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Snow-Damaged Gutters in Portland get Replaced with Gutter Shutter

Open Gutter Installation

Pacific Gutter is your go-to expert for open gutter installation in Gresham, Oregon. Safeguard your home with our high-quality gutter systems, professionally installed to ensure optimal protection against rain and debris. Our skilled team customizes solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Ensure the longevity of your home with our professional gutter cleaning and repair services in Gresham. We tackle debris and prevent water damage, providing thorough cleaning and cost-effective repairs. Rely on us to keep your gutters in excellent condition, protecting your property from potential issues.

Gutter Shutter System

Elevate your home's defense with the cutting-edge Gutter Shutter system. Gresham residents, Pacific Gutter presents this innovative solution for clog-free gutters and hassle-free maintenance. Experience the ultimate in gutter protection, ensuring your peace of mind in any weather.

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  • Skilled Team: Our professionals bring years of expertise to every project, ensuring top-quality service.
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  • Local Expertise: Pacific Gutter understands the specific needs of Gresham's climate and homes.
  • Licensed and Insured: Rest easy knowing we are a fully licensed and insured company.

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When you live in Gresham, OR, you likely know what it’s like dealing with the excess amount of precipitation. Homeowners constantly have to worry about their home’s exterior materials, landscaping, and wooden materials. Moisture, water damage and salt air corrosion are common issues that can be controlled with routine maintenance, but a lot of exterior inspection work is overlooked and forgotten, especially when it comes to gutters. When that happens, many homeowners find themselves in need of gutter installation in Gresham.

Gresham residents may or may not schedule their annual gutter cleaning and maintenance service, but in a climate like Oregon’s it’s essential to have functioning aluminum gutters that properly direct stormwater towards downspout outlets, so exterior water will always flow away from your home. It takes as little as a day for leaves and debris to find their way inside those metal traps unless you take precautions to prevent early signs of clogs. Unfortunately for most homes, by the time that happens, damage has already been done, making Gresham gutter installation service inevitable.

Our Gresham gutter service professionals at Pacific Gutter have made a list of warning signs that call for professional service. Furthermore, we offer an all-in-one gutter solution to our local community, so nobody has to fear the rain ever again. With our professional Gresham gutter installation services, you can wave goodbye to moisture and water issues for good. Feel free to give our local service providers a call at 503-782-5446 to find out more or continue reading about what we have to offer.

Why Gutter Installation in Gresham is Important

The rain pattern can be strange. In one part of Portland’s suburbs you could get up to 44 inches of rain per year, whereas in other parts, such as Gresham itself, it gets up to 56 inches. That’s almost 20 inches more than the country’s overall average. But no wonder! Gresham is located by the Columbia River which is known to be the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region. It’s no surprise that you get more rain when you live close to water, even if the ocean is about two hours away. Flood is also a daily risk to the local community. Therefore, it’s imperative that you take the necessary measures to protect your family and your property.

While you have likely equipped yourself with protective plumbing devices, we are your leading experts in ensuring you have fully functioning gutters. Gresham properties, no matter what age, should always have gutters that are working properly. Often, that means keeping up with maintenance because if your rain gutters are unserviced you could run into various problems, from moisture damage to mildew and mold growth. In the worst case, these issues could compromise your roof health and your home’s foundation.

Unfortunately, gutter cleaning services and maintenance are often overlooked and forgotten about, which leads to a wide range of problems and a high percentage of homeowners who have to invest in costly repairs or replacements. When it is that time, our team at Pacific Gutter Company has the ultimate all-in-one gutter installation solution ready.

What Are The Signs I Need New Gutter Installation?

Gresham homeowners can use our list of common gutter problems caused by damage and clogs, both on gutters themselves and on nearby parts of homes with damaged gutters. These are scenarios where a replacement is inevitable because expensive repairs won’t give you long-term results.

If any of these warning signs sound familiar, and you believe you’re affected, contact us immediately for a gutter inspection and replacement consultation.

Sagging and Leaking Gutters

These are common types of problems that occur when you have sectional gutters where sections of gutter are joined together with compound and sealant. Though effective, joined areas can suffer from wear and lack of maintenance. A gutter clog would put extra strain on the interior until it cracks or forms a hole. Eventually, your leaky gutters won’t be able to bear the weight and will begin to sag.

Wood Rot on Fascia Boards

Some soffits and fascias are made of aluminum or vinyl for improved durability and water resistance, but you’ll still find numerous wood-based fascia boards made of cedar or redwood. Although known to be rot-resistant, they could lose strength if you don’t sand and repaint them. Our Gresham gutter specialists have detected a lot of wood rot in the past due to water damage. In these cases, the damaged fascia also often leads to gutter damage that requires gutter replacement.

Pest Infestation

A list of pests could cause you sleepless nights, from mosquito swarms breeding in stagnant pools of water to bird nests in your rain gutters. A clog doesn’t only mean decomposed leaves and grime, but also standing water that is unable to flow out. It's an insect’s paradise and also lures rodents to sneak into your attic and build a nest in your fiberglass insulation. In some cases, these problems can be fixed with repairs, but it’s also possible that improper installation or extensive damage has created the ideal breeding ground for these pests.

Severe Moisture Damage

This is a scenario that happens outside and inside your home. In the event of a clog in your gutters, stormwater has nowhere to go but over your roofline. If roof water can’t drain, it will have a severe impact on your shingles. You could experience various types of leaks like roof leaks and interior ceiling leaks. Furthermore, that water spill will get in contact with your fascia board and trickle all the way down your house siding, leaving behind ugly water stains.

If you have existing foundation cracks that haven’t been fixed, water can seep through the walls and wreak havoc on your sheathing, insulation and interior wall system. Water can also leak through your exterior window frame and enter your attic, as well as block your soffit vents, so your attic won’t get adequate ventilation. As a result, moisture will build up in your attic and your home’s humidity level will rise, impacting your indoor air quality.

Musty Smells and Mold Issues

More than half of America’s properties suffer from mold problems. Undetected mold is the leading cause of health problems, from severe allergic reactions to sinus infections and worse. Most people won’t notice mildew and mold until they see a ceiling leak, but musty smells may come from behind your wall or underneath your floors. One of the first areas to inspect for mold are your attic and basement.

About Gresham Gutter Installations

Gresham homeowners who wonder what to expect during an appointment with our skilled team of professionals can rest assured that we’ll take care of every single detail. We do recommend that you write down the issues you’re experiencing with your existing gutters, as well as what you’re looking for in your new system. Note down any questions that you may have, and we’ll answer them one by one during the consultation.

A detailed inspection will also take place, so we’ll be able to inspect the health of your fascia board and roof. It’s not uncommon that minor fascia and roof repair services need to be done before your new gutter installation. Our service technicians are highly skilled and experienced in what they do and detecting underlying issues that need to be addressed.

We pride ourselves on our professional installation services and high-quality products that make us stand out from the competition. We also go the extra mile to enhance our customers’ experience by providing the best all-in-one solution for gutter installation: the Gutter Shutter system.

Gutter Shutter System

You may have heard different stories about types of gutter guards—how they might prevent larger debris from settling in your metal traps but are unable to minimize your maintenance duties. But as your leading Gresham gutter installation company, we are proud to announce our partnership with Gutter Shutter. Together, we managed to combat gutter problems once and for all.

The days of scooping out grime and debris are over because we offer the best all-ine-one gutter and leaf guard system for all homes in Gresham and nearby areas.

Some of the major benefits of the Gutter Shutter system include:

Lifetime No Clog Guarantee

It’s not every day that you hear about eavestrough systems that don’t ever clog. Many people changed from sectional to seamless gutters because of increased curb appeal and a leak-free experience, and rightfully so, but it’s important to know that seamless gutters are not clog-free. Although they’re installed in a way they appear to be hidden, they will still trap leaves and debris. That’s where the Gutter Shutter system stands apart with its lifetime, no-clog guarantee.

High Quality Material and Design

The Gutter Shutter system is made and designed in the USA, using 0.032 thick aluminum. This carefully engineered structure was designed by following the principles of “surface tension,” a molecular theory describing how liquid surface property acts as a resistor to external forces. This ensures that during heavy rainfall, only stormwater enters the gutters while all types of debris bounces off of the enclosed aluminum cover. Our professional Gresham gutter installers also use certified GutterStud brackets to guarantee stability. Our rain gutters and shutters are uniquely designed to protect your home and made of high-quality materials that will last indefinitely.

Improved Aesthetics

Who wouldn’t want their gutters to provide aesthetically pleasing qualities? Not only do Gutter Shutter installation helps increase your curb appeal and home value, but they also have functional qualities that are essential in protecting your property from water damage and other disasters.

Easy Installation and Low-Maintenance

In most cases, Gutter Shutter installation is straightforward and easy.  As the best type of gutters you’ll ever have, you won’t need to worry about stressful maintenance duties anymore. Unlike other gutter systems, you won’t have to climb up every other month to check for clogs. That said, we do recommend that you schedule annual inspection services to ensure that your system is performing as it should.

How Pacific Gutter Company Does It Differently

The knowledgeable team at Pacific Gutter consists of highly experienced technicians who have worked in this construction industry for many years. As your local service technicians, we are familiar with local properties and the potential flaws that exist due to lack of maintenance or poor workmanship. Therefore, we are committed to making a difference by focusing on what’s most important in keeping you and your property safe from heavy rains.

Not only do we provide guaranteed workmanship and high quality service, but we’re also extremely client-focused and always strive to build strong relationships with our customers from the moment we answer your call. We believe in transparency and on-site consultations to ensure no details are missed when we deliver our cost estimates.

At Pacific Gutter Company, our core values are respect, integrity, accountability and our promise to our customers includes our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and customer care.

Are You Ready For Gutter Installation In Gresham, OR?

If the last rain season already took a toll on your property, you may want to consider a new gutter installation. Our service technicians are highly skilled and dedicated to protecting our local communities from severe weather conditions. We understand that a new Gresham gutter system is a huge investment, which is why we have teamed up with Greensky Financing to make our professional gutter replacement services available for every property owner who needs it.

We invite you to call our exceptional customer service reps today at 503-782-5446 to schedule a no-obligation consultation appointment! Learn more about our products, services and financing options, and let’s make your home a safer and more comfortable place to live. We look forward to being your team for your next Gresham gutter installation project.