Bothell, WA Gutter Shutter Installation

August 2023

from rusty and peeling to sleek and strong!

Bothell, WA Gutter Shutter Installation
from rusty and peeling to sleek and strong!

Home protected and curb appeal upgraded with Gutter Shutter!

Bothell, Washington is a beautiful city in King and Snohomish counties in the Seattle Metropolitan area. It is located Northeast of Lake Washington and has many mystical hikes in the area. The large, old growth trees create an amazing backdrop for the residents. One Bothell homeowner recently was struggling with their gutter system and reached out to Pacific Gutter for help.

This large, two story home had an old, open gutter system installed. The gutters were rusting, and the paint was peeling away. The large trees that are all around the home were dropping their leaves and needles into the system. This was allowing for some unsightly algae build up and clogging the gutters. Trying to clean gutters on the second story of a home can be very dangerous. The Bothell family was tired of their old system, and wanted to find a permanent solution. After doing some research, they were quite impressed with the Gutter Shutter system by Pacific Gutter Company and gave us a call.

Gutter shutter is the largest and most-durable gutter system on the market. Our installations are guaranteed for the lifetime of the home to NEVER clog, sag or pull away from the house. The paint is a baked-on enamel coating that has a 20 year warranty to not crack, chip or peel. This system hit the nail on the head for every issue that the homeowner was experiencing with their old system.

Our trained technicians took the trip up to Bothell and removed the old system, and installed the new Gutter Shutter system. It was quite the large home, so the project took 2 days to complete. The house looks 20 years newer with the Gutter Shutter gutters on the home. The old, rusted system looked drab and worn out, the new system looks sleek and new, with a crown molding-type feel. This brought some major curb appeal and value to the home.

Call today for your FREE, in-home estimate for the best gutter system on the market. Never get on a ladder again to clean your gutters ! Protect your home for life.


gutter guard installation in Bothell, WA
2 story gutter guard install
Gutter Shutter keeps leaves and pine needles out of gutters
After Gutter Guard installation
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old gutters that are falling apart
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