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Who wants to spend hours of their precious free time up on a wobbly ladder, cleaning big handfuls of gross, rotting muck out of their rain gutters? If you didn’t eagerly raise your hand at that thought, you’re certainly not alone. But there’s no way to avoid the nasty yet necessary chore of gutter cleaning—unless you get a Gutter Shutter system installed with an experienced Seattle gutter replacement service.

Even if you diligently clean out your gutters, it’s probably not something you enjoy doing. But damaged or clogged gutters can cause serious problems for your home that range from a leaking roof to a cracked foundation and affect everything in between as well. When you call Pacific Gutter Company for Seattle gutter replacement, you get the best of both worlds—you don’t have to worry about gutter cleaning anymore, but you have peace of mind knowing your house is protected against major water damage from destructive roof runoff.

If you want to retire from gutter cleaning forever, call the team of gutter professionals at Pacific Gutter Company for Seattle gutter replacement. We are proud to serve the people of Washington and Oregon with reliable gutter services. Let us take some of the burdens of property maintenance off your shoulders with a long-lasting, durable, attractive and virtually maintenance-free Gutter Shutter rainwater disposal system.

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Why Seattle Gutter Replacement Service is So Important

It’s pretty common for gutter cleaning, repair and replacement to be neglected, even by homeowners who otherwise take really good care of their property. But many people simply don’t realize how incredibly important it is to have a clean, well-functioning gutter system that is in great shape. In fact, Seattle gutter replacement and other services are among the most critical factors when it comes to whether the exterior of your house will remain in good condition or be subjected to accelerated deterioration.

Seattle is famous for rainy weather, but it’s actually not as extreme as some people make it sound—we get an average of 38 inches of rain per year, which is exactly the same as the annual national average. However, just one inch of rain on a 2,000 square foot roof produces an impressive 1,240 gallons of water. That means more than 47,000 gallons of excess water land on your roof every single year, and it could be tens of thousands of gallons more if you have a larger roof. When your gutters are in great shape, they deposit all that water into downspouts and it is disposed of safely where it can’t harm your house. When they’re clogged, broken or completely non-existent, all that water spills over the edge of your roof and causes major problems for your building, including serious structural damage.

How Broken, Overflowing or Missing Gutters Affect Your Home

  • Rough winds blow standing water into soffit vents and moisture seeps into your attic or crawlspace where it can encourage the growth of mildew and wood rot. Support beams and rafters that are weakened by wood rot will eventually collapse.
  • Water backs up in clogged troughs and starts pooling on the roof, eating away at shingles and roof decking material until it starts leaking straight through the roof into the attic space.
  • Siding deteriorates and lets moisture into the interior of your walls, where it flattens out insulation, making it less effective and costing you more money on your monthly utility bills. It also encourages the growth of rot and mildew, which lowers your indoor air quality and poses a safety risk to your family.
  • Wood trim around windows and doors rots away, letting in cold drafts and encouraging infestations of insects and rodents to find a way inside your house.
  • Excess water erodes the soil around your foundation and can cause the concrete to crack or sink, causing damage across the entire frame of the house as it is put under stress by a shifting or sinking foundation.

Benefits of Installing a Gutter Shutter System

There are plenty of gutter systems and gutter guard options out there, but at Pacific Gutter Company, we exclusively install Gutter Shutter systems for Seattle gutter replacement. We’ve chosen to focus on Gutter Shutter because it is truly the best all-around solution for a reliable, easy to maintain, long-lasting, seamless gutter installation project.

Gutter Shutter systems are 0.032-inch thick aluminum gutters, which makes them incredibly light and stronger than any other residential Seattle gutter replacement system out there. The innovative design uses the principles of surface tension to ensure that water goes exactly where it is supposed to—into the gutter trough—but everything else falls harmlessly off the edge of the shutter cover and lands on the ground where it belongs instead of clogging up the trough.

No Clogs—Ever

Our Seattle gutter replacement service makes cleaning your rainwater disposal system a thing of the past with Gutter Shutter’s revolutionary way of keeping debris out of the trough. Other types of gutter guards such as gutter screens or grates tend to be a lot more trouble than they’re worth because debris such as pine needles, dead leaves, animal nests, dirt and trash simply pile up on the screen and prevent the water from getting through, making the entire system pretty much useless. The cover on a Gutter Shutter system is solid and smooth, so debris falls right off of it with no chance of getting into the rainwater channel and clogging it up.

No Sagging or Separating From Fascia

When you choose Seattle gutter replacement by our experienced team, seamless Gutter Shutter systems are firmly attached to your fascia boards with certified GutterStud brackets every 24 inches for guaranteed stability and longevity, so you don’t have to worry about problems like sagging or pulling away from your fascia. It’s guaranteed to never pull away from your home for the lifetime of the structure.

Works Perfectly Even in Harsh Weather

Homeowners are sometimes concerned that their new Seattle gutter replacement won’t be able to handle high volumes of rainwater during a severe storm and the water will go flying right off the edge of the cover instead of landing in the gutter channel. The principle of surface tension does not fail when there’s an increased volume of water, so there’s no need to worry—it’ll work just as well during big storms. There’s also no cause for concern if you have an unusually steep roof, as your system won’t have any trouble handling fast-moving water just as effectively.

No Damage to Your Roof

Unlike many other types of systems, Gutter Shutter is attached to your fascia boards only during a Seattle gutter replacement installation, not your roofing. That means it can’t cause any damage to your shingles or flashing that would compromise your roof’s condition. And if you do need a roof replacement at some point, it can be carried out without removing or damaging your gutters.

Enhances Curb Appeal

Seattle gutter replacement or installation doesn’t have to compromise the appearance of your home’s exterior. Gutter Shutter is subtle and low-profile, so it doesn’t detract from your curb appeal. It comes in 18 colors and there are also special order options available for custom colors so you can get the perfect shade to blend in with your siding or exterior trim.

Frequently Asked Questions About Seattle Gutter Replacement 

Do you have questions about Seattle gutter replacement or our other reliable services? Or, are you interested in learning more about the advantages of Gutter Shutter systems? Call us to chat with our friendly customer service staff and get all your questions answered in no time, or check out our answers to a few common questions below.

What Are the Signs My House Needs Seattle Gutter Replacement?

If there’s water spilling over the edge of your gutters when it rains, you know there’s a problem. But the signs that your property is overdue for a Seattle gutter replacement project can sometimes be difficult to spot. Your gutters are well out of reach and may be pretty difficult to see from the ground. The other issue is that the damage tends to start out small and get incrementally worse over time, so it’s not as noticeable as sudden damage caused by something like a falling tree branch or severe hail storm. 

Homeowners who are aware of the signs that indicate their property could really benefit from Seattle gutter replacement can get the professional gutter services they need before damaged, deteriorated gutters cause thousands of dollars in serious water damage to their house. Here are some of the biggest warning signs that trouble is coming down the pipe:

  • Sections are sagging downward in the middle or separating from your fascia and pulling away from the house
  • You can see visible plant growth in the trough
  • Channels and downspouts are riddled with holes, cracks and gaps
  • Sections are missing entirely
  • Peeling paint
  • Outside of the trough and downspout is covered in algae growth
  • Troughs or downspouts are crushed or badly dented
  • Fasteners or hangers are falling off
  • Gutters aren’t clogged but the water just sits there and doesn’t move toward downspouts
  • Black or rust-colored gutter stripes on siding
  • Water damage on exterior trim 
  • Signs of interior water damage such as softened drywall or musty odors

How Does the Gutter Shutter System Work?

The revolutionary design of our Seattle gutter replacement installations utilizes the physical principle of water tension to ensure that rainwater adheres to the surface of the cover and slides down the shutter’s curve into the trough. Debris such as pine needles and dead leaves doesn’t have the surface tension of water, so it falls off the edge of the cover while the water streams into the channel and flows toward a downspout. To see water tension in action, hold the edge of a tilted water glass under a running faucet. Rather than falling straight down across the glass, the water “sticks” to the surface of the glass and flows across it.

Will a Seattle Gutter Replacement Installation Be Crushed if I Rest a Ladder Against It?

If you need to access your roof, you can lean your ladder against your new Seattle gutter replacement system without worrying that it’ll get crushed or dented. Gutter Shutter systems are made with 0.032 thick aluminum, which is thicker than the other aluminum systems on the market for residential installation. It combines the lightness of aluminum with superior strength and durability.   

How Much Does Seattle Gutter Replacement Cost?

Homeowners often want to know the cost of gutter installation right away so they can plan their budget accordingly, and that’s understandable. But because there are a number of variables that will change the final cost, such as house size, number of stories, potential obstacles and more, we have no way to give you an accurate quote until we’ve found out more about your property and any unique challenges that it may present. When you schedule a free, no-obligation quote, we’ll assess the project in person and offer you a competitive rate for Seattle gutter replacement.

Wave Goodbye to Gutter Cleaning with Seattle Gutter Replacement

If you’re a property owner in Seattle or other parts of the pacific northwest who wants to avoid cleaning out your gutters without worrying about the specter of water damage, trust the team of gutter experts at Pacific Gutter Company for reliable, qualified Seattle gutter replacement service.

We make customer satisfaction our first priority, which is why we strive to always deliver the highest standards of quality service. We’ll communicate clearly with you throughout, explain our recommendations, and answer any questions you may have so you’re able to make an informed decision about what’s best for your property.  Pick up the phone and give us a call today at 206-752-6292 to find out more about how Gutter Shutter systems can benefit your property.

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