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Expert Renton Gutter Installation Services

Renton was once known for its origin as a salmon fishing trading port. Situated on the Black and Cedar rivers and Lake Washington, it was also historically home to coal miners and loggers. Renton also enjoys mild, humid summers and wet, cloudy winters with moderate amounts of rainfall, averaging around 44 inches per year and reaching its seasonal peak in November. As a homeowner, you simply cannot forgo Renton gutters, considering the fact that Washington state is one of the wettest areas in the country. As for your home’s exterior rainwater disposal system, its sole purpose is to remove excess water runoff that would otherwise cause serious damage to the exterior of your home. Without Renton gutters, the disastrous end result would be a damaged home foundation as water is redirected towards your home rather than away from it as it continues to constantly wash away more and more soil every time it rains. Eventually, the landscape around your home would begin to deteriorate, causing your foundation to sink.

This can all be avoided with the right gutter installation. Renton, WA homeowners can expect a certified, licensed, and fully insured Renton gutters professional from Pacific Gutter Company to secure your system and shield you from the scathing rain and the resulting water damage. Our technicians are well-equipped and offer quality craftsmanship alongside top-notch products and genuinely listen to your pain points to offer authentic solutions. Upon request, our expert service professionals will install durable, streamlined rainwater disposal channels, reducing the tedious chore of cleaning out the debris with our innovative Gutter Shutter system.

Need Professional Help for Your Renton Gutters?

Some local property owners remain indifferent to Renton gutters, not realizing their rain disposal system is the first line of defense and overarching fortress of not only their home’s foundation but also the roof’s exterior components including the fascia, soffit boards, and siding. Homeowners need to know that ignoring their Renton gutters will set off a chain reaction of disastrous events. For instance, your home’s siding will begin to rot as water damage seeps into the windows and drywall as it’s constantly exposed to water backlash. This is made worse if your Renton gutters’ troughs are clogged, as water would spill over and slosh against your siding boards and they fall apart leaving in place hideous water streaks and damp wet spots that’ll be a total eyesore and ruin the aesthetic appeal of your home. Now atop a new installation, you’ll need a siding repair or replacement service simply because you were too complacent about getting Renton gutters installed.

Our Reliable Installation Process for Renton Gutters

A general rule of thumb is to clean your system at least twice annually, once in spring and again in fall. Some homeowners have a false assumption that the next rain shower will scour and cleanse their troughs of all debris including mud, leaves, twigs, insects, stones, and more. In reality, another downpour will only add to the muck inside of your troughs as a clog emerges and overflows your Renton gutters. The extra weight of a blockage will only persuade your troughs to pull away from your roof as your troughs sag away from your roofline and are now pretty much defective in redirecting any water.

We are strong advocates of routine maintenance and wholeheartedly recommend cleaning your system occasionally to avoid needing repair or replacement. But let’s face it, with our on-the-go lifestyles the last thing you need is yet another boring chore added to your to-do list. This can be remedied with a professional gutter cleaning service. But if you have not practiced proper upkeep of your system over the years whatsoever and they are hanging overhead and too damaged beyond repair it may be about time for a new gutter installation. Renton, WA homeowners can be rest assured a skilled technician will safeguard their home by performing a stellar job—only, of course, after your no-obligation consultation in which we will carefully inspect your roofline for any damages before we proceed to do any services for your Renton gutters.

We use two main types of Renton gutters for gutter installation services: sectional or seamless. Sectional troughs are made of segmented sections which are installed piece by piece. Some downsides of sectional troughs are that they are more susceptible to leaks as the spot where the seams bridge together is vulnerable to excessive pressure. Secondly, seamless troughs make up for this shortcoming as they are more clear cut and are exactly aligned to your roof’s dimensions and only exposed at the corners so they are less likely to have multiple leaks.

Renton Gutters: Types Of Materials

  • Vinyl: The most feather-weight material, vinyl is an inexpensive choice for Renton gutters, plus it requires little maintenance as it doesn’t easily rust, corrode or dent. But since it’s plastic-based it can easily fracture if placed under high pressure by a heavy amount of rain, snow, or windy weather. Plus it’s unable to handle fluctuating and extreme temperatures as well as some other types.
  • Aluminum: Slightly more durable than plastic, aluminum is still lightweight, resistant to corrosion, handles varying temperatures, is long-lasting against rain, snow, and hail, and is increasingly becoming a popular choice for gutter installation. Be beware that this material can bend into awkward shapes if placed under heavy pressure, and it’s still vulnerable to corrosion in extreme temperatures.
  • Steel: This comes in two versions of either galvanized steel or stainless steel Renton gutters. Both are durable, temperature-resistant and can withstand pressure, and are low maintenance. The only downside is that they can rust over if you’re not vigilant about regularly cleaning your troughs.
  • Copper: The most luxurious material and also the most expensive, it’s the most durable choice. Copper can last up to 50 years with proper upkeep as it doesn’t easily rust, crack or corrode and is aesthetically appealing, adding flair to your roofline.

Maintenance Of Your New Renton Gutters

If you’re keen on routine inspection and preservation of your Renton gutters with a professional cleaning service, you won’t require a gutter repair or replacement gutter installation anytime soon. But your gutters are not indestructible and once they’ve reached the end of their lifespan they will require a trained technician to adjust their nuts and bolts to restore them to a seamless condition. If you become complacent you risk costly water damage. Here is one of the ways our professional technician would attempt a repair for a sagging rainwater disposal system:

  • Remove the Weakest Links: Our technician will proceed to remove around half of the damaged and loosened hangers on the gutters with an electric drill. This is done by locating the metal brackets that are connecting your troughs to the side of your roof and house. We will pull out all the screws and fasteners from the hangers and toss them. Our tactic of only removing half of the hangers is strategic as it ensures your system doesn’t fall off the roof completely.
  • Backup Support: Next we’ll pinpoint the center of your system and place a supporting screw in place along the edge, and then proceed to add in extra screws along the left and right edges of the gutter so the troughs don’t accidentally shift and separate from your roof. This allows us to remove the rest of the original hangers carefully so that only the support screws remain in place.
  • Just Hanging Around: Then we will install support hangers so the trough doesn't droop. This hanger should ideally hook underneath the inner groove of the system so it can attach to your roof. The first supportive hanger will be placed dead center of the gutter so the entire structure is properly supported. Using an electric drill we will reattach the supportive hangers one by one so the system is securely reattached to the side of your house
  • Repeat And Complete: We will continue to place fasteners about four inches apart and screw them with the drill. Also be sure to place hangers all along the entire length of the system so the structure doesn’t wobble and remains sturdy.

Benefits of Gutter Shutter Systems

One of the cutting-edge Renton gutters features we offer at Pacific Gutter Company is the innovative Gutter Shutter system. This ingenious and advanced technology is composed of a high-grade aluminum that uses water tension to utterly and completely block clogs. And that’s right–no more cleaning your system! Also, Gutter Shutters don’t readily rust, scuff or bend into wayward shapes or pull away from your roof so you don’t need to anticipate costly repairs. In comparison to traditional gutter systems with extra added-on features like gutter guards, Gutter Shutters are revolutionary as gutter guards are typically made of mesh screen which easily clogs with leftover debris which you have to scrape off by hand. Here are some of the benefits you’ll reap by adding a Gutter Shutter system to your Renton gutters.

High-Grade Materials

Gutter Shutters are made of high quality, lightweight and resilient metal—a robust 0.032 aluminum trough that is 6 inches wide and carries 20% more water on average compared to the standard 5-inch Renton gutters that most local residences possess. The added weight allows water to effortlessly flow through and gives added protection against scathing thunderstorms in Renton, WA. Our higher-quality aluminum is an upgrade from the generic stuff ensuring that it will not rust or corrode as easily.

Clog-free Guarantee

A Gutter Shutter system is akin to the umbrella of your home as it readily shields your roofline from excessive water and yet still allows a subtle stream of water to flow throughout your troughs into your downspout outlet. All the while it blocks out any interfering debris from leaves, and twigs to pests and rodents. Basically, the systems use the principles of water tension to let rainwater out and block out debris such as dead leaves so your troughs will never clog nor sag.


Being incredibly durable, your Gutter Shutter system provides added protection for your roofline's attached soffits, fascia boards, and siding, as well as your Renton gutters, because they won’t begin to drag after a brutal rainstorm. There’s no need to worry about extra water brimming to the top of your gutters and occasionally splashing out as Gutter Shutters readily prevent any backlash from water and prevent more expensive roofing repairs.

Worthwhile Investment

Gutter Shutters are a cost-effective option since you are no longer dealing with nasty clogs in your Renton gutters. You don’t have to worry about getting muck stuck in different parts of your gutter system like the downspout outlet which will save you some cash on tedious repairs later on. Gutter Shutters also add a sense of grandeur to your exterior design by providing a neat trim and boosting the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

Why We Are the Remarkable Choice for Gutter Installation

As a locally owned and operated business, Pacific Gutter Company has been of service to Renton and surrounding areas such as Auburn, Bellevue and Medina for nearly 14 years and counting, with expertise in exterior water drainage systems and gutters. Renton clients have always been impressed with the performance of our experienced team members, and by working with Gutter Shutter systems, we have kicked it up a notch providing a valuable product that has changed the game for Renton gutters.

Our qualified gutter installation technicians go above and beyond our customer’s initial expectations with many revealing they’d wish they had contacted us sooner. For your peace of mind, we offer transparent, upfront pricing including a no-obligation estimate and if you’re on a tight budget we can discuss possible financing options. If you decide to go with a Gutter Shutter installation you can rest easy knowing that the lifetime no-clog guarantee will pay for itself as you save plenty of bucks on professional cleanings, repairs, and maintenance appointments.

It Won’t Ever Rain On Your Parade–Pacific Gutter Company Is Here to Help!

You deserve the very best line of defense to safeguard your home and Renton gutters from the scathing rain. A house is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime so it makes sense to properly care for it unless you want to face the wrath of a thunderstorm and the aftermath of water damage with a sinking house foundation.

Renton clients will be impressed with our triple threat of quality workmanship, premium products, and ultimate customer satisfaction evidenced by our rave reviews and returning clients. Reach out to us today at (866)-392-0544 to book a consultation or service appointment or to learn more about our services as we earnestly are waiting to hear from you!