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Seattle residents will be the first to admit that their climate can be a little dull at times. Though Seattle doesn’t get as much rain as residents in other states think they do, a light drizzle falls from the cloudy sky for over 150 days each year. This near-constant rainfall means that you need to worry about your gutter system more than those living outside of the Pacific Northwest do. Though Seattle and its surrounding areas are lucky to have so many big, beautiful trees, their pine needles and leaves end up in residents’ rain troughs, leading to clogs and water damage. A reputable Seattle gutter installation company can make sure that your gutters are fully equipped to protect your home from the wet Seattle weather.

Pacific Gutter is a leading gutter installation company in Seattle, WA that provides a gutter system and guard solutions for homes in Seattle and other areas of the Pacific Northwest, including Bellevue, Tukwila, Tacoma, Kent, and Portland. Our experienced service professionals are trained to install the most durable, no-clog seamless gutters in the industry. With the help of Pacific Gutter, you can say goodbye to gutter cleaning forever. Gutter Shutter is the last gutter installation in Seattle, WA you’ll ever need.

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Why You Need Seattle Gutter Installation

You won’t find a home in Seattle that doesn’t have a gutter system installed. They are a necessary exterior drainage system that keeps water away from your home via a downspout, which could be connected to a rain barrel or a designated drainage area. A healthy system also prevents moisture damage to your soffit and fascia. However, traditional troughs come with lots of maintenance. It’s easy to fall behind on maintenance, but once you do, your troughs could develop two common problems: clogging and pulling away from fascia boards. These problems are caused by:

Clogged Gutters

From the Douglas Fir to the great Big Leaf Maple, Seattle is the home of diverse plant life. Over time, fir needles, pine needles, and leaves collect in your troughs. Once there are enough, a clog can form and prevent water from passing through it. With nowhere else to go, water will spill over troughs and become groundwater underneath your home’s foundation. 

Holes and Cracks

Although some homeowners and business owners use copper for their exterior drainage system, the most common materials for gutters in Seattle homes are vinyl and aluminum. Both are lightweight and comparatively inexpensive, but neither stand the test of time. Over time, repeated exposure to rain and sun will cause vinyl to crack. 

Aluminum won’t crack, but it is susceptible to becoming dented and scratched. This minor damage may remove the finish and cause corrosion and rust, resulting in small holes. Like clogs, holes and cracks prevent rainwater from being carried away from your home towards a safer area for drainage. 

Water Damage

Clogged troughs can result in significant water damage. Most peoples’ troughs are attached to fascia boards on the roof’s edge. The fascia’s primary purpose is to seal off the attic opening and protect the soffits behind it. When water spills over troughs, it trickles down fascia boards. Because these boards are commonly made of wood, with regular exposure to water, they can begin to develop wood rot. When this happens, fascia are no longer able to fulfill their job as protectors of the attic opening. Without this protection, water damage occurs in the attic space too. The cost of repairing water damage in the attic is something most homeowners would prefer to avoid. 

Clogged and deteriorating troughs can also result in water damaging your home’s foundation. When water flows off the roof’s edge, it gets absorbed into the ground. However, when the ground becomes overly saturated, water will be unable to sink further down into the earth and will instead begin pooling. In some cases, this can lead to basement flooding. 

Our Seattle Gutter Installation Services

Life can get busy. When it does, do you still make time to clean your troughs or hire someone to provide a gutter cleaning service? Even though you have great intentions, cleaning can be a hard task to stay on top of. Instead of shelling out a bunch of cash every fall and spring for professional cleaning, replace your current gutter system with our Seattle gutter installation service. 

Gutters may seem like a simple water-carrying system, but their installation is actually more complex than meets the eye. To ensure that water is carried away from your property at a rate that prevents overflowing or still water, troughs must be installed at a very precise angle. Our service technicians have the experience and training to get this installation job done right. Though the Seattle gutter installation process is challenging, requiring a lot of precision and measurement, your experience with our service will be as easy as pie. When you sign up for Seattle gutter installation with Pacific Gutter, you can expect these steps:

  • We’ll schedule you in for a free estimate. While we’d love to give you a quote over the phone, we need to see your property in person and take some measurements first. During your free evaluation, we’ll ask you about your goals for your drainage system and any specific problems you’re experiencing. Based on this information, we’ll recommend a solution that meets your needs. 
  • If you’d like to go ahead with installation following your evaluation, we’ll book you in for an appointment. On the day of your service, we’ll arrive on time and get straight to work.
  • After installation is complete, we’ll clean up after ourselves so well that you won’t even know we were there. From this point on, you won’t ever need to contact us for gutter installation. Seattle WA homeowners, however, can still contact us, and we will be willing to help you if you need to act on the lifetime warranty that comes with Gutter Shutter. 

Preventing Future Seattle Gutter Installation with Gutter Shutter

Pacific Gutter is a proud partner of Gutter Shutter—an innovative seamless system that is guaranteed to prevent clogs. We only install this all-in-one gutter system and guard because we believe it is the best product available today. Some of the qualities that make this system stand out from its competitors include:

  • Clog-free lifetime warranty. Most guards reduce how long it takes a clog to develop but don’t eliminate it entirely. With a Gutter Shutter, you won’t need clog removal services ever again. 
  • No-pull guarantee. Water damage to fascia boards can result in loosening troughs that pull away from fascia boards. Thanks to high-back troughs on this system, your fascia boards will always be protected and your gutters won’t pull away from the side of your home despite strong winds. 
  • 20-year warranty on paint. Did you know that your drainage system’s appearance can actually impact your curb appeal? Choose from different colors that will either make your drainage system stand out or blend in. 
  • 6-inch gutters. Most troughs are five inches in diameter, but an added inch on this system allows up to 20 percent more water to travel through its system at a time. This makes a huge difference during heavy rain. 
  • 0.032 gauge aluminum gutters. Gutter repair is a thing of the past with this extra-thick aluminum design. 

Why Pacific Gutter Company? 

Since 2008, we’ve been passionate about providing exceptional gutter systems and reliable service and achieving outstanding customer satisfaction. We know just how important protecting your biggest investment—your home—is to you, and we want to help. Our professional gutter installers are highly trained and experienced. We employ only the best of the best, so you know you’re hiring a professional company when you work with us. 

We strive to offer competitive pricing, but we know that everyone has a different budget. To make our services accessible for everyone, we offer a free, no-obligation evaluation and estimate so that you have as much time as you need to think it over. We’re also proud to offer financing options and will strive to work out a payment plan that works for your budget. 

Seattle Gutter Installation – FAQs

How Can I Maintain My New Gutter Shutter System?

The best thing about Gutter Shutter is that it needs next to no maintenance at all. Pack up your gutter scoop and other accessories, and give them to a friend who hasn’t upgraded their system just yet. 

Other types of systems still require occasional maintenance for clog prevention, but with the clog-free guarantee offered by Gutter Shutter, you won’t need to worry about any extra care. If you want to make sure your troughs stay nice and clean, feel free to run some hose water through them to eliminate any microscopic debris that last night’s rainfall left behind. Excessive cleaning like power washing is not necessary.

What Makes Gutter Shutter Better than Other Gutter Guards?

The cool thing about Gutter Shutter is that it isn’t just a gutter guard but an entire system. Many types of guards have a generic design so that they can be added to pre-installed open troughs. Common types of guards include:

  • Reverse curve guards. We use a reverse curve style guard that allows water to slide along the curve and into the trough but forces debris to fall off its edge. 
  • Micro mesh guards. Made of micro-fine metal mesh, these guards sit on top of open troughs and keep out a substantial amount of small debris. Over time, they need to be cleaned to allow water to continue getting through their mesh holes. 
  • Screen guards. Similar to micro mesh guards, except its holes are bigger. This design may also be made from plastic. 
  • Brush and foam guards. Rather than covering an open trough like the above designs, brush and foam guards sit within troughs. They need to be cleaned out semi-annually.

These guards have a much shorter lifespan than the Gutter Shutter, lasting anywhere from just 3 to 20 years. Some also require property owners to staple them to their roofs, which often voids roof warranties. Gutter Shutter attaches directly to your fascia boards, leaving your roof untouched and fascia brackets unharmed. 

How Much Will Gutter Installation in Seattle, WA Cost?

We will be very upfront with the cost of gutter installation. Seattle WA homeowners will first learn about many different factors. The biggest determinants of cost include:

  • The size of your home
  • The condition of existing fascia boards
  • Supply chain disruptions and shortages
  • The amount of time required to complete installation

We provide free in-person evaluations and quotes for installation costs because it is too difficult to provide an accurate estimate without doing so. The linear feet of your roof’s edge will determine how many square feet of gutters you’ll need. The larger your home, the longer it will take to install your new system, and the higher our labor costs will be. 

That being said, we strive to offer reasonable prices and can work with you to come up with a payment plan if money is tight right now. 

What’s The Difference Between Seamless and Sectional Gutters?

When most people think of sectional gutters, they think of standard vinyl trough segments that are installed by being clicked into place. While this makes it easy for homeowners to install these themselves, it also means that their system will have multiple seams where leaks and drips can occur.  

Seamless or continual rain gutters are cut to the exact specifications of your roof edge. The only joints are along corners; thus there are much fewer points of weakness that may need repair in the future. The biggest drawback to seamless gutters is simply that you can’t install them on your own. If you plan to hire a professional installation company anyway, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

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At Pacific Gutter, we’re thrilled to be leading providers of gutter installations. Seattle WA and communities throughout the Pacific Northwest are in safe hands! Our winning combination of quality workmanship, superior products and excellent customer service have resulted in a plethora of positive customer reviews.

In addition to Seattle, we proudly serve many surrounding areas in Washington and Oregon, including Bellevue, Tukwila, Tacoma and Kent. No need to search for Seattle gutter installation near me if you’re ready to book a free consultation with our team!

Give our friendly customer service reps a call today at 206-752-6292 to learn more. You’re also welcome to fill out our online contact form and we’ll contact you right away to arrange an appointment time that is convenient for you.

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