Top Reasons for Gutter Overflow: What You Should Know

Top Reasons for Gutter Overflow: What You Should Know

Overflowing gutters are more than just unsightly; they can cause serious damage to your roof, siding, foundation, and other parts of the home. Preventing gutter overflow isn’t difficult. However, it does require ongoing attention and care to ensure you can catch gutter problems early and prevent them from causing severe property damage. Learn what to watch out for with this guide to everything you should know about the top reasons for gutter overflow.

Incorrect Pitch

Gutter pitch refers to the subtle angle of your gutters. When a professional installs your gutter system correctly, it will tilt slightly so that gravity helps water move through the pipes toward the downspout. Incorrect pitch, however, prevents the water from moving efficiently through your gutter system. This leads to overflow and other issues, such as stagnant water or sagging gutters.

Remember to always turn to the professionals, as they can install your gutter system correctly and ensure everything works the way it should.

Gutter Clogs

Clogs are one of the most common reasons for gutter overflow. When debris gathers in your gutters, it prevents water from flowing through the pipe and out the downspout.

Leaves, twigs, dirt, pollen, nests from pests, and other materials can end up in your gutter system and quickly lead to serious backup and overflow. Prevent these clogs by cleaning your gutters twice a year or installing gutter guards to filter out debris and keep water flowing smoothly through your gutter system.

Narrow Gutters

Narrow gutters are a more common problem for older homes. Properties that were built in the ‘90s before building codes required wider gutters might have gutter systems that are only 3 to 4 inches wide. This thinner design doesn’t allow as much water to pass through the pipes, making them more susceptible to overflow. It’s also easier for debris to build up and cause clogs in narrower gutter systems.

If you have an older gutter system on your home—especially if you live somewhere that experiences heavy rainfall throughout the year—investing in a modern gutter system can help prevent water overflow and other issues.

Improve Your Gutter System With Pacific Gutter Company

With the right gutter system on your home, water overflow becomes a worry of the past. Pacific Gutter Company helps clients protect their homes with the next generation of gutter protection, the Gutter Shutter system. See how an expert gutter company can help improve the safety and comfort of your home when you book our services today.

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