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If you’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for a number of years, you’re no stranger to gutter replacement. Yet, new residents may be alarmed to hear just how much care and attention their drainage system needs after discussions with their seasoned neighbors. Depending on the material of your troughs and downspouts, you could find yourself needing repairs or even a replacement much sooner than you anticipated.

As a locally owned and operated Vancouver gutter installation company, we understand just how important a well-functioning drainage system is for avoiding costly damage and expensive repairs. No matter how much time you spend on clearing clogs and sealing leaks, most troughs can only withstand the elements for so long before replacement becomes inevitable. We’ve searched far and wide on how to resolve this dilemma and have found the answer in the revolutionary all-in-one gutter and guard system known as the “Gutter Shutter.” Continue reading below to learn more about this wonderfully efficient system and find out why our Vancouver gutter replacement service outshines all the rest.

On the other hand, if you want to skip the reading and jump to the solution right away, then feel free to call us at 503-782-5446. We want to help you say goodbye to semi-annual trough cleaning, repairs and replacements. Call us and let’s arrange a free estimate for your installation service in Vancouver, WA.

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What Leads To Needing Gutter Replacement In Vancouver, WA?

Your rain gutters go through a lot.

Though Vancouver, WA doesn’t typically get heavy rain, the city certainly gets consistent rain. Low to moderate winds and even the gentlest rainfall can result in a surprising amount of debris buildup in your troughs and downspouts. Common culprits include deciduous leaves, pine needles, small fragments of tree branches and twigs, growing weeds, animal infestations and a black, slimy sludge made up of rotted organic material.

If this debris is left alone and allowed to continue accumulating, clogs will form in your troughs and create mini dams that prevent roof water runoff from flowing towards your downspout and away from your home. With nowhere else to go, water will spill over the sides of your troughs and onto your fascia boards. As these boards are typically made of wood, they can develop wood rot. Flowing water can also pool near your home’s foundation, resulting in basement flooding and costly water damage.

The solution to preventing this from occurring is gutter cleaning—a messy, tedious and surprisingly grueling task that most Vancouver, WA homeowners would rather leave to the professionals than attempt to tackle themselves. However, when funds are tight and life simply gets so busy that you forget to hire a professional cleaner, those stubborn clogs may not only increase the likelihood of water damage but also cause your troughs to deteriorate and accrue damage—resulting in the need for costly repairs for your troughs themselves.

The weight of these clogged pathways can result in pulling, sagging, and leaky troughs that require expensive repairs to fix. Sometimes repairs aren’t worth it—especially if you have an outdated gutter system on an historic home. Replacement becomes your only option. With so many materials, designs and guards available, weighing the pros and cons of each can be daunting. Fortunately, making a choice becomes easy when you find out that the Gutter Shutter system is all pros and no cons.

Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading and we’re sure you’ll change your mind!

Our Gutter Shutter Installation Service Is The Last Vancouver Gutter Replacement You’ll Need

If the time has come for gutter replacement for your Vancouver, WA, home, then look no further than the Gutter Shutter. This system is designed to last without cleaning or maintenance for decades, so you can quite simply install this system and never think or worry about your drainage system again! The major benefits include:

  • Seamless design
  • Heavy duty aluminum
  • No-pull guarantee
  • No-clog guarantee
  • Available in a variety of colors

Seamless Gutters

There are two types of trough designs on the market today: seamless and sectional gutters. Sectional styles are installed in several segments, while the only seams on seamless, or continuous gutters are at corners. Because sectional designs have so many joints, they’re more susceptible to developing leaks and sagging. The Gutter Shutter is cut according to your roof line’s exact dimensions to eliminate points of vulnerability. 

Premium-Grade Aluminum

There has traditionally been a wide variety of materials used for troughs and downspouts, and some materials are more durable than others. Common types of troughs used in DIY installations are made from vinyl and lightweight aluminum. Other more pricey options include zinc, copper and steel.

The affordability and rust-resistance of aluminum make it a great material for drainage systems, but because it is traditionally so lightweight, it is susceptible to bending and cracking. The Gutter Shutter takes this classic aluminum design and enhances it by developing incredibly thick and durable .032-gauge troughs. This material is so durable that the manufacturer even offers a lifetime no-pull warranty!

Troughs are also about one-inch wider than traditional troughs, meaning they can carry about 20 percent more water. Water damage following heavy rainfall is no longer a concern.

Guards That Actually Work

Gutter guards or covers are accessories that can be added to a traditional system to reduce the likelihood of clogs. By preventing a large amount of debris from entering the troughs, cleaning does not have to be performed quite as often. However, there are several drawbacks to traditional guards.

First, they don’t prevent cleaning altogether. Though you may not have to remove as much debris from your troughs, you’ll still have to clean off the guards themselves. Second, they require frequent replacement. Though the cost of gutter guards may seem affordable, they don’t have long lifespans and require regular replacement. And finally, roofing companies don’t promote them because some designs must be attached to your roof, thereby voiding roof warranties and resulting in rather unhappy homeowners who try to make a claim.

The Gutter Shutter is an all-in-one gutter and guard system that actually works. Using principles of surface tension, water is able to enter the troughs while debris simply slides off onto the ground below. To get the perfect angle required to achieve surface tension, this Vancouver gutter replacement option must be done by professional installers. The efficacy of this system in preventing debris from building up is backed up by the manufacturer’s lifetime no-clog guarantee.

Aesthetic Appeal

A properly done gutter installation shouldn’t detract from your home’s appearance, but it probably won’t add to it either. One exception to this is a system made out of shiny copper. Besides copper, the Gutter Shutter can also add to your home’s curb appeal, thanks to its crown molding-like appearance. It also comes in eight different colors, so there’s sure to be a color that complements your home!

What Makes Pacific Gutter Different Than Other Professional Companies?

As a locally owned and operated business, we understand just how important gutter replacement in Vancouver, WA, is to homeowners and commercial property owners alike. That’s why we offer our customers nothing less than what we would want installed in our own homes—and the Gutter Shutter fits that bill.

Our gutter service is designed to not just meet our customer’s needs and expectations but exceed them. Not only are we committed to providing high-quality products and professional installation, but we also strive to ensure that your experience with us is positive from the moment we connect with you over the phone or email to the end of your appointment.

Choosing a gutter replacement in Vancouver, WA, isn’t a choice that one makes lightly, which is why we want to make sure that you have all the information you need before making it. We’re happy to provide you with a free, on-site consultation and cost estimate in addition to flexible financing options.

Vancouver Gutter Replacement FAQs


A new Gutter Shutter system installed on the roofline of a home after an appointment for gutter replacement in Vancouver, WA.

When Is Vancouver Gutter Replacement Better Than Gutter Repair?

All homeowners want to save money where they can, as they should. For this reason, exploring gutter repair options before looking into replacement is usually the order of operation. However, putting off replacement isn’t always in your best financial interest. So how do you know when gutter replacement is better than repair for your Vancouver home?

The answer to this depends on the cost associated with the gutter repair process, including the cost of materials, the cost of a gutter inspection and any additional costs. Is your system generally still in great condition and only needs a single small repair that can be done with rain gutter sealant? If so, you can probably continue using your current system without investing a ton of time and energy into repairs.

On the other hand, if you expect you’ll need to continuously make repairs, it’s best to bite the bullet and invest in the cost of gutter replacement in Vancouver, WA. Though the upfront cost of replacement can outweigh the cost of repairs by thousands of dollars, you’re better off spending this money now rather than spending a couple of years putting tons of money into repairs, only to pay for a replacement shortly down the road.

If you’re sick and tired of cleaning and maintaining your current system, replacing your current system with the Gutter Shutter is also a valid option. You can rest easy knowing that, although there’s an upfront cost, you won’t have to invest your time and money into cleaning and maintenance.

How Often Should My Gutters Be Cleaned?

It’s generally recommended that you do cleaning and maintenance semi-annually—once in the fall and once in the spring. Depending on the location of your home, you may need to do this more often. The more vegetation you have surrounding your property, the more likely it is that your troughs and downspout will develop clogs.

With the Gutter Shutter, you can say goodbye to cleaning and maintenance. As long as the system is installed correctly (which it will be if it’s done by our experienced and talented team), you won’t ever get clogs in your troughs. If you do, you’re backed by our no-clog guarantee.

What’s The Best Material For A Gutter Replacement In Vancouver, WA?

Quality materials will prevent your troughs from sagging, pulling and leaking. Common gutter materials such as vinyl and lightweight aluminum are inexpensive, but also have a short lifespan. Vinyl gutters in particular can crack and leak as a result of fluctuating temperature and UV rays. As an alternative to standard aluminum and vinyl gutters, copper gutters are both aesthetically beautiful and extremely durable. However, they’ll still clog and come at a shockingly high price point.

While the Gutter Shutter is made of aluminum, it’s premium-grade and much thicker than the cheap sectional aluminum you can pick up at your local hardware store. The best material for a gutter replacement in Vancouver, WA, is a material that can withstand the elements—which is exactly what we provide! 

Will A Vancouver Gutter Replacement Increase My Home Value?

We’re not realtors, so we can’t answer this with certainty. What we can say is that a non-functional water drainage system will likely detract from your home’s value. And although a new system may not necessarily increase your home’s value, bragging about your no-clog and no-cleaning required Gutter Shutter system may very likely be a selling point.

How Long Does Gutter Replacement In Vancouver, WA Take?

This largely depends on the size of your home. A single-story home can generally be completed within an afternoon, while very large homes can take a day or two to complete. Additionally, if any issues arise during the installation process, the installation may take longer than expected.

When you book your appointment, we’ll give you a projected timeline and let you know if anything changes.

Find Out More About Our Vancouver Gutter Replacement Service Today!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to gutter cleaning and constantly worrying about your home’s structural integrity during heavy rains, the Gutter Shutter may be the right system for your Vancouver gutter replacement.

To schedule a free consultation and estimate, give us a call today at 503-782-5446, or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to providing you with the best Vancouver gutter replacement the industry has to offer!

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