Cathlamet Home and Garage Protected by Gutter Shutter

August 2023

From frumpy and failing gutters to fabulous!

Cathlamet Home and Garage Protected by Gutter Shutter
From frumpy and failing gutters to fabulous!

Cathlamet homeowner gets a major upgrade with Gutter Shutter

Cathlamet is a rural town in Wahkiakum County, Washington along the Ocean Beach Highway. This quant town of only around 600 people is beautiful and boasts amazing views of the Cathlamet Channel and Columbia River. It is lush with trees and wildlife. These beautiful trees can sometimes reek havoc on a home, though.

This Cathlamet home owner has large trees that are very close to the home. These have, over the years, damaged her open gutter system severely. You can see in the photos that the gutters were sagging away from the home due to the weight of debris and snow season after season. Most of the home and garage did not have gutters at all. This would lead to water flooding around the home because it is not being properly channeled away. Luckily, this homeowner did not have any major foundation issues from the flooding.

The Pacific Gutter team was able to make the trip up to Wahkiakum County to help this homeowner out! In one day we removed the old system, replaced fascia board and installed the Gutter Shutter system.

Gutter Shutter is the largest and most durable gutter system on the market. Its patented design allows for liquid adhesion, that sucks the rain into the gutter system while keeping leaves, pine needles and debris out! We back our Gutter Shutter installations with a LIFETIME guarantee to never clog, sag or pull away from the home. It is the only, truly maintenance-free gutter system.

Each Gutter Shutter installation is custom-built, on-site to ensure that it is perfectly fit to the home, and flowing seamlessly.

She will never have to worry again about climbing up a ladder to unclog her gutters! The old system was failing and quite the eye sore, but the new system adds curb appeal and compliments the cottage aesthetic of the home.


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