Gutter Installation in Lake Oswego, OR

Professional Lake Oswego Gutter Installation

Apart from the waterfront homes that border the surrounding lakes and rivers, Lake Oswego was once known as a central hub for iron production as natural ore was mined from miles away and shipped to the city for smelting, allowing Lake Oswego to become the thriving boomtown it is today. As a water-borne city that loves recreational activities like canoeing or kayaking, we know that Lake Oswego residents pride themselves on their rain gutters as they receive 42 inches of rain per year compared to the national average of 39 inches of rain per year.

As a homeowner, your gutters are your home’s exterior rainwater disposal system. Without them, your home would be readily exposed to excessive runoff that would erode the soil on the outskirts of your home and eventually result in the be-all end-all of a damaged home foundation. But no sweat! Pacific Gutter Company offers the gutter installation services you need to sheath your home from the aftermath of a rainstorm and its water damage. Our professional team members offer quality craftsmanship and genuine customer satisfaction and can tackle any challenge simple or complex for Lake Oswego gutters as they perform authentic solutions for enduring results.

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Laudable Gutter Installation in Lake Oswego, OR

As an exterior drainage system, your gutters effortlessly collect rainwater and divert the water flow into the downspout outlet which redirects and expels the culled water to a designated area a good distance away from your property. Eventually, this flows into your city’s wastewater disposal system. As a result, your basement is left bone dry and safe from any flash floods thus protecting the structural integrity of your home. It would be insensible to be complacent about replacing your home’s rain gutters as they are a defense mechanism for your foundation which shield the fascia, soffit boards, and siding across your roofline from deterioration. What some property owners don’t realize is that completely avoiding Lake Oswego gutter installation will result in a ripple effect of further problems. For example, most fascia boards are made of wood and will readily rot if constantly exposed to water, and if your trough were to clog water would bubble over and keep splashing against your boards as they crumble away. Soon you’ll need a fascia repair too because you ignored getting a proper gutter system in place.

Our Certified Installation Process

Many Lake Oswego homeowners take their home’s gutters for granted and assume that the next rainy day will somehow scrub them clean of all the debris including dirt, leaves, twigs, insects, rodents, stones, and more that are stuffed inside. This is fallacious thinking; on the contrary, your troughs will begin to clog and then eventually topple over with overflow. Eventually, the added weight of the clogs will pull the troughs away from your roof allowing your troughs to sag and drag rendering them useless in maneuvering water flow. If you haven’t practiced proper upkeep of your gutters, including cleaning them a couple of times in Spring and Fall, you’ll eventually require a brand new gutter system replacement or repair. If you have reached your peak and require repairs, maintenance, or gutter installation in Lake Oswego, OR, you can rely on our trustworthy technician to conduct a consultation by inspecting your roofline and giving you a ballpark estimate of the labor, materials, and time required to replace your home’s gutter system.

Our Approved Methods

We use two main tactics for gutter systems for Lake Oswego gutter installation services: sectional gutters and seamless gutters. As a cult-classic choice, sectional troughs come in segmented portions that can be installed in pieces. But they have some shortcomings including being more vulnerable to leakages due to the bridging seams that connect. Whereas, seamless troughs make up for these weak points as they are exactly measured to your roof’s dimensions and are only exposed at the corners, readily reducing the chance of any leaks.

Type of Materials

Vinyl: The lightest material and also the most affordable but easily buckles under pressure and doesn’t bode well in fluctuating temperatures.

Aluminum: Slightly more sturdy than only plastic, aluminum is also on the lighter end but can easily dent and bend into wayward shapes if put under pressure and varying temperatures may remove its shiny finish coat resulting in corrosion.

Steel: This comes in two varieties of galvanized steel and stainless steel and is more durable in wet climates with heavy amounts of rainfall and can last up to 30 years with proper upkeep. But if you’re not a big fan of chores and fail to clean it frequently it will quickly rust over.

Copper: Definitely more expensive, but it’s also the most durable of all materials and doesn’t crack, rust, or wear away easily, and can last up to 50 years with routine maintenance. Plus it adds a sense of grandeur to your with its elegantly gleaming finish.


Maintenance Of Your New Gutters

If you are avid about routine inspection and maintenance for your gutters, including professional cleaning, rarely will you ever need a repair or replacement service. But your gutters do literally reach their breaking point, but no worries our skilled technicians can tweak them into pristine condition once more. Here is one of the ways you would repair a leaky or damaged gutter that is clogged:

  1. Prepare yourself: Toss on a thick pair of gardening gloves to keep your hands protected from any harm.
  2. Clean and Clear: Remove any leaves, dirt, and water from the gutter, and as you scoop out the hard toss it into a bucket down below. For more tough areas use a wire brush to loosen mud and grime. Plus, if you have a wet vacuum or a leaf blower it can speed up the process.
  3. Rinse and Repeat: Dump some water into the trough to wash away any remaining debris and continue to flush until you see that the water flow is beginning to trickle away and drain again spanning the length of the gutter. After cleansing takes a clean microfiber cloth or paper towel to dry it off.
  4. Troubleshooting: For bigger clogs, you may need to do some more leg work using a power washer or pressurized garden hose and even use a drum auger to snake out the clog if it’s stuck in your downspout outlet.
  5. Locate the Hole: Pinpoint the location of the hole in the trough
  6. Plug the Hole: For smaller holes, you can utilize plastic roofing cement by dabbing a dollop of cement on the hole and spreading it over with a putty knife, and leveling it out until you reach an even layer. For larger, gaping holes it’s best to use roofing cement alongside some flashing material. You can do this by cutting out a rectangle of flashing the size of the hole with your tin snips tool and then outlining the edges of the hole using roofing cement. After that, simply glue that flash atop the hole and press it down firmly for a few seconds so it sticks in place.
  7. Nice and Even: Make sure to smooth out the patched area with roofing cement so it doesn’t look gaudy and stick out like a sore thumb. Simply apply the cement on the border of the patch and work your way inwards spreading a thin layer in and around the patch to create a smooth layer. Now just wait for it to dry off.

Benefits Of Gutter Shutters

One of the innovative features we offer at Pacific Gutter Company is the Gutter Shutter. This is a state-of-the-art and fully-inclusive high-grade aluminum gutter system that completely blocks clogs. Plus, it doesn’t easily rust, bend or even pull away from your roof and best of all you don’t have to worry about regular cleanings. Compared to the conventional gutter system with gutter guards this is an incredible improvement as many of those extra add-ons are made of mesh screens and grills that can get clogged with debris which you have to manually scrape off. Here are just some of the numerous benefits of Gutter Shutters:

Premium Quality Materials: We are fans of metal-based gutters but only opt for high-quality, featherweight, and adaptable materials. We use a thick 0.032 aluminum trough that is 6 inches wide for a gutter installation as it carries 20% more water than the standard 5-inch gutters that most residences have. The added girth allows for water to flow through seamlessly and gives extra protection during the peak rainy season in Lake Oswego. The higher quality aluminum means that it won’t rust or deteriorate like the conventional stuff.

Clog-Free Guarantee: Gutter Shutter systems are likened to a tree canopy as they allow water to flow through whilst blocking out intruding debris including leaves, pests, and rodents. This is doable as Gutter Shutters contain a perforated casing that catches and encapsulates rainwater effortlessly and streamlines water flow to the trough’s maximum carrying capacity. Needless to say, your troughs won’t ever clog or begin to sag and pull away.

Don’t Drag It Out: Due to the ultimate durability of a Gutter Shutter, it will provide extra protection against your roofline including the soffits, fascia boards, and siding, and won't easily pull away due to heavy rainstorms and strong winds. No longer will you have to get anxious about excessive water toppling out of your gutters and spilling onto your roof as Gutter Shutters readily slough off any water thereby protecting you from expensive repairs.

Cost-Effective: Because your gutters will no longer be exposed to nasty clogs you don’t have to worry about other areas of your gutter getting blocked out by debris, especially your downspout outlet, saving you plenty of bucks on costly repairs. Plus Gutter Shutters are eye-catching and boost the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior design by giving it the appearance of being more neat and organized.

Self-Cleansing: For all you procrastinators out there, Gutter Shutters are a must as no longer will you have to spend your weekend doing the boring chore of cleaning your troughs. Due to the clog-free, no-spill nature of Gutter Shutters, you are in the safe zone and no longer require routine maintenance so can rest easy during the next thunderstorm knowing your Gutter Shutters are shielding your home.

Why We Are The Likable Choice For Lake Oswego Gutters

Pacific Gutter Company has been serving residents of Lake Oswego and nearby areas of Bellevue, Kent, and Tacoma for at least over a decade, specializing in exterior water drainage systems and gutters. Lake Oswego clients know that our reputation speaks for itself evidenced by our responsible and experienced team members. By collaborating with Gutter Shutter we hope to shed light on the value of residential gutters for homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Our certified Lake Oswego, OR gutter installation technicians go over and above our customer’s expectations by providing accountable solutions and transparent, upfront pricing with a no-obligation estimate alongside affordable financing options. If you opt for a Gutter Shutter installation it has of course a lifetime no-clog guarantee so you can rest assured that you’re making a worthwhile investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Installation In Lake Oswego, OR

How Much Water Should My Gutters Hold?

Your brand new gutters should contain less than a quarter inch of standing water as they are not broken in yet, as anything beyond this level will expose your troughs to algae growth resulting in clogs and mosquitos nesting inside of them. If you have usual amounts of water at a standstill it’s best to call a professional contractor to adjust your troughs so they sit at the correct angle and pitch based on your home’s slope.

Why Does Rain Go Behind My Gutters?

This happens because your roof shingles do not extend past the metal drip edge. And so the water culls and sucks back unto the drip edge due to capillary action, as water adheres and sticks to the surface, and as a result, the rainwater runs behind your gutters.

Do Bigger Gutters Work Better?

In this case, bigger does mean better as larger rain gutters have greater carrying capacities to collect and handle rainwater and any debris that accumulates. And so, larger troughs will mean a lesser risk of clogging and better protection against water damage including leaks when there is a heavy rainstorm.

All Bogged Out? Call Pacific Gutter Company For Official Gutter Installation

Let us help you shade the roof of your head! Your humble abode deserves better than to be sucked down into the ground like quicksand–which is exactly what will happen at the breaking point without a Lake Oswego gutter installation. Protect your home from moisture issues, structural damage, and other problems by partnering with the experts to maintain your gutters. Schedule your regular gutter maintenance or cleaning services today. You can also contact us online or at (866)-391-1039 for a free consultation appointment where we can discuss the catalog of options available to you. Our courteous customer service representatives are on standby eagerly awaiting your response. Find the right solution for your Lake Oswego home when you choose Pacific Gutter Company today.