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There’s nothing quite like wrapping up in a cozy blanket and listening to the music of rainfall on your roof. But the sound of rain isn’t so pleasant when you don’t have rain gutters and downspouts installed, because every drop is moving you closer and closer to inevitable, costly water damage that can affect almost every part of your home’s exterior, and quite a bit of the interior as well. That’s why Vancouver gutter services like gutter installation are so important.

Installing a new gutter system is the best way to alleviate that stress from moisture damage and get back to enjoying rainy days at home again. Vancouver, WA homeowners with a Gutter Shutter system from Pacific Gutter can rest easy knowing their house is protected against severe damage.

Is your home due, or perhaps long overdue, for gutter installation? Vancouver, WA residents and homeowners throughout the surrounding area can rely on the team of gutter service professionals at Pacific Gutter for expert gutter installation services using the revolutionary Gutter Shutter system, which is guaranteed never to clog or pull away from your house. That means you can protect your home from water damage without having to worry about the dirty chore of gutter cleaning.

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Why It’s Important to Get Professional Gutter Installation in Vancouver, WA

At this point, you may be wondering if it really matters that much whether you get services for gutter installation. Vancouver, WA buildings don’t always have rain gutters, and they’re doing just fine—aren’t they? Actually, buildings with sloped roofs that don’t have gutters are suffering damage every time it rains or snows. Because the damage happens incrementally and a lot of it is hidden from sight, it may seem like everything is fine for quite a while. But once severe problems like leaking roofs and cracked foundations start rearing their ugly heads, there’s no ignoring the issue—and by then, it’s far too late to avoid expensive, stressful water damage mitigation.

Gutter systems, which include troughs, downspouts, gutter guards and sometimes other components, are designed to gather all the rainwater and snowmelt that lands on your roof and dispose of it a safe distance away from your house where it can disperse harmlessly into the ground. That may not sound like such a big deal until you realize how much water we’re really talking about. The Pacific Northwest is known for rainy weather, and Vancouver is no exception. We get an average of 42 inches of rain per year (not counting snow), and the national average is 38 inches annually. Here’s the surprising part: just one inch of rain on a 2,000 square foot roof produces around 1,240 gallons of water, which is the same as nearly 30 bathtubs worth of liquid. If you imagine 30 baths worth of water dumping down on your house every time it rains, you can start to see the potential for real problems.

Without gutter installation, Vancouver, WA homes will inevitably develop major moisture-related issues that make the building less comfortable, safe and habitable—and all that stress and hassle can be easily avoided with a simple Vancouver gutter installation by the team of gutter experts at Pacific Gutter.

Benefits of Gutter Shutter Systems for Gutter Installation in Vancouver, WA

Noticed some signs that your property really needs professional gutter installation? Vancouver, WA residents have a wide variety of options available to them when it comes to types of gutters, but just like everything else in this world, they are not all created equal. 

No one wants to deal with unpleasant chores like gutter cleaning, or handle the stress and expense of constant gutter repair and frequent replacement. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about any of that when you call Pacific Gutter for gutter installation. Vancouver, WA homes, and properties throughout the Pacific Northwest, reap some major rewards from having a Gutter Shutter system installed. 

The team of professionals at Pacific Gutter install Gutter Shutter systems exclusively, because they are the most convenient, reliable, durable gutter product available on the market today. Gutter Shutter systems are made up of high-quality seamless aluminum gutters and innovative gutter guards that look great and are very easy to maintain. 

Maybe the reason you haven’t bothered with gutter installation services so far is because you don’t want to have to deal with scooping handfuls of rotting leaves, trash, dirt, animal nests and other debris out of your gutters on a regular basis. There are leaf guards, but they often end up being a lot more hassle than they’re worth because they are made with mesh screens or slatted grills that rapidly clog and prevent rainwater from getting through, making both the leaf guards and the actual gutters completely useless. 

Gutter Shutter is a revolutionary system that eliminates the need for gutter cleaning and stays in perfect working condition so you don’t have to worry about it. It works by using surface tension to collect rainwater in the gutter trough, but everything other than water, from leaves and pine needles to trash and other debris, just falls harmlessly off the roof and can be raked or swept up in a matter of minutes. Gutter Shutter systems are made from 0.032 thick aluminum, which means it is the strongest, most durable system available for residential gutter installation. Vancouver, WA homeowners can get some huge advantages with Gutter Shutter, including: 

  • Lifetime No Clog Warranty: There’s no need to worry about gutter cleaning when you choose a Gutter Shutter system, because they are guaranteed never to clog up or slowly fill with debris—and Gutter Shutter is the only system out there that can stand behind this claim.
  • No-Pull Guarantee:  For the lifetime of your structure, you don’t have to worry about the irritating, destructive problem of gutters sagging or tearing away from your fascia boards. Gutter Shutter is guaranteed not to pull away from the house, ever.
  • No Damage to Your Roof: Some types of systems cause damage to roofing shingles, but not Gutter Shutter. Since it’s only attached to your fascia boards, Vancouver gutter installation doesn’t result in damage to your shingles or flashing. When it’s time for a roof replacement, the entire process can be completed without removing or damaging your Gutter Shutter system.
  • Doesn’t Budge in Harsh Weather: Even in extreme weather like heavy rain and strong winds, your Gutter Shutter system will remain firmly fastened to your fascia boards because they are secured with certified GutterStud brackets every 24 inches to ensure stability.
  • Boosts Curb Appeal: Gutters aren’t always the most visually appealing additions to your home, but Gutter Shutter actually adds to your property’s curb appeal with a low-profile appearance that comes in eight colors so you can match your siding or roof and help it blend in.
  • Made in the USA: Gutter Shutter is manufactured in the United States with pride, which goes a long way toward guaranteeing a long-lasting, high-quality product.

Would you like to know more about residential or commercial Gutter Shutter gutter installation? Vancouver, WA homeowners can give Pacific Gutter a call at 503-782-5446 to chat with our knowledgeable customer service representatives and uncover the answers to all their questions about our continuous gutter systems. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Vancouver Gutter Installation:

A gutter technician adjusting a black gutter shutter system on the roofline of a home during an appointment for gutter installation in Vancouver, WA.

What Happens to Your House Without Gutter Installation in Vancouver, WA?

So what happens to your house when you decide to go without gutter installation? Vancouver, WA residents who don’t protect their homes by ensuring rainwater is safely disposed of have to cope with serious moisture issues. 

Water damage is by far the biggest problem you’ll encounter without gutter installation. Vancouver, WA residential and commercial properties that are constantly being subjected to water exposure every time it rains or snows can develop major issues such as wood rot that will affect the structural stability of the entire building if it’s allowed to fester and spread. It can also create serious health hazards like mold and mildew growth, and it hurts your budget by dramatically increasing energy costs. 

Here are some of the water damage issues that can happen without gutter installation, or if you have broken, clogged gutters that need gutter replacement:

  • Water pools on your roof and slowly works its way through the shingles, rotting support beams so they soften and crumble, which can lead to a roof collapse.
  • Because of the principle of surface tension, water that pours off the edge of your roof can stream across the fascia and soffit boards, letting water into the attic space. In winter, it freezes on the soffits and creates ice dams that block air circulation in your attic, causing moisture to condense on the underside of the roof and drip down onto the insulation, which is called “attic rain.”
  • Your exterior siding suffers from constant exposure to moisture, and once it has deteriorated it allows excess water to get inside the walls, destroying your insulation and letting mold, mildew and wood rot run rampant to cause structural damage.  
  • Exterior trim around windows, doors and other locations can be damaged by moisture, especially when that trim is made of wood. Timber is highly susceptible to rotting once it has a moisture content that has been elevated above 20%.  
  • Rainwater from your roofing eventually makes its way to the ground where it soaks into the soil that is packed around your foundation. It eats away at the concrete and this effect is even worse when cold weather hits because the water freezes and expands, putting massive pressure on the concrete that causes it to crack and cause basement flooding.
  • Too much water erodes soil and sickens trees, bushes and other plants, eventually killing any landscaping within a few feet of your home.
  • Concrete or masonry paths and driveways erode when they are exposed to dripping water, becoming cracked, pitted and uneven.

What’s the Best Way to Maintain My New Gutters?

One of the biggest reasons to invest in a Gutter Shutter system is that it truly doesn’t need cleaning, maintenance and expensive repairs. You don’t actually have to do anything to your gutters because they only have rainwater in them, so there’s nothing to clean or maintain. You can rinse out any traces of silt or residue by letting water from your garden hose run through the trough, but it’s not necessary to go overboard with pressure washing or other onerous cleaning and maintenance methods.

Does Pacific Gutter Offer Financing Options for Gutter Installation?

Yes, we do! When it comes to gutter installation, Vancouver, WA residents simply can’t go without water damage protection for their homes. We want the entire process to be smooth and easy for both your household and your budget. Give us a call to speak with our customer care staff about available financing options that are designed to accommodate your specific project and service needs.

Which is Better, Sectional or Seamless Gutter Installation?

It’ll likely come as no surprise when we say that, in our professional opinion, seamless gutter systems like Gutter Shutter are the better option. Sectional gutters are made from lengths of trough that snap together, which means there’s a joint every few feet. That weakens the overall system and provides ample opportunities for leaks to form. Continuous gutters, on the other hand, only have joints at the corners, so they’re a lot more durable and long-lasting. That being said, seamless gutters are more difficult to install. When it comes to continuous gutter installation, Vancouver, WA residents are better off leaving the work to the team of professionals at Pacific Gutter.

Need Gutter Installation, Vancouver WA? Trust Pacific Gutter for Expert Installation Services

Homeowners and business owners in Vancouver, Washington and many nearby parts of the Pacific Northwest can get the excellent service, reliable workmanship and expert rain gutter installation they need for their residential or commercial project from the team at Pacific Gutter. We proudly service communities Vancouver, WA and many nearby areas. 

Get in contact with us today by calling 503-782-5446 today.

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