La Center Deck and Home Protected by Gutter Shutter

November 2023

The sleek, new gutter system compliments the homes' metal roof.

La Center Deck and Home Protected by Gutter Shutter
The sleek, new gutter system compliments the homes' metal roof.

Fir needles are no match for Gutter Shutter

A La Center family stumbled upon Pacific Gutter Company recently, while looking for gutter guard installers. Their lovely home in Clark County, Washington has a large outdoor living space that is surrounded by many fir trees. During the fall and winter, their open gutter system clogs and overflows due to debris from the firs.

The homeowners knew that they wanted a covered gutter system but did not know the differences between brands. The family saw our Google Business page and gave us a call. Our trained technicians came out to the home and evaluated the open gutters. They gave a custom, down to the penny quote for the Gutter Shutter system to the homeowners. We helped explain the differences between our product and competitors. Gutter Shutter is an all-in-one gutter and guard system, and is the largest and most-durable on the market! Our Gutter Shutter installations are backed by a lifetime guarantee to never clog, sag or pull away from the home.

gutter guard comparison

The La Center family knew that the Gutter Shutter system was the right fit for them. They loved the lifetime guarantee, they never wanted to have to worry about their gutter system again! Gutter Shutter uses the process of liquid adhesion to suck the rain water into and through the gutter system, while leaves and debris roll right over the top.

What is liquid adhesion

In one day, our installation team removed the old, open gutter system and the installed the new Gutter Shutter system. They opted for a green gutter, covers and downspouts to help blend their home into the nature around them. Call now for your free quote!


La Center, WA
green gutter guard system on La Center home
Before Gutter Shutter install
after gutter installation in La Center
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green Gutter Shutter installation La Center
old failing gutters
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