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We all know Tigard residents have a lavish taste and a refined palette as Tigard is well-known for its tax-free shopping destinations, including the popular Washington Square and Bridgeport Village. That’s why we know Tigardians would be willing to make a worthwhile investment required for a renovation project that leaves their home with a flair of elegance. If your current Tigard gutters are brimmed with debris, including leaves, weeds, muck, and sludge, you know that’s an eyesore. Rain gutters are a lifesaver and something you can’t live without, as they help drain excess water after a heavy rainstorm and prevent soil erosion. Without an efficient gutter installation, Tigard, OR homeowners’ landscapes will awkwardly slope and allow runoff to flow back to their properties. And worst of all, your house’s foundation begins to settle, which means just like a quicksand wormhole, your house is sinking downwards as the foundation weakens.

As a more northern state, Oregon enjoys a moderate Mediterranean climate with humid, dry summers and wet winters, with cloudy skies being the norm. But this also means more rainfall than the national average, receiving just over 5 inches more rainfall than other states. And so, you’d be ludicrous to go without a Tigard gutter installation, and if you do, you risk living in a marshland someday due to your complacency. But no frets! Our Tigard gutter service technicians at Pacific Gutter Company will give you the quick fix you need.

Our qualified, experienced technicians will easily replace your eavestrough so that water is redirected appropriately to the stormwater runoff during the next rainstorm rather than spluttered all over the roofline. It’s difficult to find a contractor these days to provide prompt, safe, effective service and who cleans up after themselves. That’s why we give you our Pacific Gutter Company guarantee. Our uniformed technician will provide you with a projected timeline during your scheduled appointment and follow up for any remaining repairs rather than randomly showing up at your doorstep. Be rest assured we only have the best intentions in mind for you and your humble abode.

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Our Dependable Tigard Gutter Services

We are a local business, and our service technicians service not only Tigard but nearby areas of Alsea, Beavercreek, or Clatskanie for a home equipped with all the modern conveniences and amenities. Our technician is not just another shoddy contractor but rather an expert craftsman that tackles smaller, detailed repairs to large-scale home renovation projects for gutter installation. Interested in learning more about Tigard gutter services or want some help envisioning what it’ll take to build your dream home? No sweat! Our courteous customer service representatives are always available and on standby to pique your curiosity and provide some guidance no matter what. We want you to make an educated and informed decision about upgrading your home, so give us a call at 503-782-5446 and ask away!

Do You Need A New Tigard Gutter Installation?

Tigard, OR homeowners whose existing eavestrough system is outdated and has had a lack of maintenance may not need to think twice about upgrading. Perhaps you have recently checked the condition of your siding and roofline and noticed unsightly water stains and pain peeling. This is an indication that your exterior structures might have suffered from water damage and will need a detailed inspection.

Clogged gutters can wreak havoc on your home, leading to costly repair services that concern your home’s attic, foundation, and basement. If you believe you have neglected your gutter installation, Tigard, OR technicians recommend that you take a look and keep an eye on the warning signs.

Warning Signs You Need New Tigard Gutters

Sagging, Leaky Gutters

Most residential properties have standard sectional gutters, which means that they are joined together and sealed at the seams. Over time, the sealant wears out and the connecting screws, bolts, and brackets lose strength and efficiency. As a result, it starts to leak at the seams and becomes worse if there is a clog. Excess weight will put a huge amount of stress on the entire unit until it begins to sag and eventually pulls away from the fascia board.

Peeling Paint

Most standard aluminum gutters have a protective coating on the inside and outside. Over time, the coating or paint adhesion becomes weakened by weather damage and begins to peel. This allows water intrusion and could lead to rust. The efficiency of water flow will also be restricted, which means it’s more likely that it will clog.

Pest Infestation

If there is a restricted flow of water, or worse, stagnant water, it will only require ten days for mosquitoes and other insects to hatch and form a swarm. Next, they will attract birds to settle on your roofline because they have found their ultimate food source.

Moisture and Water Damage

As one of your most important exterior drainage systems, your Tigard gutters need to redirect stormwater from your roofline to protect your attic and foundation. In the event of a clog, water will spill and make nearby structures wet. This can lead to blocked soffit vents, which are designed to circulate air in your attic. If there is no air circulation, your indoor air quality will not just decrease, but your indoor humidity levels will rise, and thus, create condensation. Condensation is highly problematic for your attic insulation and other wooden structures indoors, like your rafters or window frames. Water damage can also occur on your fascia boards which hold your rain gutters in place. Any water seeping through your exterior wall cladding via gaps and cracks could lead to sheathing and, eventually, drywall damage.

Basement Flooding

Besides a compromised foundation, water spilling over the edge not only causes soil erosion but will also overwhelm your perimeter drains and leak into your basement via foundation cracks and inefficient windows. With brand-new, high-quality Tigard gutters, you’ll get the peace of mind knowing that stormwater will be directed away from your property—always!

Types of Gutter Installations

Tigard, OR property owners may have the regular sectional gutters, but quality and performance also depend on your choice of material. Although planting a long, winding through on the outskirts of your home’s roof seems straightforward, you might have your focus on aesthetic design to increase your curb appeal because your gutters are like eye candy and leave a good first impression on visitors to your home. There is a wide range of types of material with varying qualities and characteristics. You may have:

  • Vinyl: This plastic-based martial is lightweight, sturdy, and inexpensive. The only downside is that they are susceptible to hairline cracks which can eventually cause leaks, especially in colder temperatures. While they are DIY friendly, they also require frequent maintenance, like annual gutter cleaning services and inspections, to remain in working order.
  • Standard aluminum: Similar to their vinyl counterparts with durability, feather-weight, and rust-proof top of mind, low-grade aluminum can easily scrape, and its shape becomes contorted over time. Recommended is routine maintenance and inspection, as well as repainting and recoating.
  • Steel: This offers a mid-range price point and is sturdier next to aluminum, but also one of the heaviest choices, which are more difficult to install. You can opt for galvanized or stainless steel. But don’t be surprised if you need to consistently schedule gutter cleanings and services as they easily rust.
  • Copper: Copper gutters are highly regarded, but it is also the most expensive and hardest to install because it requires a lot of soldering. If you can afford to splurge, they can be worth it as they are the most durable of the above and can handle fluctuating temperatures without being affected by them. This luxury spend can add sophistication to your home’s exterior and an extra compliment or two from your guests during their next holiday visit.

Though, having listed all the above, they are not your ideal choice of Tigard gutters. Are you looking for something that is high-quality and low-maintenance at the same time? Perhaps you also want a no-clog and no-leak guarantee on top of your new gutter installation? Tigard, OR are at the right place!

What’s Included In A Tigard Gutter Installation?

Tigard, OR property owners who selected our expert services for Tigard gutter installation will learn all the special details during an in-home consultation. We’ll tell you all about our premium-grade aluminum materials and seamless gutters, which are all cut from one single coil to make the whole system leak-proof. Our knowledgeable technicians will answer any questions you may have and move on to inspecting your home’s exterior.

On the day of the gutter installation, Tigard, OR gutter installers will take the necessary precautions and measurements to mount your new Tigard gutter. Atop of this, we’ll attach the appropriate size for the downspout extension, which is a pipe that carries water away from the gutters and to the ground. A bigger size allows more water to be redirected away from the house. The downspout can readily clog too if no proper upkeep is performed, so if you find that excess water is not being drained, properly check for clogs inside of the pipe. If you prefer a gutter guard, we’ll install one of your preferences. Although optional, we recommend this as it’ll readily halt leaves, sticks, pine needles, and other rubbish from clogging gutters and downspouts. Plus, having that extra feature of a gutter guard is like a safety net, but they still require mandatory gutter cleaning on an annual basis.

But allow us to recommend something even more cutting-edge than your regular guard systems!

Why Choose the Gutter Shutter System?

Tigard gutter shutter is a modern technology leaf guard unit that is made of 0.032 thick aluminum, stronger than any guard system that has ever existed. It is uniquely crafted with the surface tension principle in mind. This enclosure is easily installed to the fascia board, as well as your gutter installation. Tigard, OR homeowners won’t have to worry about their new system affecting their roofline in any way. Proudly made in the USA, your gutter shutter provides not only a high level of functionality, but it also increases your home’s aesthetic appeal and comes in a wide range of colors!

Benefits of our Tigard gutter shutter include:

  • Lifetime no clog warranty
  • Absolutely leak-free
  • Easy, professional installation (independent of the roof)
  • Increased curb appeal
  • High-quality premium-grade aluminum

Tip For Clients: Preventative Maintenance

After we’ve set up your Tigard gutter installation with all the appropriate nuts and bolts, we always advise our clients to practice preventive maintenance via inspection to retain that shiny and brand-spanking new luster. If you’re proactive about routine maintenance that includes cleaning, you can avoid any future problems.

While our systems are designed to last and not ever break, our Tigard gutter technicians recommend that you remain on top of your property maintenance and required house repairs. True, you can brush away the cluttered rubble and gunk on your own, but it requires some legwork and our technicians are happy to help out. Also, encountering a bird’s nest or a dead animal carcass is not something everyone can stomach.

If your current gutters have become jam-packed, excess water will trickle into your house, resulting in wood rot and a weakened skeleton alongside budding mold and mildew. With our professional Tigard gutter installation services, your future system will always remain spick-and-span. No longer will your gutters be the breeding grounds for muck and wild critters galore.

We Offer The Topmost Gutter Services In The County!

Trust us when we say that you can make too many mistakes for a DIY Tigard gutter installation. Tigard, OR residents should leave it to your local pros who have high-quality products and services to offer! Our professional technician is here to save the day and offers only superior workmanship and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Reach out to us today at (503)-966-5948 to schedule a service appointment with one of our knowledgeable team members. We’ll showcase to you why Tigard is the inevitable choice for verified services and replacement gutters.