Hillsboro Family Trade Faulty Screens For Gutter Shutter

May 2023

They said goodbye to clogged gutters FOR LIFE!

Hillsboro Family Trade Faulty Screens For Gutter Shutter
They said goodbye to clogged gutters FOR LIFE!

Transform Your Home in Less Than One Day

A Hillsboro family recently called Pacific Gutter because their old gutter system with a filter on top was clogging and leaking from the corners. Our trained technicians came by to remove the old, faulty system and install Gutter Shutter on the home. In less than one day this home was transformed with their new gutter system. Gutter Shutter is the largest and most durable gutter on the market! It's all-in-one gutter & guard system has vents across the top of the guard that allow water to suck into the gutter system while keeping leaves, fir needles and roofing debris out!

Pacific Gutter is the sole distributor and installer for the Gutter Shutter product in the PNW! The new system put onto this lovely home is backed by a lifetime guarantee to NEVER clog, sag or pull away from the home. If this family decides that they would like to sell or pass along their home, the guarantee will transfer with homeownership!

This family will never have to climb on a ladder again to address any pesky branches or clogs in their system caused by the large, older trees that are in their yard. The work that they are putting into their garden won't wasted by a leaking gutter system any longer. Help to prevent leaks, mold and foundation issues in your home by installing the Next Generation of Gutter Protection on your home, Gutter Shutter!


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