Portland Homeowner Tired of Leaky Gutters Calls Pacific Gutter

July 2023

Say BYE to leaking gutters and HELLO to protected fascia

Portland Homeowner Tired of Leaky Gutters Calls Pacific Gutter
Say BYE to leaking gutters and HELLO to protected fascia

Another home saved from water damage by Pacific Gutter

This July, a Portland homeowner gave Pacific Gutter Company a call after seeing our commercial on KATU. They had been dealing with the open gutter system on their 2 story home for years, watching it clog and leak season after season. The gutters had rusted in some parts and water was leaking into their fascia board. Knowing how expensive the damage could be the family wanted to fix the issue ASAP.

These homeowners did not want to replace their current set up with another flimsy, open gutter. They know how easily the skinny downspouts clogged and how inefficient the open gutters are. They never wanted to climb onto the second story again to address issues, or have to hire someone to come clean them. The Gutter Shutter system was the perfect fit for this family.

We custom build the Gutter Shutter system on site to ensure that it is the perfect fit for the home. Our trained technicians install gutter brackets every 24 inches to make sure that the gutters will hold up to any and all weather Portland throws its way. We back our Gutter Shutter installations with a LIFETIME guarantee to never clog, sag or pull away from the home.

Homeowner safety is our highest priority, so if there is ever an issue, our service team will come out right away to address it- keeping you OFF of the ladder!

In just ONE day, Pacific Gutter came out to the home, removed the old gutters, built and installed the new Gutter Shutter system. Now there is no more water damaging the fascia board, and no more unsightly rust damage. The Gutter Shutter system's paint is backed by a 20 year warranty to not crack ship or peel. With the transferability of the lifetime guarantee, this house gained protection and value in ONE day.

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