Tillamook Home Gets the Last Gutter System it Will Ever Need!

May 2023

Another homeowner protected for life!

Tillamook Home Gets the Last Gutter System it Will Ever Need!
Another homeowner protected for life!

Fir needles are no longer are problem for this family, their new gutters are guaranteed to NEVER clog!

In May, we were contacted by a family in Tillamook looking for some gutter help. Their home from 1994 still had the original contractor gutters, and were constantly clogging with fir needles.
Contractor gutters are typically made with very thin aluminum, single screws holding them up, and very narrow downspouts. They are not made to last and lead to issues down the road like clogs, pulling away from the home, and water leaking into the foundation.

Our team of skilled technicians made the drive to beautiful Tillamook County to help the homeowners. We provided a thorough gutter assessment and custom gutter solution. The old system was beginning to leak towards the basement foundation (pic included), the downspouts were stuffed full of fir needles and gutter screws were rusting. Our Gutter Shutter system with it's LIFETIME guarantee to never clog, sag or pull away from the home was the perfect solution for this family. Our downspouts are TWICE the size of normal downspouts. The patented vents on the hood of the gutter guard allow water adhesion so rain water sucks into the gutters and all fir needles, leaves or other debris roll right over the top! Gutter brackets are place every 24 inches and held in place with zinc coated screws. This means, NO rusting of screws, NO pulling away from the home and absolutely no downspouts leaking into basement foundation!

In just one day, our team removed their old, faulty gutters and installed their new Gutter Shutter gutters. Deciding that they wanted the gutters to blend in with the fascia of the home, as opposed to highlighting the roof line, they decided with gutters and downspouts that matched the current color of their home.

If they every decided to sell their home, this families lifetime guarantee would transfer to the new homeowners! They not only solved their gutter issues, but they added long-term value to their home in just one afternoon!


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