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The Only Tukwila Gutters You’ll Ever Need

Located just south of Seattle, the suburban city of Tukwila offers a quiet place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. This small, diverse community of homeowners, renters, and business owners benefits from lots of green spaces and affordable cost of living, especially compared to Seattle. One thing that Tukwila and Seattle have in common is the weather. Though Washington State doesn’t get nearly as much rain as the rest of the country thinks, it does rain fairly consistently, making the installation, repair and maintenance of gutters a priority for all who own property here, including your local Tukwila gutter service professionals.

Pacific Gutter is a professional company that specializes in gutter installations for property owners in the Seattle area, including Tukwila. If you need gutters that are reliable, long-lasting, and clog-free guaranteed, we’re your one-stop shop. To inquire about our services for gutter installation in Tukwila, give us a call at 206-752-6292, or keep reading to find out more about how our service stands out from the others.

Gutter Installation in Tukwila

Pacific Gutter is a leading gutter installation company located in Seattle. As our name suggests, we’re proud to offer installation services to homeowners and businesses in the wider Pacific Northwest area, including not just Tukwila but also Vancouver, Tacoma, Bellevue, and more.

Even though Tukwila rainfall tends to be light, it doesn’t take long for channels to become clogged, sag, and leak. To keep your Tukwila gutters in great condition, regular maintenance and cleaning are required. We believe that there’s a better way—and we’ve found it. By partnering with Gutter Shutter, we’re able to provide Tukwila residents with seamless gutters that come with a lifetime no-clog guarantee. Say goodbye to your tired old Tukwila gutters and hello to the innovative Gutter Shutter system!  

Common Problems Associated With Tukwila Gutters

As a Tukwila resident, you’re no stranger to gutter cleaning and maintenance. Washington state is home to a wide variety of lush vegetation, including fir trees, hemlocks, maples, and pines. As lovely as these trees are to look at, it doesn’t take much wind or rain for their needles and leaves to find their way into your Tukwila gutters. When this happens, all sorts of problems can arise. Some of the biggest issues include:


In Tukwila, gutter cleaning is an annual—if not semi-annual—home maintenance project. Failing to get up on a ladder twice per year to clear clogged gutters, or hire someone else to do it, often results in problems caused by leaves, pine needles, and other types of debris. When a big enough clog forms, rainwater is no longer able to pass through the horizontal troughs and into the downspout outlet for expulsion away from the side of your home.

With nowhere else to go, water will spill over the sides of your channels. Some water will trickle down your fascia boards and siding, while the rest will form pools of water directly below the troughs where it will seep into the ground near the foundation of your home. This can cause your fascia and siding to develop wood rot, and even result in your basement flooding.


If enough debris builds up in your Tukwila gutters, the debris can become too heavy for the troughs to hold—especially during heavy rainfall. Systems are designed to hold a trough full of water, but not debris. Over time, this can cause your channels to pull away from the fascia boards and sag.

This change in angle alters the trajectory of flowing water, causing it to pool in one spot and overflow. Like clogs, this will result in water spilling over the sides of the troughs and damaging your wood fascia boards. Once troughs have bent, they’ll need to be replaced.


If you regularly test your Tukwila gutters for damage, you’re probably no stranger to popping your garden hose in the highest corner of the trough and watching to make sure the water flows uninterrupted through to your downspout. In addition to checking for clogs with this method, you should also keep an eye out for any small drips that occur in between.

A leaky gutter is more common with sectional troughs which, as its name suggests, are made up of several interlocking segments. While sectional gutters may be a popular choice for a DIY gutter installation project in Tukwila, they tend to have a shorter lifespan. Most sectional designs are vinyl, which is susceptible to deterioration and cracking under harsh UV rays. Aluminum gutters can also corrode if separate gutter sections have been scuffed or dented.

To solve cracks, loose joints, and holes, a popular method of gutter repair involves applying a gutter sealant. This is only a temporary fix, as sealants tend to peel within a couple of years after application.

Why Gutter Guards Aren’t Enough

All property owners understandably want to save money where they can. Many first-time property owners are surprised to find out just how many repairs and maintenance tasks are involved in homeownership. Over time, homeowners learn just how important preventative maintenance is for stretching their dollar as far as it’ll go. This makes hiring professional gutter cleaning services or taking the time to regularly clean your Tukwila gutters yourself an important money-saving tactic. The longer you can keep your channels and downspouts in great shape, the longer you can avoid paying for costly repairs or new troughs.

One way that homeowners avoid cleaning is by installing guards. There are several different styles of guards, all of which are designed to prevent debris from entering your troughs:

  • Screen: Made of a material that resembles a fly swatter, these guards prevent large debris from entering troughs. Because they create a flat surface, large leaves will collect on top and must be brushed off now and then.
  • Micro mesh: Like a screen but with much smaller holes, micro-mesh guards only allow the tiniest of particles to enter the troughs.
  • Foam: This guard sits within the trough and allows water to pass through the absorbent foam while blocking leaves from flowing through the troughs.
  • Brush: Like a big water bottle cleaning brush, these also sit directly in troughs.
  • Reverse curve: This ingenious design uses principles of physics to encourage water to enter the trough while forcing leaves and other debris to slide right off.

Before you decide that installing guards on your current system is the best solution, keep in mind that doing so won’t eliminate the need for cleaning entirely. They won’t help with cracks and leaks either—only clogs. Fortunately, there is one way to prevent needing regular cleaning and maintenance—installing our Gutter Shutter system. If your current system is looking like it might need multiple repairs now or in the near future, it’s probably time to consider installing new Tukwila gutters.

The Gutter Shutter System

The Gutter Shutter is an all-in-one guard, trough, and downspout system. This patented system is proven to outlast many other types of systems—often for decades—and eliminate clogs entirely.

Amongst competitors of this type of gutter system, the Gutter Shutter is the only one that has a clog-free guarantee, with a lifetime warranty to back this claim. These aluminum troughs can protect your property from heavy rain and high winds alike.

Benefits of the Gutter Shutter System

Unparalleled Strength

When it comes to materials, the most common options for Tukwila gutters include:

  • Vinyl
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Steel
  • Copper

Vinyl and lightweight aluminum are the most affordable materials, but not very durable. While steel is more durable, it is prone to rusting within 10 and 15 years of installation. Copper gutters are incredibly durable, but they’re also extremely expensive and require regular maintenance to prevent clogs.

The Gutter Shutter System uses quality materials that are made to last. High-quality aluminum sets this system apart from its competitors by boasting a 0.032 gauge aluminum build that is secured during our professional installation service with exceptional sturdy brackets called GutterStuds.

The channels are also six inches wide, allowing them to carry about 20 percent more water than standard 5-inch channels can accommodate. No matter how much heavy rain your Tukwila gutters get, you can rest assured that this system can handle it.

Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee

Unlike other systems, Gutter Shutter offers a lifetime no-clog warranty on its products. They offer this guarantee because they know you won’t need it! Unlike other systems that claim they're clog-free, the Gutter Shutter actually lives up to this expectation.

With this system, gone are the days when you had to pay a premium for spring and fall cleaning services or worry about your partner who determinedly pulls out the step ladder each season despite no longer being as confident on it as he used to be.

Wondering how exactly this works? The Gutter Shutter features a design like a reverse-curve guard. As a fully enclosed system, troughs are covered with a rolled hood that allows water to trickle into the trough while debris simply falls to the ground below. The troughs still get good ventilation, so you don’t have to worry about algae growing inside and clogging your system either.

Lifetime No-Sag Guarantee

Being clog-free and made from heavy-duty aluminum prevents the troughs from sagging or pulling away from the side of your home. They also come with a high-back design that is attached directly to your fascia boards. This provides added support for the troughs while also protecting the fascia boards from water damage, wood rot, and other types of costly damage.

Additionally, many types of gutter guards must be nailed into your roof for proper installation. This can cause roof damage and void your roof warranty. The high-back and sturdy brackets on this system therefore protect many aspects of your home’s exterior, from your fascia boards and roof to preventing basement flooding and garden erosion by not sagging.

Customizable For Incomparable Curb Appeal

In addition to all of the functional benefits discussed above, the Gutter Shutter is also a leading choice for rain gutter installation in Tukwila due to its contemporary style design. This attractive product comes in a wide range of colors and mimics traditional exterior trim and crown molding to allow the system to blend in seamlessly with your home’s design.

Cost-Effective Solution

We’ll be honest—the Gutter Shutter system may have a higher upfront cost than your standard vinyl Tukwila gutters. However, they’ll also last years, if not decades, longer. When you compare the cost of replacing vinyl gutters twice with the average cost of installing the Gutter Shutter once, the replacement costs don’t look too different. Plus, if you decide to sell your home down the line, this system will increase your property value, allowing you to sell your home at a higher list price.

Your installation costs will generally depend on the linear feet of gutters needed, as well as any customizations or additional repairs you need. We understand that you may want to take some time to think the installation over, which is why we offer a free, no-obligation estimate for expert rain gutter installation in Tukwila.

Pacific Gutter Company Is A Leading Provider Of Gutter Installation in Tukwila

Are you ready to say goodbye to cleaning and gutter replacement forever? Replace your current gutters for the last time with our gutter installation services. At your initial estimate, our experienced gutter contractors will assess your property and provide you with recommendations, including adjustments to your downspout location and color options. On the day of installation, we’ll show up ready to work and clean up after ourselves. If all goes well, you’ll never have to contact us again and can enjoy your maintenance-free drainage system for years to come.

If you’re ready to arrange an on-site estimate or would like further information, reach out to our friendly customer service team by giving us a call at 206-752-6292 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to helping you with your gutter installation in Tukwila!