Hillsboro Homes Gets Added Curb Appeal with New Gutter Shutter System

May 2023

From Leaky to Lovely!

Hillsboro Homes Gets Added Curb Appeal with New Gutter Shutter System
From Leaky to Lovely!

Don't let your home's fascia board become damaged from faulty gutters.

This home in Hillsboro, Oregon, got a beautiful makeover with our Gutter Shutter system.  Our crown molding look added to the curb appeal of this home.  Not only did our gutter system add value to the house, but it also protected their home and the homeowner's safety.  The old gutter system had started to clog, causing an overflow, eventually leading to a spot in their entryway where algae held built up.  This caused it to be very slippery at their front door and led to some close calls with their safety.

Another problem their old gutter system had was it was being pulled away from the house.

This problem leads to water seeping behind the gutter system, eventually leading to wood rot on the fascia board.  Once the fascia board is soaked, the gutter will have nothing substantial to hold on to, ultimately leading to the gutter system ripping off the house.
Luckily this homeowner was able to find a company that they can set it and forget.  Our Gutter system offers a Lifetime No Clog, Leak or Pull away for the home warranty to ensure that the consumer is protected for a lifetime. Call Today to receive a quote!


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