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Gutter Shutter: The Proven Gutter System

Pacific Gutter Company is a trusted local installer of Gutter Shutter in Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, and nearby in Washington and Oregon. We’re proud to provide homeowners with this all-in-one gutter solution that is guaranteed to never clog or pull away from the home. Gutter Shutter is constructed 0.032 thick aluminum, stronger than any other residential system.

Learn more about why this unique gutter system is more effective than any other gutters on the market, and schedule your free estimate for Gutter Shutter today! Pacific Gutter Company offers Gutter Shutter installation throughout Pacific Northwest.

LIFETIME No-Clog Warranty!
Will never clog or fill with debris.
No-Pull Away Guarantee
Will never pull away from your home for the lifetime of the structure!
Certified GutterStud brackets
Installs with certified GutterStud brackets every 24 inches for guaranteed stability & strength
Match the aesthetic of your home
Available in a variety of colors to match, stand out or compliment your home's colors.

The Gutter Shutter system is the best on the market because it leaves no “leaf left unturned.” Every feature of this patented system is uniquely crafted to combat both common and uncommon gutter issues.

Made in the U.S.A.
Aesthetically similar to crown moulding for a boost in curb appeal & home value
Installs directly to fascia board completely independent of the roof
Saves you money should you need a roof replacement, as you won’t have to replace gutters at the same time
Completely enclosed while still allowing for maximum water flow
No vertical openings for debris

Gutter Shutter installation company in Washington and Oregon

If you’re not using Gutter Shutter, you may be leaving your roof, foundation, basement, and landscaping vulnerable to costly damage. With the protection and warranties offered by Gutter Shutter, you can protect your property and gain peace of mind knowing this solution will never clog or separate from your home. Get in touch with Pacific Gutter Company today to schedule your free Gutter Shutter installation in Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, and nearby.

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What can Pacific Gutter do for you?

Are Leafguard and Gutter Shutter the same thing?
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No, Gutter Shutter is the largest, and most durable gutter system available on the market with a patented, vented hood that allows water to suck into the gutters while leaves and debris flow over the top. It is backed by a lifetime-guarantee to never clog or pull away from your home.

Is Gutter Shutter worth the money?
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Yes, Gutter Shutter adds value to your home because of the transferability of the lifetime guarantee. If you are thinking of selling or passing down the home, the guarantee is passed along to the new homeowner. Gutter Shutter also helps to protect your home from mold, electrical fires and foundation damage that can be caused by a faulty gutter system.

Can I install Gutter Shutter myself?
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The Gutter Shutter system is only installed by trained technicians, like our team at Pacific Gutter. They ensure that the system is secured properly and safely onto the home. This installation process is backed by a lifetime-guarantee to never clog or pull away from the home, so homeowners never have to get on a ladder again.

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What our customers say about us

Our new gutters are attractive and work great! We had a serious rainstorm just after our installation and the gutters performed exactly as expected! Installation was prompt, tidy and efficient. Great job!

Seattle, WA

Susan B
Big fan of these guys. I called and needed a specific type of gutter and they delivered. The work was done masterfully and the product was great. I have no complaints and I’d gladly recommend them to other folks looking for quality work and dependable products.

Portland, OR

Morgan N
Nice looking gutters and excellent installation. Rained the next day and no problems.

Portland, OR

William R