Barn and Shop Protected for Life with Gutter Shutter System

November 2023

Ice won't take down the Gutter Shutter system!

Barn and Shop Protected for Life with Gutter Shutter System
Ice won't take down the Gutter Shutter system!

Protect you business, barn and home with Pacific Gutter Company

Recently, a couple of Washougal business and homeowners reached out to Pacific Gutter Company for help with the gutter system on their shop and barn. Last winter they replaced their old, open gutter system and got duped. After a few brutal storms, the new gutter system was clogged, and completely ripped off of the shop in some spots! When they reached out to the shady company that installed them, they did not help.

Washougal, WA is a town in Clark county Washington and is full of beautiful fir trees. Washougal receives lots of heavy rain annually. They also get snow and ice storms frequently in the winter months. The business owners wanted to make sure that they got a gutter system that could hold up to the weight of snow, ice and the intense winds that can accompany these storms.

Pacific Gutter recommended the Gutter Shutter system for the shop and barn. Gutter Shutter is the largest and most-durable gutter & guard system on the market. It is built to withstand the harsh PNW rain seasons. Most open gutter systems have one gutter screw along the length of the run. Gutter Shutter uses a patented bracket every 24 inches that are held securely into place with 2 gutter screws. Our Gutter Shutter installations are backed by a LIFETIME guarantee to never clog, sag or pull away from your home. The baked-on enamel paint comes with a 20-year warranty to not crack, chip or peel. If there is ever an issue, our trained technicians will come to your home as soon as possible to remedy the issue.

In addition to being able to hold up to the weight of snow and ice storms, the Gutter Shutter system uses liquid adhesion to keep the gutters flowing properly. The process of liquid adhesion allows rain water to suck into and through the gutter system, while leaves, needles and debris roll right over the top!

The Washougal business owners loved the durability of the Gutter Shutter system and the guarantee that comes along with it. In just one day, our trained technicians at Pacific Gutter removed what was left of the old gutter system, recycled it, and installed the new Gutter Shutter system. Their business is protected for life from water damage! They can sleep well knowing that the storms to come will not rip away or flood their shop.

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