New Construction Protected for LIFE with Gutter Shutter

July 2023

Protect your home before there is a problem!

New Construction Protected for LIFE with Gutter Shutter
Protect your home before there is a problem!

Save yourself the hassle, and get Gutter Shutter on your new home

It is always a pleasure to be part of homeowners journeys to protect, fix and upgrade their home. Unfortunately, most homeowners only address their gutters once there is an issue present, and it is usually a very expensive one! This family from Vancouver, Washington was building a new home and wanted to skip the drama and maintenance associated with typical contractor open gutters that are put onto new homes. Their property has large trees that hang over the home, so they knew a gutter guard system was necessary to keep leaves out. After seeing other competitor systems that fail, like filters and helmets, a guarantee of their new system working was very important to them.

This Vancouver family did some research on Pacific Gutter and was interested in hearing about our Gutter Shutter system, that is guaranteed to NEVER clog, sag or pull away from the home. We were able to come out to their home while it was being constructed, and provide a down to the penny quote for their new gutters. Our team worked with the homeowner to find the best time to install, that worked around their building timeline. In just one day we were able to protect this new house for LIFE with Gutter Shutter.

Being a fan of their home blending in with nature, these homeowners decided on a brown exterior, and wanted the gutters to match. The chocolate brown gutters and downspouts blend in perfectly with the home.


Gutter Shutter on new home in Washington
gutter shutter on new construction in Vancouver, WA
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