Forest Grove Home Gets New Gutter Shutter System

November 2023

New Paint and New Beautiful Gutter System!

Forest Grove Home Gets New Gutter Shutter System
New Paint and New Beautiful Gutter System!

Guaranteed for LIFE to never clog!

A couple of Forest Grove homeowners were ready to revamp their home after over 20 years of wear and tear. They were repainting their home and thought it would be the perfect time to replace their gutter system. The family had an open gutter system that was flimsy and put on their home during construction. These are known as contractor gutters. They are not very effective in the Pacific Northwest because they are weak and skinny and do not hold up to the debris and rainfall of the region.

The Forest Grove family called Pacific Gutter after seeing our website and reading into our Gutter Shutter system. Gutter Shutter is the largest and most-durable gutter and guard system on the market. It built to withstand the PNW rainfall. Pacific Gutter's Gutter Shutter installations are backed to a lifetime-guarantee to never clog, sag or pull away from the home. It instantly adds value to your home because this guarantee transfers with homeownership, if you were ever decided to sell the home!

The family loved the idea of not having to get their gutters serviced year after year. Their large, established trees clogged their old system every season. The Gutter Shutter system doesn't clog because it uses the process of liquid adhesion, which allows the rain water to flow into and through the gutter system, while leaves and debris roll right over the top. After doing their research, the homeowners knew that Gutter Shutter was the right fit for them. In just one day, our trained technicians were able to install the new gutter system.

The house had a fresh coat of a light yellow paint, so the family opted for  all-white gutter, guard and downspouts to help compliment the new color scheme. The white gutters now look like crown molding on their beautiful home!


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