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Who doesn’t enjoy Kent’s urban, suburban feel? When you’re a young professional or have a family, it’s easy to get distracted by all the fun social activities and other local amenities that keep you busy and out of the house. But as a homeowner, you have various responsibilities that revolve around your property, especially seasonal maintenance duties like gutter cleaning and watching for the signs you need new gutter installation in Kent.

That said, gutters are one of the most overlooked areas for home maintenance, which is something that even homeowners in the Pacific Northwest are guilty of. From high levels of precipitation to salt air corrosion, taking care of your home’s exterior materials is a necessity if you want to prevent water damage to your roof and foundation. Clogged gutters are the leading cause of structural issues, foundation damage, and basement floods.

At Pacific Gutter, we are committed to providing our local community with professional Kent gutter services to protect your property and regain your confidence during rainy weather. We have the all-in-one gutter solution to your problem, so you can rest easy knowing that everything is taken care of, as well as most of your maintenance duties. Give us a call at 206-752-6292 to learn more about our Kent gutter services or read on to find out the type of gutter installation projects we offer, and more!

Why Kent Homes Need Gutter Installation

Kent deals with an average of 43 inches of rain every year, which, combined with salt air and heavy storms can pose a huge problem to many properties that are not well-maintained. For example, wood materials need sanding and restaining to avoid wood rot, whereas metallic materials need repainting or recoating to prevent rust buildup. Unfortunately, this type of work is often neglected and is the leading cause of material deterioration.

If that happens, you’ll require more than just new gutter installation. Kent gutter technicians at Pacific Gutter often handle roof repair, fascia board replacement and other important services to recover a property’s exterior drainage system. It’s easy for any type of damage to spread from one material to the next if you don’t detect it in time and fix it. This is a common scenario that we deal with in Kent, WA.

When it comes to gutter installation, Kent homeowners are recommended to hire professional inspection services to learn more about efficient exterior drainage systems. If you haven’t consistently maintained your gutters and are experiencing some issues during heavy rains, we highly suggest that you contact our local pros.

Our Kent Gutter Installation Services

At Pacific Gutter, we take our job very seriously. From the moment you call our office and describe your situation, we will listen to every detail carefully and provide you with our best judgment. Our no-obligation consultations include a thorough inspection service, during which our trained service providers take a closer look at your existing rain gutters.

Kent homeowners can count on our team to be thorough and transparent about their findings. If you have already had multiple gutter repair services, it will only make sense to go ahead with a professional gutter replacement service. But don’t worry! We’ll guide you through every step of the process, starting by introducing to you our high-quality gutter products, professional installation services, and financing options.

In many cases, minor to major repairs on surrounding materials, such as your soffit and fascia or other parts of your roofline, are required, which our team is happy to cover. But our goal is to be as transparent as possible to avoid any misunderstandings

We’ll also fill you in about our all-in-one gutter solution that includes the ultimate leaf guard system to help put an end to nerve-racking maintenance duties.  

How To Tell You Need Gutter Installation in Kent, WA

Perhaps your existing gutters have seen better days and it has already survived a season of ice dams. During snowmelt season, it’s usually the best time to check on your gutter functions and start planning ahead before the next rain season arrives, starting in the fall. Whether you have leaky gutters or a defective downspout outlet, the best time to hire Kent gutter services are in the summer.

Signs You Need New Gutter Installation

Kent homeowners are recommended to contact us for gutter installation immediately once they notice any of these warning signs caused by clogged rain gutters:

Leaking and Sagging

Clogged gutters are most likely the cause if you see your sectional gutters leak in various areas. Clogs lead to inefficient flow and the longer it reminds inside the traps, the more damage they will cause on the overall structure. Beads of gutter sealants will wear out and sections may start to crack or sack due to the heavy weight.

If you don’t call your Kent gutter specialists ASAP, you risk overwhelming your perimeter drains, increasing the risk of soil erosion around your home and ruining your landscaping. Moreover, once your existing eavestrough system begins to sag, it could collapse any time.

Rotted Fascia Boards

While many people have switched to aluminum fascia boards, it’s not uncommon to find wood-based systems. Fascia boards have to be in good condition to be able to efficiently hold a gutter installation. Kent gutter technicians who have completed multiple installation and replacement projects have encountered many wood rot issues on fascia systems.

Moisture Damage and Mold Growth

Interior and exterior moisture damage pose a huge risk of property damage if not detected early enough. It may start on your roofline which may not be quickly visible until you see water stains on top of your siding. If your indoor air quality has changed, our Kent gutter professionals recommend checking your attic for moisture issues. Clogs have likely blocked up your soffit vents, restricting air movement. That’s when you might experience musty smells in the walls and mold growth in crawl spaces.  

Gutter Guard Options

Along with our efficient gutter installations in Kent, we also offer gutter guard installation services. The benefits of gutter guards are mainly that they block larger debris from entering and clogging the traps. But we know that many homeowners are on the fence about getting them because when you evaluate the pros and cons of gutter guard systems, they do not necessarily reduce your maintenance tasks. Regular Kent gutter cleaning and inspection appointments are still needed, if not more often.

Let’s look at some types of gutter guards and find out which is the best way to prevent clogs entirely.

Micro Mesh

Micro mesh guards are made of tiny holes that effectively block all types of debris, including pine needles. This way, rainwater can flow freely through the traps without obstruction. For maximum efficiency, our Kent gutter professionals recommend high-quality stainless steel mesh guards and also hiring professionals to install the system for you. Although it comes with higher costs, you’ll have clean gutters for longer and can go easier on your maintenance duties.

Gutter Screen

Screen guard systems have larger holes and are generally cheaper than mesh guards. They’re also DIY friendly, so you could even install them by yourself. The only downside about this type is that you’ll still require routine Kent gutter cleaning services and screen guards need regular manual cleaning to remove any grime and debris stuck on the holes.

Foam Guard

A foam guard has a similar function to a sponge. While effectively blocking all sorts of debris, it sucks in stormwater and allows it to drain in the downspout outlets without a problem. One disadvantage is that it absorbs oil and dirt that flows down from the roof, making the foam less effective over time. Rather than clean it, it should be replaced once a year.

Do All Types Of Kent Gutter Guards Have A Caveat?

When referring to the type of guards above, yes. Those types are also known as helmet gutters, which you install right over your Kent gutter system. They provide a hood-like quality and usually have some kind of small hole system that only captures water, but there is no guarantee that no debris will fall into the traps, which means that there is always a risk of clogs unless you complete gutter cleaning twice a year and regularly inspect your gutter helmets after a rainy or/and windy day.

Try The Gutter Shutter System!

Pacific Gutter is proud to have partnered up with the experts at Gutter Shutter who provide the ultimate leaf guard system to complete gutter installation in Kent. Unlike regular gutter guards, the Gutter Shutter system is an all-in-one gutter system that includes a highly-effective top cover.

The Gutter Shutter system is designed by scientists who put the principles of liquid adhesion (also known as surface tension) to practice. What happens is that rainwater travels around the enclosed cover into the gutter while blocking off leaves and other debris. It also comes in a range of colors and styles, so you’ll also get the opportunity to enhance your exterior trim and improve curb appeal with Gutter Shutter installation.  

Lifetime No Clog Guarantee

The Gutter Shutter system is scientifically proven to never clog, which gives you more reason to upgrade from your sectional gutter to this seamless system. Who knew that the no-clog myth would turn out to be true?

High Quality Material

You will find many aluminum gutters throughout the state of Washington, but none will be comparable to our premium grade materials. The Gutter Shutters system is made of 0.032 thick aluminum, which provides a lot more heft and greater weather-resistant qualities. Once installed, it can last you indefinitely.

Easy Installation

As long as you have healthy fascia board, all your Kent gutter technician has to do is hook the gutter shutter onto your fascia without relying on your roofline. We also use certified GutterStud brackets every 24 inches to ensure stability.

Why Kent Chooses Pacific Gutter

The excellent team at Pacific Gutter is experienced and knowledgeable, bringing many years of experience working on residential and commercial buildings. Not only have our service providers worked on many local building structures in the past, but they’re also familiar with common types of problems that many property owners face. Needless to say, most of these issues are related to moisture and water damage caused by ineffective gutter systems. It was clear to us that something more had to be done than just raise awareness of gutter maintenance.

We decided to take matters into our own hands by putting professional Kent gutter services into practice. Our company core values are integrity, respect, and accountability, backed by our guaranteed workmanship, excellent customer service, and high-quality products. We only provide excellent services that are customer-focused because we care about individual homeowner’s needs.

We offer in-house consultation and inspections so we’re right on-site to take required notes and can answer any questions our customers may have. It’s a no-obligation meeting, during which we’ll write up your cost estimate, detailing the jobs you need done, as well as offering you financing options so everyone in need has access to our Kent gutter installation services.

Hire Pacific Gutter For Trusted Kent Gutter Installation

We understand the stress that property owners have to go through when it comes to home maintenance and repairs. When maintenance requirements aren’t met and all you’re left with are costly repairs that may not even bring you long-term savings, you may want to consider a different route. With Kent gutter installation services at Pacific Gutter, you’ll get our all-in-one gutter solution, including the one of a kind Gutter Shutter system, the best leaf guard you’ll ever find on the market!

Let’s get your eavestrough system back in gear! Give our dedicated customer service team a call today at 206-752-6292 to book an appointment with our professional Kent gutter technicians to discuss your needs and concerns.