Canby Homeowners Ditch Gutter Helmet for Gutter Shutter

September 2023

Canby Homeowners Ditch Gutter Helmet for Gutter Shutter

Upgraded to the best gutter system on the market, in just one day!

A lovely homeowner from Canby, OR saw Pacific Gutter's Gutter Shutter system in the Oregonian, and knew that they wanted them on their home! The homeowner had been sold a gutter guard system a few years prior by Gutter Helmet. The system, not only did not function as it was promised to, but the service they received was inconsistent.

Gutter Helmet boasts about a maintenance-free solution for gutters, but that is not the case. The installation of Gutter Helmet can void your roof's warranty because it is placed under the shingles of the roof. The hooded system rolls water over the top, and onto the ground, instead of into the gutter system. This can lead to foundation issues and ruin landscaping.

Gutter Shutter by Pacific Gutter is the only, truly maintenance-free gutter guard system. It is built tough with 0.323g aluminum and held tight, in place with patented brackets every 24 inches. Gutter Shutter is built for high-pitched roofs and can withstand tough PNW rain. The perforated hood allows for water adhesion, so rain sucks into the gutter system and away from the home, while leaves and debris roll over the top. Our Gutter Shutter installations are backed by a lifetime guarantee to never clog, sag or pull away from your home.

This Canby family was ready for the switch to Gutter Shutter. Our trained technicians removed the old gutter system and installed the new Gutter Shutter system in just one day! They opted in for a forest green gutter and guard with tan downspouts to compliment their home.

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