Don't Get Fooled by Our Competitors in Sammamish, WA

June 2023

Ditch our competitor's imitation for the real thing the Gutter Shutter system.

Don't Get Fooled by Our Competitors in Sammamish, WA
Ditch our competitor's imitation for the real thing the Gutter Shutter system.

Gutter Shutter's vents use water adhesion technology to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters.

Homeowners from a lovely Sammamish neighborhood reached out to Pacific Gutter Company recently after hearing about our awesome lifetime-guarantee to NEVER clog, sag or pull away from your home.

The family had, in the past, purchased one of our competitors gutter guard systems for their home. They quickly realized that their new, expensive gutter system was not what they were expecting. They also learned, the promise of the system not clogging was not true. Because this competitor product is made into one piece, the homeowner's were not able to address the clogs that were forming in the system. When it rained, the water would go over the top of the system, not into it. This can cause not only siding and landscape issues, but potentially even costly foundation issues.

Ready for a solution that actually backs their LIFETIME guarantee, and refreshes the curb appeal of the home, this Sammamish family ditched their old system for Pacific Gutter's Gutter Shutter all-in-one gutter system.

The Gutter Shutter system has a vented gutter guard that uses water adhesion technology to suck the rain water into the gutter system, while keeping leaves, fir needles and other debris out!

This Washington family went with a white gutter and matching downspout to create a clean, crown molding-type look for their roof. They no longer have to worry about their garden, deck, or foundation getting damaged from a faulty system. The new Gutter Shutter system installed on the home comes with an additional 20 warranty on the paint to not crack, peel or chip. The paint warranty and LIFETIME guarantee to never clog, sag or pull away from the home are transferable with homeownership, if the family decides to ever sell or pass along the home.

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