Low Maintenance Gutter Solution in Bellingham, WA

June 2023

Needles and debris are no longer a problem for this home!

Low Maintenance Gutter Solution in Bellingham, WA
Needles and debris are no longer a problem for this home!

The lush trees that fill this gorgeous Bellingham property were clogging the old gutter system and causing issues.

The sweeping views on this Bellingham estate are breathtaking! The tall, lurching trees make you feel small and one with Mother Nature. It is easy to see why this family decided to call this place home! Those same trees, however, were clogging up their old gutter system. This was leading to constant maintenance, leaks and other issues.

This homeowner reached out to Pacific Gutter to learn more about the Gutter Shutter system. They had heard about our lifetime guarantee to never clog or pull away from your home and that we had awesome financing options. Never wanting to get on a ladder to pull leaves, needles and debris out of their gutters again, they went with our Gutter Shutter system!

Our trained Sales Technicians came out to the lovely property, provided a FREE gutter assessment and custom gutter solution plan for this family and their home. In less than one day, their house was outfitted with the new system. Our team removed, hauled away and recycled the old, damaged gutters.

Wanting their gutters to blend in with the home, as opposed to a crown molding type look with white, they decided that a dark brown gutter that matched their home's exterior was the right fit. The brown earthy tones of this home allow it to blend in with nature, not taking away from the view! Now this family can sit on the deck and relax knowing that their home is protected for LIFE with Gutter Shutter. Their deck, home, and landscaping projects won't be compromised by a faulty gutter system anymore!


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