Lake Oswego Says Goodbye to Gutter Cleaning, For Good

August 2023

Lake Oswego Says Goodbye to Gutter Cleaning, For Good

Ladders are the #1 cause of fall injuries in the country, never get on a ladder again!

The town of Lake Oswego has large, old growth trees throughout. Homes are often tucked away from sight, hidden by the lovely foliage. A homeowner recently reached out to Pacific Gutter because her home in Lake Oswego has many trees very close to it. She had an open gutter system, and leaves, needles and debris would clog them season after season. The homeowner had been climbing a ladder to clean the gutter system out herself but can't do it anymore. It is dangerous, time consuming and usually a pretty messy job.

Interested in a totally, maintenance-free solution, the Lake Oswego homeowner called and asked to hear about our Gutter Shutter system. It is guaranteed for the lifetime of the home to never clog, sag or pull away from the home. It is the largest and most-durable gutter system on the market, with downspouts twice the size of competitors. Our patented, perforated hood allows for liquid to suck into the gutters while keeping all debris out. The system is powder-coated with enamel so the colors wont chip or crack, guaranteed for 20 years!

In one day, the Pacific Gutter team was able to remove the old, clogged gutters from the home and install the all-in-one Gutter Shutter system. The system is installed with special Gutter Shutter brackets with 2 screws anchoring the system to your home, every 24 inches. It is built PNW tough and will withstand anything Mother Nature throws its way.

Ladders are the number one cause of fall-related injuries in the US, sending thousands of people to the hospital each year. Stay safe and clean, OFF of the ladder and let Pacific Gutter install a maintenance-free solution for you.


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