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Living in Eugene, you get to enjoy the urban-suburban environment combined with a bunch of social and recreational activities. Nature is practically everywhere you look, so it’s easy to take a breather whenever you need it. While the weather is mostly comfortable, you are still on the Pacific coastline, where frequent precipitation is inevitable. It’s a problem that affects at least three out of ten property owners in Eugene. Gutters are some of the most overlooked exterior building structures that don’t get enough credit and attention for the job they do to keep everyone safe and dry.

As a tree-dense city, Eugene is blessed with a wide variety of beautiful tree species that form the many thousand acres of natural areas for the local public. And chances are your property has some bigleaf maple or red alders. If not, their leaves will still find their way into your current gutter installation.

Eugene, OR is a wonderful place to live, but as a residential or commercial property owner, you know your home or commercial building the best, as well as the damage that heavy rainfall can create. Your local Eugene gutter professionals at Pacific Gutter have helped many local residents protect their homes by completing a wide range of high-quality Eugene gutter projects. Keep on reading to learn more about our products and services.

Why You Need Eugene Gutter Installation Services

Every property in Eugene needs a reliable exterior drainage system to stay dry and in shape. When you deal with almost 41 inches of rain every year, it’s essential that your current Eugene gutters can effectively direct stormwater away from your property. But unfortunately, more than six out of ten homes are affected by inefficient rain gutter systems. While these important structures are designed to last at least 20 years, they barely ever make it that far.

The lack of regular maintenance, such as gutter cleaning, is some of the biggest property neglect that leads to a series of problems. Without maintenance, professional inspection and minor repair services, most regular, sectional gutters will fall victim to weather damage. When that happens, they will deteriorate in performance and become less efficient in moving rainwater away from your roofline and foundation. The resulting consequences will be of a very drastic nature.

Warning Signs You Need New Gutter Installation | Eugene, OR

We understand that it is very daunting when your home structures and systems signal warning signs that may call for costly repairs including a gutter installation. Eugene, OR are not always prepared for this atop a series of other work for which you simply don’t have the time. Whether you live in your own home or are a busy landlord who has to always follow up with tenants about potential home maintenance and repair needs, it’s your responsibility to detect problems in advance and handle them before they spiral out of control.

Problems With Clogged Gutters

Without gutter cleaning services at least once every six months, Eugene homeowners can expect a quick accumulation of leaves and other debris. When you’re worried about nearby deciduous trees shedding big leaves, it’s important to note that Eugene is also surrounded by coniferous trees like ponderosa pine and white spruce. When their flexible needles find their way into your rain gutter installation, Eugene, OR homeowners will have a much harder time getting rid of them.

Leaks and Sags

It’s very common for sectional gutters to leak when they’re clogged and have been poorly maintained. The problem with most sectional units is that they consist of connecting parts, which means that seams are evident. Seams are hidden or covered up with joint or gutter sealant. Although it’s durable enough to last for many years, constant exposure to the elements will wear it out sooner than expected. Moist grime and debris buildup wear out the protective surface layer and, thus, cause holes and cracks in the system. This explains leaky Eugene gutters. Or when a clog accumulates in one specific area, the stress of the weight can lead to a sag.

Paint Peeling

Visible paint peeling on K-shaped or U-shaped structures indicates weather damage due to high UV rays and moisture content. If that is the case, you can expect the interior to be suffering just as much. If the protective coating of your Eugene gutters is wearing off, it will restrict proper water flow, which means that rainwater remains in the system for longer. That also enables debris to settle and even get caught in the peels. Depending on your type of aluminum gutter installation, Eugene, OR technicians at Pacific Gutter have seen many low-grade aluminum units oxidize and become less efficient.

Interior and Exterior Water Damage

Rainwater can pool your roofline, spill over and cause water damage to your nearby structures, including your soffit vents, fascia boards, and siding. Damage may not be immediately noticeable until you experience interior moisture damage. Our Eugene gutter installation expert recommends checking your attic on rainy days to ensure there is no water infiltration and blocked vents.

If you experience poor indoor air quality and high moisture levels, you likely have a ventilation problem. A gutter clog can easily block your soffit vents as well, stopping your attic from distributing fresh air throughout your home. Moisture issues in the attic can also highly affect your insulation system in place and decrease your overall air quality.

Damp spaces are also prone to pest infestation. If birds tend to gather around your roofline, it’s worth checking for nests. Or if you see a swarm of mosquitos up there, you likely have stagnant water up there. And mice will easily find nooks and crannies that give them access to your home.

But it’s not only your attic to worry about. Unsightly water stains on your exterior walls can also find their way in via foundation cracks or inefficient basement windows. That’s why some properties are prone to basement floods during heavy rains. If your ceiling and wall insulation don’t provide an efficient vapor barrier, you will experience nasty wall and ceiling leaks. And of course, the be-all, end-all if you outrightly ignore a gutter installation, Eugene, OR property owners should know is a permanently damaged house foundation.

Benefits of Eugene Gutter Installation

Having learned about the extremes of malfunctioning gutter installations, Eugene, OR residents have put their trust in Pacific Gutter’s high-quality seamless gutters and workmanship. If a storm keeps you up at night and your loose downspout extension keeps knocking against your exterior wall, it’s time for a brand-new Eugene gutter installation service. What makes our product stand out from the rest is that we use premium-grade aluminum materials that are highly durable and weather resistant. When installed correctly and professionally, they can withstand severe weather conditions, such as strong winds and hail.

Besides a good night’s sleep, you’ll also benefit from the following:

  • Roof and foundation protection
  • No more basement floods
  • Minimized risk of soil erosion and landscaping damage
  • Reduced risk of mold growth and interior moisture issues
  • Siding and structural integrity protection
  • Improved curb appeal that increases home resale value
  • Maximum efficiency with minimal maintenance needs
  • Leak-free and clog-free experience!

Sectional gutters only do a good job when you use strong materials and stay on top of upkeep, but let’s be honest, only about two out of ten people schedule annual gutter cleaning services. Wouldn’t you rather have a dependable Eugene gutter system that can guarantee a leakproof experience and save you time and money? We can make that happen!

Here’s The Cherry On Top! Eugene Gutter Shutter System!

Having an efficient Eugene gutter installation in place is one thing, but this project is only complete if you have the right type of gutter guard installed. Our popular gutter shutter system is made of 0.032 thick aluminum material which is superior to any residential leaf guard system out there. Inspired by the surface tension principle, the shutter has no vertical opening; thus, it blocks off all types of debris (pine needles included) while effectively collecting rainwater and redirecting it away from your home.

Eugene gutter shutters come with a lifetime no-clog and no-pull warranty, which is covered by our guaranteed workmanship and product promise. Thanks to its easy installation process on healthy fascia boards, the entire system is fully independent without having any contact to your roof. Our design has a high-back gutter trough system that prevents rainwater from ever spilling behind the unit. So not only is your roofline protected but also your fascia boards.

What else? There is a wide variety of colors to choose from, so you’ll always find something that will complement your home’s exterior and increase your curb appeal. Once you have opted for our Eugene gutter installation, Eugene, OR homeowners should know that a shutter installation service costs only an additional $99! (Note: That’s a discounted rate for labor. Material costs depend on the overall measurement of your roofline.)

Why Choose Pacific Gutter Company?

Pacific Gutter came into existence when technicians realized the real problem that property owners face in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you’re a business owner, landlord, or homeowner, dealing with water damage caused by the elements is one of the most costly scenarios you’ll ever experience.

With our extensive knowledge and background in construction and home service, our local team of experts decided to dedicate their efforts to helping Eugene residents and surrounding neighborhoods to lead a healthier lifestyle with higher quality gutter installation. Eugene, OR property owners choose our services because we vouch for our excellent products and offer guaranteed workmanship and customer care.

We are extremely customer-focused and always strive to provide an outstanding customer experience by going into detail about their needs. We offer no-obligation upfront cost estimates and even visit your home to offer an inspection and consultation service. We also offer flexible financing options, so every homeowner has the opportunity to choose perfect gutters for their gutter installation. Eugene, OR property owners can rely on our trustworthy team members for all their gutter repair, installation and maintenance needs.

Eugene Gutter Installation FAQs

How Much Do Seamless Eugene Gutters Cost Per Linear Foot?

We understand that Eugene gutter services can be a daunting experience because it is a huge investment. Generally, seamless units cost a lot more than sectional ones because they are made of higher quality materials and are more labor intensive during the installation process. Since the price per linear foot varies due to other factors, we highly recommend that you give our office a call. The more information you’ll be able to give us about your situation, the more likely we’ll be able to provide you with a price range or a more formal cost estimate.

What Can I Expect During a New Gutter Installation in Eugene, OR?

As long as we have had a formal 1:1 meeting, followed by an in-home inspection service, it shouldn’t take long to come to a mutual agreement. As we don’t like to make our customers wait, we’ll always do our best to schedule a convenient time for your Eugene gutters installation. Eugene, OR can expect our expert technicians to adjust to your flexible schedule and will arrive promptly and uniformed to perform service

For a standard size family home, the installation service may take about four hours, whereas larger and higher properties (3000 square feet or more) could take up to eight hours.

Prior to the installation service, we’ll walk you through each step of the process, so you’re aware of what we’re doing. Since we would have completed an in-depth inspection in advance, there shouldn’t be any undetected surprises.

Where Do Your Eugene Gutters Come From?

Pacific Gutter has partnered up with the experts at Gutter Shutter Co. who is known to produce the world’s strongest and most durable gutter systems, using premium-grade aluminum materials. All our products are made and designed in the USA, specifically for North American homes in need of dependable Eugene gutter systems and professional installation services.

Get Safe, New Eugene Gutters Today!

Want to stop worrying about your property on rainy days in Eugene? We can help you embrace the weather more with our all-in-one Eugene gutter installation services! We also go the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction and won’t rest until all properties are protected from the elements.

Wave goodbye to expensive repairs and other costly damages! Give our friendly customer service reps a call today at 503-782-5446 to book your in-home appointment with one of our certified technicians, and we promise you won’t regret it!