Canby Home Swaps Competitor's System off Home for Gutter Shutter

August 2023

Canby Home Swaps Competitor's System off Home for Gutter Shutter

Don't Fall for our Competitors' Faulty Systems!

Canby, Oregon is a lovely town in Clackamas county. The rainy season here helps to fuel the beautiful dahlia that Swan Island is known for, and the grapes of the many vineyards in the Mt. Hood Territory. That same rain, unfortunately, can wreak havoc on homes! Pacific Gutter recently had the pleasure of helping protect a Canby family's home from the rain, with our Gutter Shutter system.

A couple from Canby had called Pacific Gutter Company after doing some research online about what the best gutter guard systems available are. A few years back, they had been struggling with the leaves and debris from their property clogging up their gutter systems. They saw some marketing information from a gutter filter company, and after the sales team boasted about the product, the family agreed to get it installed. Unfortunately, gutter filters just don't work.

The family noticed that the filter system still clogged, because the debris sits on top of the filter and does not allow water to flow through. The leaves, needles and debris started building algae on the system. This was hurting curb appeal, but more importantly, was exposing their home to unnecessary moisture. The weight of debris, and the water stuck in the clogged system, weighed on the gutters. You can see in the one photo, that this weight put so much stress on the gutters that they began to pull away from the home. This damages the roof and faschia board and opens the door to a number of water damage issues, including electrical fires and foundation issues.

After one, quick-call, Pacific Gutter came to the rescue. Our trained and vetted team came out to the Clackamas County home and assessed the gutter situation. We provided a down-to-the-penny quote of the durable Gutter Shutter system. Gutter Shutter by Pacific Gutter is guaranteed for the entire LIFETIME of the home to never clog, sag or pull away from the home. Our system is the largest and most durable on the market. The patented hood of the Gutter Shutter system has perforated vents that suck liquid into the gutter system while keeping leaves, needles and debris out. We install our strong brackets every 24in with 2 screws so that the system will never pull away or sag. There is also a 20-year paint warranty to not chip, crack or peel.

This family agreed, the Gutter Shutter system was right for them. Our team of trained installers (no sub contractors!!) removed the old, filtered gutters and installed the Gutter Shutter system in one day! Unlike the filter system that overhung the gutters (see photo), Gutter Shutter is made on-site, completely custom to the home. This means that it is a perfect fit, secured properly and won't be an eyesore.

Call today to for a FREE, in-home estimate of the Gutter Shutter system by Pacific Gutter.


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