St Helens Homeowners No Longer Worry About Pine Needles

June 2023

From Clogged to CLEAR for Life!

St Helens Homeowners No Longer Worry About Pine Needles
From Clogged to CLEAR for Life!

Pine needles are no match for water adhesion and the Gutter Shutter system.

The towering trees in St Helens make the everything feel mystical! They help to create an ambiance unmatched outside of the PNW. If you are fortunate enough to purchase a home in St Helens, OR, you can have a slice of this paradise all to yourself. These beautiful trees however, do come at a price. The lush trees and heavy rains that help them thrive, can reek havoc on your gutters. Clogs, foundation issues and gutters pulling away from your home are just a few common issues.

These homeowners were tired of the maintenance required to keep their gutters flowing. The downspouts pictured were quiet small, so they clogged constantly. The times that the home owners were unable to clear the gutters out right away, the weight of the debris and water had begun to pull their old gutter system away from the house. The lifetime guarantee to NEVER clog, sag or pull away the home that our Gutter Shutter system is backed by, sounded like music to their ears. They reached out to our team at Pacific Gutter and we were able to get our trained technician out right away to assess the home.

Our sales technicians talked with the family to help them understand the ins and outs of gutter system, so they are informed on how it works and what makes it different (BETTER!) than the other gutter systems on the market.
Our Gutter Shutter system is backed by a lifetime guarantee to not clog, sag or pull away from the home. It has a 20 warranty to not chip, crack or peel. Gutter Shutter is the largest and most durable gutter system on the market with downspouts TWICE the size of conventional contractor downspouts. The system is an all-in-one gutter and guard system. The guards have vents across the top that allow water adhesion to take place, so rainwater suck into the gutter and downspout while leaves and debris roll over the top.

In one day, Pacific Gutter's vetted installation team came out to the lovely St Helens home, removed the old system and installed the new Gutter Shutter system. We recycled the old gutters and were on our way! This home is now protected for life, and these homeowners can sit back and ENJOY their lovely trees. They will never have to climb on a ladder again!


after gutter installation in Saint Helens
before photo St. Helens
before photo of old gutters
after gutter shutter installation
old leaky gutters
gutter guard installation St Helens
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