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Residents of Oregon City get to enjoy a dense suburban environment with a slower-paced lifestyle. When you’re a busy worker who regularly commutes to Portland, you may not have the time to frequently keep up with home maintenance chores. As a result, it’s easy to fall behind with seasonal maintenance services, such as gutter cleaning and inspection. Unfortunately, if a lack of maintenance has left you in need of new gutter installation, rainy weather could really take a toll on your property.

As your local Oregon City gutter service professionals, we know what it’s like living on the wet Pacific coast and are committed to helping you take care of your property by delivering outstanding gutter installations in Oregon City and surrounding areas. At Pacific Gutter Company, we have seen the worst, from sagging gutters to foundation damage.

Our expert team is dedicated to our local communities and won’t rest until all conscientious homeowners have reached out to us at 503-782-5446 to learn about high-performing, clean gutter installations in Oregon City. For the sake of your well-being, comfort and home’s structural integrity, we invite you to find out more about our trusted gutter installation services.

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Oregon City Homeowners No Long Have to Worry About Clogged Gutters

Why You Need Gutter Installation in Oregon City

As a coastal state, Oregon is not really the driest place to live. Despite the fresh ocean air sweeping across the state, you’re dealing with a minimum of 44 inches of rain every year. This poses huge risks to property owners who are not as regular with their home maintenance duties, especially when it comes to exterior materials, such as their gutters, the most important exterior drainage system.

Clogged gutters and downspouts are one of the leading causes of moisture damage in homes. It happens more often than plumbing leaks, which strongly indicates that you need efficient gutter installation in Oregon City to maintain a dry home. It doesn’t take long for the elements to wreak havoc on your property’s materials unless you take the necessary measures to protect your property from moisture damage caused by heavy rains.

Signs You Need New Gutter Installation in Oregon City

Most warning signs that indicate a damaged gutter system are often noticeable, but it’s still easy for them to go unnoticed until the problem gets worse. If you notice any of the below telltale signs, our team of Oregon City gutter inspectors and installers will be of assistance.

For your well-being and your property’s safety, please watch out for the following:

Leaky Sectional Gutters

Sectional gutters are the most common type found on homes. They are cut accordingly and joined together, which makes them cost-effective and easy-to-install. However, there is a caveat—they are prone to leaks and are also high-maintenance because they clog more easily.

Whether you have U-shaped or K-shaped sectional gutters in Oregon City, leaves and other debris will eventually accumulate inside the metal traps and prevent efficient water flow. This is how clogs form, also leading to water sitting inside the system and wearing out the surface sealant. Furthermore, all that heavy weight adds to the clog and leads to cracks, holes, separated joints, and loose fasteners. If left unchecked, that specific section could begin to sag and brackets and fasteners could become rusty and less effective in holding the system together.

Interior and Exterior Moisture Damage

Exterior moisture damage triggered by clogs is a serious problem that could affect various systems, such as your roofline, foundation, soffit and fascia, and your house siding. Of course, this requires you to take the time to step out and look up. It may not be easy to detect damage, unless there are visible water stains on your siding or water leaking into foundation cracks that you haven’t yet repaired.

Interior moisture damage becomes apparent if your indoor air quality deteriorates, and you experience an increased moisture level inside your home. By that time, it’s imperative that you take immediate action and check your attic, basement, walls, and ceiling. A gutter clog can block your soffit vents, which are designed to circulate air throughout your attic. Without that air circulation, moisture will build up and quickly lead to mildew and mold growth.

Roof Leak and Ceiling Leak

Roof damage is hardest to detect until you have a leaking ceiling. And depending on how often you visit your attic, you may spot wet areas due to roof damage.

Stormwater that rolls down your shingles toward a clogged gutter system won’t have anywhere to go but to seep into your attic via already damaged shingles or through your windows frames.

When you hire our Oregon City gutter installation technicians, we’ll provide you with a fast diagnosis, as well as gutter replacement options to ensure you get long-term benefits without ever experiencing serious interior leaks again.

Peeling Paint

When the paint on your siding is peeling, it may be a more serious issue than just weather damage. Before you consider repainting, it’s important to inspect the surrounding materials for any underlying issues.

For example, if the coating on your rain gutters appears to be wearing out, you should check if the same problem occurs on the interior of the trap. Worn out coating can restrict water flow and lead to early deterioration like rust.

With our trained Oregon City gutter inspection team, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll check your fascia boards for wood rot and water damage, as well as your soffit vents for blockages. Weather-damaged materials can cause issues for interior too if they’re not fixed.

Musty Smell and Mold Growth

We have mentioned earlier how clogged rain gutters and downspout outlets can cause mold growth inside your home by increasing indoor moisture levels through leaks and reduced airflow. It takes mold spores around 24 hours to form if moisture and oxygen levels remain consistent. Places to check for mold are your attic, basement, utility rooms, and other high-moisture areas. Over 70% of homes deal with mold problems, and over 28% of homeowners fall victim to health issues. Don’t let that be you! If symptoms only come to show when you’re at home, it’s time for an immediate inspection.

Basement Flood

When your exterior drainage system fails to redirect stormwater away from your property due to clogs, rainwater will spill over your roofline and start leaking down your house siding. That water could enter through wall cracks and basement windows, and trigger basement flooding. It’s hard to believe the wide variety of damage that can originate from a gutter clog, but once you have hired your local professionals for a new gutter installation, you won’t ever have to worry about any of these warning signs again!

Think One Step Ahead! Oregon City Gutter Shutter Installation

Property owners who want to take the necessary precautions to protect their homes, choose efficient, long-lasting gutter installations. Oregon City service providers at Pacific Gutter always go the extra mile to ensure everything is completed safely and correctly when installing the Gutter Shutter system.

We work closely with our partners at Gutter Shutter, offering the all-in-one gutter solution to clients who know their climate well enough to take advantage of high-quality systems that help minimize any gutter maintenance needs.

Unlike your regular gutters and gutter guards, the Gutter Shutter system is made of thick aluminum material and designed to never clog or leak. Having tested various systems, our local experts believe that Gutter Shutter is the best gutter system available and are happy for the opportunity to share it with homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. Not only is it an excellent, all-in-one gutter system, but it also comes with several impressive benefits!

Oregon City Gutter Shutter Benefits

Lifetime No Clog Guarantee

There is a misconception that seamless gutters never clog because they appear to be hidden underneath the roofline. While providing lots of aesthetic values, they’re only known to never leak because unlike sectional systems, seamless gutters consist of merely one piece of coil. Although leak-proof, they could still clog.

What if we told you that the Gutter Shutters system comes with a lifetime no-clog guarantee? These enclosed covers are far superior to regular gutter guards. Regular systems require ongoing inspection because small particles still find their ways into the traps. With a Gutter Shutter installation, you can count on improved performance and efficiency where you won’t even need to rely on routine gutter cleaning services anymore

Best Materials

The Gutter Shutter system is made of 0.032 thick aluminum, which is far stronger than any regular gutters used on most residential properties. It’s a quality material that you won’t find anywhere else that is lightweight, flexible, and highly durable.

Easy Installation

Gutter Shutter systems are easily attached to your fascia board without conflicting with your roofline. Regular eavestrough systems that are prone to clogs and spills are always a huge risk for roof health, whereas Gutter Shutter installation won’t affect your roof in the slightest. You can rest easy knowing that you won’t need to worry about roof repair services of any kind. We’ll also ensure that your fascia boards are in good health prior to our professional installation.

Added Curb Appeal

Not only are our Oregon City gutters seamless and neat-looking, but they appear to be hidden. While having a highly-functional drainage system outside your property, there are various aesthetic values to pride yourself on. Plus, there are a variety of colors available to match and compliment the exterior of your home.

Why Choose Pacific Gutter Company?

Our team of local service technicians at Pacific Gutter bring lots of local experience from working in the trades and our technicians have all come to the conclusion that gutter health is the key to maintaining a property because we are blessed with more rain than we need.

With our guaranteed workmanship and dedicated customer service, we strive for excellence, quality products, and long-term results. We’re extremely proud to have partnered with the like-minded experts at Gutter Shutter, who stand behind our goal of  delivering exceptional Oregon City gutter installation to our local community.

As your local pros with years of experience in providing gutter replacement services throughout the city and surrounding areas, we are proud to be your first-choice gutter installation company. We care about customer satisfaction, which is why transparency and clear communication start at your phone call. In order to write up precise cost estimates without any misunderstandings, we always offer worry-free inspection and consultation services, during which we chat with our customers about their needs and concerns.

Because we promote our perfect all-in-one gutter solution, we want to make sure that every homeowner in need has the opportunity to take advantage of our professional services. Therefore, we have partnered with Greensky Financing to provide our customers with the flexibility to easily apply for an online loan.  

Need Efficient Gutter Installation in Oregon City?

If maintaining your home’s exterior is not one of your top favorite activities, it’s highly likely that you’ll run into some issues in the future. Knowing our climate too well, we are committed to providing you with professional service and high-quality products to make your Oregon City gutter installation service exceptional.

When it’s time to take care of your home’s exterior before the rainy season, the skilled team at Pacific Gutters are at your service! Whether you’re in Oregon City or one of the surrounding communities, give our friendly customer service team a call today at 503-782-5446 to book an inspection and consultation service.