The Ultimate Guide to Replacing Your Gutters

The Ultimate Guide to Replacing Your Gutters

There’s no overstating the importance of your gutters. They’re more than a simple drainage system for your roof. They’re your safeguard against flooding, rotten siding, foundational damage, mold and mildew, and so much more. If you want to protect your roof, siding, and other parts of your home from water damage, you need high-quality gutters.

But gutter damage can sneak up on you, especially if you don’t schedule regular inspections. If you don’t stay on top of maintenance, you can end up with clogged, cracked, or otherwise ineffective gutters that don’t drain water the way they should. When a gutter replacement becomes necessary, you want to ensure you do it correctly to avoid problems in the future. Make sure you put your money toward the right gutters and installation services with this ultimate guide to replacing your gutters.

Signs You Need New Gutters

Many people hold onto their old gutters because they don’t pay attention to their condition or don’t want to pay for a replacement unless they have to. So how do you know when a gutter replacement is necessary? Sometimes a visual inspection is all you need. Look for loose brackets, sagging gutters, gaps, cracks, or other visible damage to your gutters.

Water damage and moisture issues are also clear indicators that it’s time for new gutters. If you spot discoloration, rust, or flaking paint on your home’s exterior, it’s a sign of water damage. Mold and mildew in the basement or on the exterior of your home can also indicate gutter damage.

Keep an eye out for standing water or overflowing water in your gutters as well. This may simply be a sign of a clog you can clear out without repairing or replacing gutters. However, if you can’t find the source of the clog or if the issue persists, it might be time for a replacement.

Dangers of Not Replacing Your Gutters

Underperforming gutters pose a serious risk to your home. Over time, poor drainage can cause moisture to seep into your walls, creating mold, rot, and other serious issues. You risk structural damage to your roof, walls, and foundation as a result.

Gutters also affect your yard’s health. Without a dependable gutter system, water flows freely into your yard. This can cause flooding, soil erosion, sitting water, and other issues that ruin your yard’s look and create even more danger for your home’s foundation.

What To Look For in Your New Gutters

Your gutters are an investment for your home. As such, you want to choose a system that adds value to your property and lasts for years. There are plenty of options available, so make sure you know exactly what you want before picking an installation service. Be sure to pay attention to both the type of gutter you choose and the gutter installation company you work with. Below are a few key considerations to make when choosing between gutter systems.


The material of your gutter affects its strength, durability, and flexibility. Most gutters consist of aluminum or steel. Aluminum gutters are lightweight, rust-resistant, and flexible, but they’re not as sturdy as steel gutters. However, although steel gutters are more durable, they degrade in humid or salty climates.


The size of your gutters is also important because it affects how much water can flow through them. Older homes—especially those from before the 90s—have thinner gutters that are three to four inches wide. If you have thinner gutters and run into clogs or moisture issues frequently, that’s another sign you should consider a replacement.

Modern building codes require gutters that are at least five inches wide. However, many leading gutter companies go a little wider than that with six-inch gutters. This allows your gutter system to still blend in and look seamless with your home while accommodating more water flow. Wider gutter systems are ideal for areas with heavy rain and snow.


The appearance of your gutters doesn’t affect their function, but it’s still an important consideration to make. A gutter system that looks good on your home helps boost curb appeal and increases your property value. You want as much return on your investment as possible if you ever resell your home, so choosing a gutter system that comes in a variety of colors to either match or complement your home is key.

Expert Service and Installation

A gutter system is only as good as its installation process. In addition to choosing the right solution for your home, you want to work with the right gutter experts. Choose a company that has experience working with gutter systems in your area. They’ll know the ins and outs of the product and how important it is for your home. Make sure you can work with your installation service through every step of the process—from the initial estimate to the final steps. This will ensure you can ask questions and get honest, accurate answers every step of the way.

Be Strategic With Your Downspout

One of the most important decisions to make with new gutters is where to position the downspout. The downspout is responsible for redirecting runoff water, so positioning it correctly is crucial. You want to direct water away from your house while also avoiding flooding the yard. Try to be strategic with your placement. Direct water toward a lawn or garden that will soak up the water effectively. This allows your gutter system to protect both your home and your yard at the same time.

Figure out where you want your downspout to go early on. Work with your gutter installers during the initial estimate to map out your system and finalize the downspout placement. This will help you avoid stressful and expensive last-minute changes.

The Advantages of Gutter Guards

Another crucial thing to know when replacing your gutters is whether you want to invest in gutter guards. An elite gutter guard system like Gutter Shutter grants you peace of mind. Gutter Shutter isn’t just a new gutter system; it’s a guarantee that your gutters will never clog, sag, or pull away from your home.

Gutter Shutter gutter guards keep leaves, branches, and other debris out of your gutters, preventing clogging and allowing for easier water flow. With reinforced GutterStud brackets, premium aluminum material, and a range of colors that allow it to look great on any home, Gutter Shutter is the optimal choice for your new gutter system.

Install Gutters You Can Depend On

Make the most of your gutter replacement by turning to the experts at Pacific Gutter Company. With our team of experienced gutter professionals in the Pacific Northwest, Pacific Gutter has the expertise necessary to set your home up for success. Learn more about our Gutter Shutter installation services when you partner with our team today.

The Ultimate Guide to Replacing Your Gutters

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