation support and excellent aftercare & support.
Fully customized open gutter system designs for your home.
Environmentally conscious, eco-friendly installation.
Highly responsive and friendly customer service team.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

At Pacific Gutter Co., we're committed to exceptional standards in open gutter installation, with your satisfaction being our key measure of success. Our team of seasoned professionals is orchestrated to provide speedy and efficient installation services, assuring superb results without causing disruption to your regular activities.

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/ Frequently Asked questions

What can Pacific Gutter do for you?

When is it okay to repair a gutter instead or replace?
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It is okay to repair a gutter if there is only a minor hole that can be completely resealed, or if a fastener is loosened. Even minor-looking gutter issues can cause serious foundation, mold or interior issues. We recommend always having a trained gutter technician evaluate your gutter system for you and recommend the best solution for you.

What size are traditional gutter downspouts?
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Most downspouts on residential homes are 2x3" in size. These can cause slow drainage and clog easy in the Pacific Northwest, due to our foliage and long, intense rainy seasons. Our Gutter Shutter 3x4" downspouts & wide mouth outlet maximizes the water flow from your gutters.

What is the advantage of an open gutter?
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Downspouts with an open face offer maximum airflow, eliminating the trapped water from the spout. However, the open face system does not have any protection against clogging from leaves, fir needles or other debris.

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What our customers say about us

Big fan of these guys. I called and needed a specific type of gutter and they delivered. The work was done masterfully and the product was great. I have no complaints and I’d gladly recommend them to other folks looking for quality work and dependable products.

Portland, OR

Morgan N
The installers were great. They even inspected other parts of the gutter system and advised me on maintenance as well as spraying down the gutters in the back and clearing a clog. The repair in the front is working great.

Beaverton, OR

Sandra M