Randle, Washington home gets Gutter Shutter

July 2023

This Randle home is ready for a lifetime of PNW winters!

Randle, Washington home gets Gutter Shutter
This Randle home is ready for a lifetime of PNW winters!

A new roof is a great time to update your gutters

Lewis county in Washington is known for its trees. Whether you are near the timber mill, walking through the forest, or just hanging out in town in Randle, you are surrounded by the beautiful, tall trees. These trees can be a pain for homeowners and their gutter systems.

A Randle homeowner was replacing their roof and wanted to upgrade their gutters at the same time. Their current system was very old, and pieced together. The downspouts had become clogged with needles and debris, so they replaced them with large polyethylene pipes. After seeing our commercials on TV, they knew that the Gutter Shutter system was the right fit for them.

Our trained technicians came out to the house and assessed the old system. We took our measurements and provided a down-to-the-penny quote for the new Gutter Shutter system. We worked around the schedule of the new roof to install the gutters. This house now has a LIFETIME guarantee that their gutters will never clog, sag or pull away from the home.

The patented, vented hood of the Gutter Shutter system allows water to suck into the gutters and down the downspouts, while leaves, needles and other debris roll right over the top. The large downspouts are twice the size of traditional contractor gutters so this family will not have to worry about them clogging again.

Call today for your free, no obligation quote and never worry about your gutters again!


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