Bremerton, WA Gutter Guard Installation

August 2023

Leaves in gutters are no longer an issue for these homeowners!

Bremerton, WA Gutter Guard Installation
Leaves in gutters are no longer an issue for these homeowners!

This family was able to replace their failing gutters, before longterm, water damage occured.

Bremerton, WA is the largest city on the Kitsap Peninsula. It is a beautiful Naval town that has an average of 167 days of rain a year! Homeowners on the peninsula need to be sure that their home is equipped to handle that kind of rain.

Recently, a family reached out to Pacific Gutter Company because their open gutter system was falling apart, pulling away from the home and bringing down the curb appeal. There are many large trees on the property, some of which are right against the home. This was clogging up the gutters and the extra weight of debris and water were pulling the gutters away from the home. There were several detached downspouts and others that were improperly installed, so they were draining into the landscape and foundation of the home, instead of away from the home.

Pacific Gutter company arrived in perfect timing to help- before the rain season starts! This helps to ensure that no further water leaks into the foundation. The family opted-in for our Gutter Shutter system. It is not only the largest and most-durable gutter system on the market, but we back our installations with a LIFETIME guarantee to never clog, sag or pull away from the home.

It is the BEST option for homeowners with trees on their property. Our patented-system allows for liquid adhesion to occur, so the rain sucks into the gutter system and leaves, needles and debris roll right over the top. We use brackets with 2 gutter nails, every 24 inches, so the gutters will never sag or pull away from the weight of snow and ice!

In just one day, this home was transformed with the Gutter Shutter system. Our trained technicians removed the old, failing gutters, hauled them away and installed the new Gutter Shutter all-in-one gutter guard system. We custom-build every system on-site, so it is a perfect fit. We made sure that everything was flowing properly and that the downspouts were draining into the drains, NOT in the yard.


old gutters before photo
downspout leaking into foundation
open gutters with trees
Gutter Shutter in Bremerton, WA
after gutter guard install
new gutters Bremerton, WA
new downspouts
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