Why Gutter Shutter Is the Best Gutter System on the Market

Why Gutter Shutter Is the Best Gutter System on the Market

A well-functioning gutter system is an essential aspect of any home, as it protects your foundation, landscaping, and roof from water damage. With a plethora of gutter guard options available these days, making an informed decision can be overwhelming. In this blog post, you’ll learn about the factors to consider when choosing a gutter system, the best gutter guard options, gutter system accessories for improved performance, and expert tips for gutter system maintenance.

While it is true that we may possess a certain bias, we are also highly confident that Gutter Shutter from Pacific Gutter stands as an unparalleled product in today's market. Its exceptional quality and performance set it apart from any competing offerings.

Short Summary

  • When selecting a gutter system, consider material, size & style, installation, and maintenance requirements.
  • Reverse curve, or helmet-style guards check all the boxes, offering rust-proof protection with minimal upkeep. 
  • Gutter Shutter kicks gutter technology up a notch, leveraging liquid adhesion and a vented hood to manage even the hardest rainfall.
Liquid Adhesion

Why Reverse Curve Gutters Are Superior

Helmet-style gutter guards like Gutter Shutter, also known as reverse curve gutter guards, are designed to direct water into the gutter while allowing debris to be diverted off the roof. This provides effective protection with minimal maintenance requirements. The reverse curve design of these gutter guards facilitates the direction of water into the gutter while allowing debris to easily slide off the roof.

Reverse curve gutter guards effectively protect against leaves and debris, especially in tree-rich yards. Pricier than micro mesh guards and screens, they must be installed professionally to ensure water flows into the gutter.

Many customers have praised reverse curve gutter guards for their understated aesthetic, rust-proof qualities, and straightforward installation process. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance gutter guard option that provides effective debris protection, reverse curve gutter guards may be the best gutter guards for you.

Gutter Shutter vs. Other Reverse Curve Options

Before diving into the world of gutter systems, it’s crucial to understand the factors that influence the choice of a gutter system. Selecting the right gutter system is vital to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Factors such as material, size, style, installation, and maintenance requirements play a significant role in determining the best gutter system for your home.


The material of your gutter system plays a crucial role in its durability, cost, and appearance. Common material options include aluminum, vinyl, steel, and copper, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Of these, aluminum stands out as the best choice due to its resistance to warping and rusting, making it the preferred material for most gutter systems. 

The only downside to aluminum is its vulnerability to damage when installed in an open gutter system. Heavy debris, such as falling branches or ice, can weigh down the gutter over time causing it to pull away from the roof line and allow water to seep into the roof and fascia.

This brings us to our first advantage of the Gutter Shutter, which is its ability to use aluminum without the risk of pulling away, due to its vented hood. Moreover, the Gutter Shutter features a baked-on enamel color that is guaranteed not to chip, crack, or peel for 20 years, ensuring long-lasting aesthetics and protection. Water flows freely over the top of the hood, catching the majority of the water as it passes over. It then follows the lip of the gutter, falling into it, while other debris simply falls off the edge.

Size and Style

The size and style of your gutters should be chosen based on the home’s architecture, roof size, and regional weather conditions. This ensures proper water drainage and enhances your home’s curb appeal. Gutters are available in standard widths of 4 inches, 5 inches, and 6 inches, with 5-inch widths being the most commonly utilized. Most gutter guards can be installed on an existing gutter system of these sizes.

However, an often-overlooked aspect of gutter size is the gauge of the aluminum. In the Pacific Northwest, where an average-sized home’s gutters should be expected to handle over 54,000 gallons of rainwater annually, size matters. Gutter Shutter once again stands out from the rest with 6-gauge material with TWO, zinc-coated screws holding Gutter Stud brackets every 24 inches, able to withstand anything mother nature throws at it.

Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance requirements for gutter systems vary depending on the type of gutter guard and regional weather conditions. However, regular cleaning and inspections are essential for optimal performance.

In an ideal world, gutters with gutter guards do not require regular cleaning, as the gutter guards keep debris out. But not all gutter guard systems are the same. Systems that do not have the vented hood, for example, can quickly become overburdened with water and debris, creating build-up and ice dams during winter. Despite the upfront cost of these systems, they often still need to be maintained, resulting in a loss of ROI.

By choosing Gutter Shutter, homeowners never have to worry about maintenance procedures. Moreover, our Gutter Shutter comes with a lifetime guarantee. If there's ever an issue, simply give our team a call, and we'll come out and address it right away. This ensures that homeowners can enjoy the longevity and performance of their gutters for years to come, with peace of mind.

Other Options for Your Gutter System

If Gutter Shutter’s unique reverse curve technology is simply not in the budget, there are alternatives. Screen guards offer unique features and benefits for debris protection and water flow.

Screen Gutter Guards

Screen gutter guards are made of metal or plastic mesh and offer a balance between debris protection and water flow. They are designed to prevent leaves and debris from entering the gutter while allowing water to flow through easily. The installation process for a screen gutter guard, including mesh gutter guards, is relatively simple, as they can be slid underneath the bottom row of roof shingles along the entire length of the gutter. The weight of the shingles will ensure the screen is held securely in place. Screen gutter guards are a popular choice for their affordability and ease of installation, making them a suitable option for DIY enthusiasts looking for DIY gutter guards.

Most screen gutter guards you can buy at the hardware store require frequent cleaning, and cheaper DIY options can be displaced due to strong winds or falling branches. Installing slip-under gutter guards by prying up the lower row of roof shingles may also void most roof warranties.  

Why Rain Drop? In Two Words: Perfect Fit

RainDrop® Gutter Guards’ superior durability and design effortlessly withstand the Pacific Northwest’s heavy rains and foliage.

High-quality service

Our technicians deliver exceptional service, combining expert craftsmanship with quality materials to ensure durability and precision. They are not subcontractors - our installers are directly employed by Pacific Gutter Co. and this is all they do. They are truly experts in the field.

Guaranteed Protection

RainDrop® Gutter Guards are backed by a 1-year workmanship guarantee to protect your home from whatever mother nature throws at them.

A Note On Foam Gutter Guards

Foam gutter guards, also known as gutter sponges or gutter foam, are made from a porous material that is installed inside the gutter and allows water to flow through while preventing debris from entering the gutter. These guards are economically priced and easy to install and are effectively worthless in the Pacific Northwest climate. Foam gutter guards are not suitable for heavy rainfalls and can quickly lead to gutters overflowing in extreme weather conditions. Not only should you not be tempted to pick these up at your local Home Depot, but you should actively prevent anyone else from doing so while you are there.

Not only do they not save you time, foam guards are actually worse than open gutters. The foam is very prone to deterioration and may need to be replaced often. If you don’t like cleaning your gutters, you really won’t like having to replace your entire house’s gutter foam every 6 months. 

Gutter System Accessories for Improved Performance

In addition to selecting the right gutter system and gutter guards, it’s essential to install gutter guards properly, as there are several accessories available that can improve the performance and longevity of your gutter system. These accessories include downspout extensions, gutter hangers, and splash blocks.

Understanding the function and benefits of each accessory will help you make an informed decision when selecting the best combination of accessories to optimize your gutter system’s performance. Let’s explore each accessory in more detail.


Downspouts help to redirect rainwater away from your home, helping to prevent water damage and erosion to your home’s foundation and protect your landscaping. In heavy rains, standard downspouts can overfill and back up, causing water to pool near your foundation. Gutter Shutter downspouts are a full inch wider all the way around than standard industry downspouts, allowing for maximum flow through the system. 

Regular maintenance of downspouts is essential for traditional installs, but Gutter Shutter downspouts are guaranteed to keep the area surrounding the extension free from debris and vegetation to ensure efficient drainage.

Gutter Hangers

Gutter hangers provide support and stability to your gutter system, ensuring proper alignment and preventing sagging. But not all hangers are the same. Most gutter hangers, including the common J-style, U-style, and L-style hangers, only affix the gutter to the fascia, with no support underneath to handle the weight of the water in the gutter. Gutter Shutter gutter hangers support the entire gutter from below, ensuring it will not ever pull away from your home, even when there is high water volume in the gutter itself. 

Proper installation of gutter hangers is crucial for the stability and performance of your gutter system. It is recommended to have gutter hangers installed by a professional to ensure correct alignment and prevent any potential issues in the future.


In conclusion, selecting the right gutter system, gutter guards, and accessories is crucial for protecting your home from water damage and ensuring optimal performance and longevity. By considering factors such as material, size, style, installation, and maintenance requirements, you can make an informed decision when choosing the best gutter system for your needs.

Remember to follow expert tips for gutter system maintenance, including regular cleaning, inspections, and proper safety measures. By doing so, you’ll ensure the long-term efficiency and performance of your gutter system, safeguarding your home and landscaping from potential damage. It’s time to take action and invest in a high-quality gutter system that will serve you well for years to come.

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