Portland Home has Water Seeping into the Basement so They called Pacific Gutter

July 2023

From cracked and leaking to clog-free for life!

Portland Home has Water Seeping into the Basement so They called Pacific Gutter
From cracked and leaking to clog-free for life!

Debris and leaves are no match for The Gutter Shutter System

Summers in Portland are the BEST! Low-humidity, sunshine and a break from the rainy season. Most homeowners forget all about the gutters because of the pause in the rain, but actually summer is the perfect time to assess your gutters. Are your gutters clogged, pulling away from your home or rusting? Do you see areas that were leaking into your home or foundation? Pacific Gutter will assess your faulty gutter system and give you a FREE, custom to your home gutter solution plan.

A Portland homeowner has been struggling with clogged gutters for years due to their neighbors lush trees dropping leaves and needles onto the roof. She recently noticed a leak in her basement and upon further inspection, realized it was due to her leaking, clogged gutters. This is, unfortunately, a very common problem in the Pacific Northwest. Homeowners don't notice the issues until it becomes a costly fix. She did her research on gutter guards and knew she wanted a hassle-free system that was long-lasting and had a warranty. The Gutter Shutter system was the right fit for her and her home.

It is the largest and most-durable gutter system on the market. The Gutter Shutter system has a patented, vented hood that allows water to suck into the gutters and downspouts and leaves, needles and other debris to roll right over the top. It is guaranteed for LIFE to never clog, leak or pull away from the home. There is also a 20 year paint warranty. These warranties are tied to the home, so it transfers to the next homeowner if you ever decide to sell.

Our trained technicians at Pacific Gutter were able to remove the old gutters and install the new Gutter Shutter system in just one day. The homeowner did not want to have her gutters stand out, she just wanted a clean system that blended in with her home's aesthetic and opted for a neutral color.

Don't wait until there is expensive damage done to your home. Protect it TODAY with Gutter Shutter.


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