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Our Expert Hillsboro Gutter Services

As a more northern state near the pacific coastline, Hillsboro enjoys short, dry summers and frigid, cold, and wet winters. Overall, it experiences slightly more rainfall compared to the national average of 8.7 inches per year, with the downpour reaching its peak in November. Soggy spots are all but common, scattered from the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Northwest. So is it any wonder that Hillsboro homeowners can’t simply live without proper Hillsboro gutters? Without an exterior water disposal system, the outskirts of your home would readily become a swampland as the rainwater runoff would reroute toward your home, resulting in soil erosion and, eventually, a damaged house foundation and a flooded basement. Surprisingly, many Hillsboro homeowners haphazardly assume that rainfall somehow cleanses their troughs clean and rids off any muck inside. That couldn’t be further from the truth: your rain gutters are accumulating debris, including dirt, leaves, twigs, pine needles, rocks, and even bird's nests!

Having a reliable Hillsboro gutter installation in place not only protects your basement from flooding but shields your roofline’s soffits and fascia boards and siding, which canvas your attic, fromm major water damage and eventual mold and mildew growth. The purpose of an efficient gutter installation in Hillsboro, OR is to properly collect rain water and redirect its flow into a gutter downspout outlet carried into the streets and eventually into a designated catch basin, which is normally your municipal stormwater system. But no frets! Our professional Hillsboro gutter services from Pacific Gutter Company will dispatch a certified, licensed, and fully insured technician to perform a quality installation service or maintenance. As a locally owned and operated rain gutter service provider, we can handle any curveballs your home throws at us. We like to go by the mantra of offering quality workmanship with results-oriented solutions alongside authentic customer satisfaction.

Our Professional Hillsboro Gutters Installation

Plain and simple rain gutters prevent soil erosion, damage to your siding, and basement leakages. Whether your home is pre-owned or newly built, having a gutter system installed is inevitable, and for those of you who so much as glance at your roofline other than installing smart home security cameras or tossing up your Christmas lights, you’ll eventually be in a sticky situation when your troughs overflow from a blockage due to lack of routine cleaning. The be-all end-all of no rain gutter maintenance is, of course, a clog or leaky trough, and if your roof and basement are sopped enough, it can cause your ceiling to cave in and your home to begin to slowly sink like quicksand. Our Hillsboro gutter experts will thoroughly inspect your roofline and recommend necessary replacements or repairs.

Our Process Of Gutter Installation | Hillsboro, OR

Your Hillsboro gutters are not indestructible nor self-cleaning, so they’ll eventually deteriorate over time, especially if you’re not vigilant about proper upkeep. At Pacific Gutter, we offer your all-in-one gutter solution!

Seamless Gutter Installation

At Pacific Gutters, we opt for one ultimate Hillsboro gutter installation—namely, seamless gutters made of high-quality premium aluminum. You may be familiar with standard, sectional gutters, which come in segments that can be connected in a sequence. Unfortunately, they are susceptible to leaks as there are seams at the spot where pieces bridge together. On the other hand, seamless units are more targeted to your roof’s dimensions as it’s measured and cut, so one single cut coil covers roof corners drastically, reducing the likelihood you’ll encounter any leakages. During your free consultation, your expert technician can determine the best course of action. Here are the steps we conduct for a rain gutter installation in Hillsboro, OR.

Measure It Out:

  • After taking a measurement of exact dimensions of the roof and purchasing an appropriate amount of materials (plus some additional material), our trained technician will give you a fair estimated quote for your Hillsboro gutter installation service. Materials include, for example, trough material, downspouts, fascia brackets, and other hardware.
  • Marking the starting location of trough runs about one and a quarter inches below the flashing on the fascia.
  • Determining endpoints of the trough using a half an inch downward slope.
  • Place a chalk line between start and end of the gutter run.
  • Pinpointing the location of rafter tail(s) on the chalk line.

Secure Attachment

  • Marking the location of the downspout outlet.
  • Remove the outlet hole using a tin snip tool.
  • Attach the outlet into a hole and waterproof it with silicone glue.

Mount And Set:

  • Cutting out gutters to the appropriate measure size to fit the entire roofline
  • Attach gutter’s fascia brackets to the rafter tails, and then mounting the troughs to fascia brackets. (Note: The installation process does not occur on your roof. This way, you keep your roof clean and independent.)
  • Secure the fascia brackets in place using certified GutterStud brackets every 24 inches and other machine screws.
  • Finally, completely attach new Hillsboro gutters to the fascia.
  • Attach the downspout outlet to the gutters via the opening outlet.  

Bonus Features: Hillsboro Gutter Shutters

Now, that have completed your Hillsboro gutter installation, it’s time to tag on some added protection. Although a conventional choice is gutter guards, Pacific Gutters are strong advocates of cutting-edge and innovative methods like the Gutter Shutters. Imagine if there was a type of gutter system that was never susceptible to clogs nor pulled and limped away from the borders of your roofline. It seems foolproof, doesn’t it? If you hope to avoid the hassle of trough maintenance, including regular gutter cleaning services, apart from at the very minimum in the spring and fall every year, then your best bet is to get a safeguard of Gutter Shutters.

This ingenious system will shield your home’s roof and readily expel any rainwater and muck thereof thrown at it hook, line and sinker. Best of all, unlike many shoddy contractors that don’t offer this type of quality product at all, Pacific Gutters Company does, and then some with their skilled technicians trained to handle a Hillsboro gutter shutter installation service.

Hillsboro property owners who tend to dilly-dally should cut to the chase and go for Gutter Shutters. True, you can save some money opting for a gutter guard and leaf guard instead, but not necessarily. Some of these guards are more of a nuisance than they seem as they require tedious cleanings as the mesh screens and grills tend to readily clog up with debris, preventing rainwater from flowing through and rendering these mechanisms useless.

Maintenance Of New Gutters Installation

Hillsboro, OR homeowners who maintain clean gutters by performing routine maintenance won’t need any residential gutter repair services in the near future. If you do however run into a dire situation that was caused by improper installation, our trained technician will honor the warranty and return with the necessary adjustments and repairs. We’ll check the fasteners of the fascia boards themselves, including GutterStud brackets.

Since our units are guaranteed to never leak or clog, we still recommend annual inspections that may include one cleaning service from our professional gutter maintenance technicians.

Why Pacific Gutter Is The Hospitable Choice For Hillsboro Gutter Services!

Our locally-owned business has been in operation for the last 14 years, and we pride ourselves on being one of the best for exterior water drainage systems and gutters. Hillsboro residents demand only the finest of expertise and quality craftsmanship for gutter repair, installation, and maintenance. Our longstanding reputation is guaranteed by our accountable professionals, courteous customer service, transparent upfront pricing, and no-obligation estimate, alongside offering financing options where you can make installments towards your gutter installation or repair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hillsboro Gutters

How Do I Know If My Hillsboro Gutters Are Working Properly?

If you notice any of these warning signs, it’s about time you give us a call!

  • Fissures and cracks in your troughs
  • Loose troughs or screws
  • Rust or corrosion
  • Peeling paint
  • Wet spots on your siding
  • Water sputtering out of the seams of your troughs
  • Water leakages in your basement
  • Cracks in your home’s foundation
  • Standing water in your troughs
  • Loose or sagging troughs
  • Bent, misshaped or cracked troughs
  • Water puddles around your home’s foundation
  • Soil erosion around the outskirts of your home

What Size Gutter Is Best?

Approximately standard 5-inch K-style gutters or 6-inch half rounds are what you will see in most residences as they are wide enough to handle the heavier girth of rainfall. At Pacific Gutter, we specialize in 6-inch seamless units but also design custom fits for your home.

What Other Types of Gutters Are There?

Although you can’t get too picky about rain gutter styles, there is more flexibility when it comes to the type of material that will ease your troughs. Your preference for material should be based on what you can afford and sturdiness. Typically, the more durable the trough material is, the more cash you’re shelling out. Sometimes the high upfront cost for say, copper is well worth it and pays for itself in the long run as it’s less prone to cracks, dents, scuffs, and rust and requires less routine maintenance. Here are the most common types of gutter installation in Hillsboro, OR and surrounding areas:

Vinyl: Vinyl gutters are cheaper, lighter, and made of plastic. This is the entry-level choice for first-time homeowners choosing their house gutters. But the only downside is that it cannot readily withstand heavy pressure or fluctuating temperatures, so don’t be surprised if you see leaks resulting from fractures here and there, especially if you’re not regularly cleaning your troughs.

Aluminum: Slightly better than plastic and also sturdier, aluminum gutters are the most common types used on residential properties. Millions of homes have standard aluminum. The price of aluminum is affordable, similarly to vinyl materials. It won’t rust anytime soon as long as you maintain it by applying new protective coating. If you opt for low-grade aluminum, don’t be surprised if it easily scuffs, dents, or bends over.

Steel: This comes in both galvanized steel and stainless steel options, and although more affordable than copper and more durable than most standard aluminum, it can easily rust, so get ready to regularly scrub your troughs clean.

Copper: If you can dole out extra cash, copper is a long-lasting material and can handle heavy amounts of pressure or sudden changes in temperature, no sweat! Plus, it’s easy on the eyes.

What Happens When My Hillsboro Gutters Have An Overflow Of Water?

If your troughs were to overflow due to a clog, it could cause the underlying fascia boards to rot and wear away over time and eventually discolor and damage your siding. The excess water runoff washes away the soil on the landscape of your home and begins to erode around the foundation of your house. If you have a fear of water getting into your home, we highly recommend taking action sooner rather than later.

How Long Do Rain Hillsboro Gutters Last?

Rain gutters are a worthwhile investment as a proper installation can last you from 20 to 50 years with, of course, routine maintenance and inspection.

Do You Need A Drop Edge Added Onto Your Hillsboro Gutters?

Yes definitely! We recommend adding a drip edge to your roof, as without it, water can get behind the gutter and start running down your home. Eventually, the extra moisture would collate on your fascia boards and cause it to rot.

Is There Supposed To Be A Gap Between The Roof And Gutter?

Yes! Ideally, your Hillsboro gutter should be placed as close to the roof shingles as possible, within 2 or 3 inches of distance apart. Beyond this, the rain will slough off the roof and won’t redirect and drain into your downspout outlet and eventually away from your home.

Should Gutters Be Level Or Sloped?

Gutters shouldn't be exactly parallel to your roofline but should be pitched slightly from one end to the other, as ideally, you want at least a quarter inch of slope for every 10 feet of your gutter’s trough. If it’s completely level with no pitch, your troughs will fill up with standing water until it topples over, and too sharp of a pitch will look awkward.

Hillsboro Gutters Won’t Rain On Your Parade! Pacific Gutters Are Coming To The Rescue!

Instead of reserving yourself to live out the rest of your days in a wetland, ask our skilled team members of Pacific Gutters to buffer your home and protect it from the threatening downpour of water nymphs galore. Whether you’re in Hillsboro, Beaverton, or another surrounding area of Portland, we’ll gladly drop by to give you an initial assessment of all things gutter.

Reach out to your trustworthy gutter contractors today at 503-782-5446 to learn more about our Hillsboro gutter installation services or to book an appointment for a consultation.