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Do your gutters overflow when it rains? Are you tired of climbing a ladder to remove leaves from your gutters after a heavy wind? Luckily, this doesn’t have to be a continuous problem you experience. New technology has eliminated the nuisance of clogged gutters, so you no longer need to climb ladders regularly and deal with issues like an overflow. 

When searching for a Vancouver gutter guard installation company, you want quality workmanship you can rely on. After all, pools of water on your concrete foundation or lawn will compromise your home’s structural integrity. That’s why with the high number of service providers out there, choosing the right professionals is essential for the longevity of your gutters. When looking for gutter guards, Vancouver property owners can rely on the local technicians at Pacific Gutter of Vancouver for excellent service that will help you avoid costly repairs down the road. 

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How to Tell If Your Gutters Aren’t Performing Well

When it rains, you want your gutters to be doing exactly what they’re meant to do. As the ultimate exterior drainage system, they are designed to direct stormwater away from your home by distributing it via relevant downspout systems. If this isn’t the case, something most likely isn’t functioning properly. It could be a leak in your gutter system or a clog in your downspout. You will need immediate repairs to recover the draining process and prevent water from spilling over your roof.


While this may not seem like a big issue initially, if not repaired quickly, it could grow into a more prominent issue, leading to further damage to your gutters. A leaky gutter will lead to moisture damage on your soffits and fascia boards, the roof shingles, and siding, followed by your foundation.

Breaks at the Seams

Your gutter should always be joined together with an airtight seal. When this seal is broken or damaged, you risk leaks and other damage. DIY repairs may be a temporary solution to this problem, but if you notice frequent breaks in the seams you should think about replacing the entire gutter system. Seamless rain gutters are a good option if you want a leak-free system. 


Eroding metal is one of the most obvious indicators that maintenance has been neglected. Most aluminum gutters on the coast are exposed to salt air corrosion and require periodic re-coating. If the rust is irreparable, it’s time for a new gutter system. Large rust spots will weaken your gutters’ overall functionality. Small areas can be repaired by hand but if the rust areas become too large, it might be time to look for replacement options.

Fallen Nails or Fasteners

Hardware such as fasteners, nails, and screws are used to keep your gutters and sections in place and tight to your roof and fascia boards. If you’re constantly finding these on the ground, you will need to investigate what is causing them to pop out. It could be harsh weather conditions and also rotted wood.

Pooling Water and Mildew

Proper gutter cleaning is necessary to prevent premature aging and material deterioration. Routine cleaning and maintenance ensures that the water will continue flowing away from your home’s foundation. If you ever notice water pooling or mildew near your foundation, it may indicate that your gutters aren’t working as intended. Diagnosing and solving this problem quickly is essential for avoiding costly, time-consuming repairs down the road. 

Water Damage or Water Marks

For the same reason mentioned above, it’s important to look for signs of water damage beneath your gutters, such as lines running down your siding. We recommend checking for water damage or wet marks at least once or twice a year after a rainy day. If your soffit, fascia or siding are affected, you might have a leak that needs fixing. We also recommend checking your attic for potential moisture penetration.

Sagging or Pulling Away From the House

This sign is the easiest to identify because it doesn’t require an up-close inspection. Gutters should never sag or pull away from your home. If they do, it either signifies they’re clogged and heavy or the materials on your home are no longer effectively holding the system in place. Our local professionals will be able to tell you if it’s the result of poor installation from an unlicensed contractor or if the culprit is related to material, age, or weather. If your system isn’t draining properly, debris is likely causing a blockage, and you need gutter guards.

Vancouver Gutter Guards

Vancouver has an annual precipitation of 92.6 inches, which may sound disastrous to other locations, but 192 days of rainfall strikes the average Vancouver resident as fairly normal. For this reason, having high-performing gutters with guards is crucial in protecting your property from water damage. A high number of homes suffer from undetected moisture problems because damaged gutter systems have triggered roof and foundation problems. Furthermore, clogged gutters are the major culprits because many homes are in tree-dense areas and property owners either fail to keep up with their annual gutter cleaning services or they don’t know about gutter guards. Vancouver is about to learn about the best preventative method there is.  

What are Gutter Guards?

Vancouver homes need this system more than anyone. Gutter guards are placed on top of the gutter to keep out leaves, twigs, pine needles, moss, dirt, insects, and pests so you won’t have to climb a dangerous ladder to manually remove debris every year. Vancouver gutter guards come complete with small, strategically-placed perforations to capture rainwater and keep debris out. This way, water flow isn’t constricted, even during heavy rainfall.


Regular Vancouver gutter guards sometimes have issues with debris accumulating on top of the guard. This may make it difficult for rain to pass through and affect the appearance of your home.

The Gutter Shutter System

Pacific Gutter Company offers a patented gutter system made from premium-grade aluminum that looks great and lasts for decades.

Features of the Gutter Shutter System:

  • Guaranteed to never clog, sag, or pull away from your home. This means less time spent unclogging it or performing maintenance work. 
  • Completely eliminates the need to climb any ladders as you won’t need to be unclogging it or repainting it. 
  • Made of premium-grade aluminum, ensuring the shutter system won’t flex under heavy loads, wide mouth outlets, double-sized downspouts, or any other effective gutter extensions. This means you can add additional gutter attachments if you live in an area with lots of rain like Vancouver.
  • Exclusive “high-back” gutter troughs to prevent water from entering behind your gutters. Preventing water from flowing behind is important because otherwise moisture could rot your fascia over time. This could potentially lead to flooding in your attic, resulting in moisture damage.
  • Worried about an ugly colour that won’t blend properly with your Vancouver home? Think again, we have a wide variety of colours to complement your home.
  • We offer free, no-obligation estimates. This means you can get an accurate estimate of how much our Vancouver gutter installation services will cost and can make a decision before spending any money.


The Problems With Clogs

Clogged, heavy gutters may rot wooden siding and fascia boards, leading to lower indoor air quality and moisture damage within your home. As the fascia protects your attic from the outside elements, a rotted board could leak water into your attic.


Pests are more likely to inhabit a clogged gutter with stagnant, restricted water flow. Decaying leaves are used as a breeding ground by mosquitoes and other insects. If you’ve noticed an increase in mosquitoes around your home, you may be overdue for maintenance and gutter guard installation. 


Ineffective downspouts and clogs can also put your roof and foundation at risk. Rainwater channels can overflow, causing water to flood over and potentially damage your roof. These clogged channels can create stagnant water pools that can leak into the ceiling causing water damage and unsightly brown spots on your ceiling.


Damage to your landscape may occur as water bypasses clogged gutters and instead floods the gardens, soil, and hardscapes below it. This can cause foundation damage in concrete from erosion and rot in wooden decks or patios. If temperatures drop during the winter months, any water that has pooled around the base of the home will freeze and cause additional cracking to the foundation and base. With Vancouver gutter guards and thorough inspections, you can avoid this issue.

Benefits of Vancouver Gutter Installation

Believe it or not, there are actually more benefits to upgrading your system than just fewer leaf blockages. Learn how replacing your system will benefit your home in Vancouver.

Increase Curb Appeal

As every home needs a functional gutter with guards, people searching for a new home will keep that in mind. A well-maintained system will benefit your property value and not turn away potential buyers.

Years of Protection

A well-functioning system will offer years of protection for your foundation, fascia, and any other parts of your home impacted by your gutters. A damaged system will send water to all the wrong places in your Vancouver home, causing water damage wherever it lands. It can also impact your landscaping, patio, and driveway. Don’t let your plants drown, instead, look at replacement and protective gutter guard installations.

Complements a Roof Installation

If you’re getting a roof replacement for your home, why not upgrade the gutter system? You’ll need to take down the system anyway to remove the fascia gutter; adding a new one would be a simple swap and result in all the other benefits listed. Don’t pay for roofing labor to reinstall a damaged, old gutter system, instead replace it with a state-of-the-art system. Also enhance the protection  of your roofline by adding high-quality gutter guards. Vancouver homeowners who think ahead will easily dodge any future problems.

Prevents Hazards

A faulty or leaking system is dangerous. Extra water runoff will make surfaces below slippery and create a hazard. Insects will also be attracted to those pools of water and begin breeding in them, creating more annoying pests. 

Less Maintenance

Older systems require more upkeep to continue performing. They might also have inefficiencies or be prone to clogging and leaking. Instead of annual repairs, consider a replacement with an added benefit of high-performing gutter guards for more efficiency.

FAQs: Gutter Guards in Vancouver, WA

To help answer any questions you may have about gutter guard installation, we’ve compiled a list of questions our experts have frequently received.

How Much Do Vancouver Gutter Guards Cost?

Before we throw out any numbers, we do prefer inspecting your existing rain gutters to see if they’re in good health. While some Vancouver property owners prefer installing guards themselves, we believe that one has to go all the way from gutter installation to gutter guards. Vancouver homes that haven’t had recent inspections, trust our local professionals for in depth inspection service, followed by an estimated project cost. Once we have seen what you have, we’ll be able to make a more detailed estimate.

How Often Do I Need to Replace My Gutters?

This answer depends on the weather condition in your area and how often they’re maintained. The average lifespan of aluminum gutters is 20 years, while vinyl is closer to 10 years. Copper gutters last an average length of 60 years. Regular maintenance helps them to last even longer than this, but harsh weather conditions will do the opposite. If you have an old system that keeps running into problems causing costly repairs, we recommend looking into a replacement.

What Material is Best for Gutter Installation in Vancouver?

Different types of materials have different benefits. While some will last longer than others, they will cost more initially as well. This gives you, the homeowner, some flexibility in choice for your gutter material. That said, if you plan to install gutter guards, Vancouver gutters made of aluminum, such as the Gutter Shutter system, offer an excellent level of support and protection.

Why Choose Pacific Gutter for Vancouver Gutter Guards?

Vancouver residents who are tired of worrying about their roof and foundation can rest easy with services provided by Pacific Gutter. You want to be sure your new gutters will function properly and last a long time. That’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee, meaning a lifetime no-clog guarantee you can count on. Don’t hope that an unlicensed contractor will have the expertise needed to install your new gutter guard systems, instead, trust us for your Vancouver gutter guard installation. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to make sure your new system will withstand the test of time.

Schedule your free, no-obligation quote by giving us a call at 360-993-2502 or by filling out our website’s contact form.

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