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Portland is considered one of the lushest parts of the country, receiving five more inches of rainfall than the national average. Being a coastal city, stormy weather is the norm and Portland residents can expect wet, windy drizzles and frequent showers. Forgoing rain gutters and the necessary downspouts is a risk you should not be willing to take with inevitable rainy days to come, and for those homeowners who already have gutters in place, you may not have been performing upkeep of your rainwater disposal system and now require a replacement downspout installation. Portland, OR homeowners realize that it’s important to remain vigilant about gutter maintenance lest the outskirts of their homes become a marshy wetland as the runoff water is discharged towards the building rather than away from it resulting in eventual damage to its foundation.

But don’t get bogged down—your expert, licensed Portland gutter technician from Pacific Gutter Company is here to shield your home from the scathing rain. Sometimes repairing and replacing gutter components like the downspout or fascia bracket is more cost-effective than doing a total overhaul. Have you been anticipating the need for a downspout installation? Portland, OR residents can depend on the team of gutter service specialists at Pacific Gutter for verified gutter installation services utilizing our innovative methods including the Gutter Shutter system which is completely foolproof from clogs and being dragged away from your roof. For those of you who procrastinate we recommend this cutting-edge replacement as you are no longer troubled with rain gutter cleaning yet you reap the benefits of preventing costly water damage.

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Our Dependable Portland Downspout Installation Services

Some are complacent about installing rain gutters, let alone getting repairs or replacements for a downspout installation. Portland, OR residents should know that although some buildings in your neighborhood may opt to go without gutters, it’s important to understand that problems are not always seen in plain sight but brewing underneath the surface. Failure to be proactive about your home’s exterior water disposal system will only result in catastrophes later. Subtle damage from rain and snow meltwater accumulates over time and reaches a breaking point. For example, dirty gutters eventually lead to pesky clogs and overflowing troughs with an onset of water that will eventually flood your basement. Or leaky roofs can cause your home’s ceiling to cave in, all of which weaken the structural integrity of your home. A basic gutter system includes troughs, downspouts, gutter guards, and other components which work as water-catching mechanisms that collect rainwater from your roof and redirect and dispose of it to the outskirts of your home.

When it comes to a downspout installation, Portland, OR property owners can expect it to channel water from the roofline of their house and carry it away from the exterior, either through a splash block or added extension that moves it away from the building. Without a downspout installation, Portland, OR residents can expect a puddle of water to pool around their homes and cause massive soil erosion. Without gutters, your home will be livable but no longer safe and it slowly deteriorates. This series of unfortunate events can all be combated with Portland downspout installation service from a skilled technician at Pacific Gutter.

Eventually, your downspout will wear out and you’ll require a replacement for a downspout installation. Portland, OR homeowners are best advised to consider their options based on different types of materials, methods, and extra add-on features. From color to material, there are a number of choices you can opt for to customize a downspout installation.

Types Of Materials

These days there is plenty to choose from for materials for downspout installation. Portland, OR homeowners should look for material that is both budget-friendly and offers longevity in terms of durability. Some materials like copper have expensive upfront costs but pay for themselves in the long run, while others are cheaper to purchase but need to be replaced more often. Here are the most common types of materials:

  • Vinyl: A lightweight plastic that is affordable but the most flimsy as it easily fractures under heavy amounts of pressure and doesn’t bode well in fluctuating temperatures and therefore is susceptible to leaks.
  • Aluminum: Kicked up a notch from plastic vinyl, it’s more sturdy, and doesn’t easily rust but can easily dent and ship shape into awkward angles if high-level pressure is applied.
  • Copper: The most pricey material but also the most durable as it can handle heavier loads of pressure and varying temperatures, plus it boosts the aesthetic appeal of your home.
  • Steel: Has a mid-range price point and is available in both galvanized steel and stainless steel but can, unfortunately, rust easily compared to other materials so frequent cleanings are a must.

Innovative Protection: Gutter Shutter System

We can also discuss adding on extras like gutter guards during our consultation appointment for downspout installation. Portland, OR homeowners can save themselves time, effort and money by protecting their downspout from damage and safeguarding it with our gutter shutters. Let’s be honest—who wants the extra chore of buying the appropriate cleaning tools from their local home hardware store and performing proper cleaning for their gutter system? Unless you love cleaning, most of the time we’d hope to avoid having to do professional or DIY gutter cleaning, especially if you’re dealing with a nasty clog in your downspout.

The expert technicians at Pacific Gutter are at the forefront of establishing one of the most popular and most requested home improvement products. The Gutter Shutter system is a fully-enclosed design that covers the gutters on your roofline to not only keep out all debris including leaves, twigs, pinecones, moss, and dirt to the utmost but also offers a clog-free guarantee. That’s right—you won’t ever need to awkwardly stick a hose, auger, or even leaf blower up your downspout to blast away a clog. Gutter Shutters are made of high-grade aluminum with a rolled-hood design that keeps muck out and water flow streamlined and never sags and pulls away from your roof.

We Are the Premium Choice For Downspout Installation, Portland OR

Pacific Gutter Company is the go-to choice for many Portland homeowners simply because we genuinely listen to our customer’s pain points during the free consultation and always advocate for a result-oriented solution with transparent, upfront pricing. Our qualified technicians are well-equipped to determine the best course of action for a gutter installation after an initial inspection of your roofline. We offer quality craftsmanship alongside courteous customer satisfaction and even offer affordable financing options and installment plans if you’re eyeballing those nifty gutter shutters. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Downspout Installation

How Far Away From a Building Do Downspouts Need To Go?

When it comes to a new downspout installation, Porland, OR professional should ensure the tail end is a minimum of four feet away from your house, but they will also take into consideration other factors depending on the condition of your soil, slope of your house, and in some jurisdictions, even local building codes.

Can You Change the Location of a Downspout?

Yes! This is doable by adding a downspout extension that will help redirect excess water runoff from your roof and a good distance away from your home to a designated drainage spot. Typically these are plastic extensions that are attached to the bottom end of the downspout and should aim to carry the water away at least up to five feet away from your home to stop any water damage to your home and its foundation.

What Direction Should a Downspout Face?

The purpose of a downspout is to redirect water away from your home’s foundation rather than along or directly at the foundation itself. The splash block should help to carry water far away to prevent any erosion of the soil.

How Do I Deal With Clogs in My New Downspout Installation?

A general rule of thumb is to perform a professional gutter cleaning at least a couple of times per year, once in spring and again in fall, to allow your water disposal system to remain in pristine condition. After signing up for a downspout installation, Portland, OR residents should perform regular cleanings for the downspout. Here are some steps you can take to maintain your Portland downspout installation with downspout cleaning methods.

For smaller blockages, we will attempt to scoop or spray out debris. Using an extension ladder that we’ll set about one foot away from your home we’ll climb a good distance to access your gutter. Firstly, using a pair of rubber gloves we’ll manually remove any leaves around the top opening and directly inside the hole of the downspout and move carefully along the vertical side whilst dropping debris into a bucket down below. If your downspout has a screen covering we’ll carefully inspect it before we remove leftover debris.

Next, we’ll insert a slender pole or stick in the opening of the downspout to see if the clog readily falls out.  Once we have detected a clog we will continue to tackle that area to break apart the clog. If this fails to dislodge the clog, the next tactic would be to use a high-pressure hose to spray water up the downspout to rinse out the clog so you can soften the blockage for easy removal. Insert the hose directly into the bottom of the downspout until you cannot go any further and there’s no wiggle room left. Turn on the hose and blast away, occasionally double-checking to see if you’ve loosened up any debris. 

For large blockages, you have to snake them out using a drum auger. You would insert the ball end of the auger into the bottom of the downspout. And then you would carefully pull the metal end out of the cylinder drum of the auger so that you’ve inserted around two to three feet of the extension of the line. Next, you continue to push the line until you encounter a solid blockage but beware of the line getting entangled in bends or elbow joints of the gutter. If your auger does not extend that far, you can remove the lowest section of the downspout and reinsert the auger into the downspout so you can reach a farther distance.

Turn the handle of the auger clockwise as you further push the line into the blockage. Do this by holding the base of the metal line with one hand and the base of the auger with your other. Continue to rotate the handle in the clockwise direction and spin the claw end up and down the length of the trough to fully grasp the clog. If water and debris flush out in the aftermath it’s a good indication you’ve cinched the clog and started to remove it. And finally, rotate the handle of the auger counterclockwise and pull out the line and clog and continue to pull until you completely remove it. Scrape off that debris that clings to the end of the claw.

As the last step, we recommend rinsing the downspout area for a couple of minutes with clean water by pointing the hose toward your roof. Allow the water to flow across your roofline and into the now-unclogged downspout. This is a good test too to see if any other blockages remain behind, in which case you can attempt augering the downspout again.

Pacific Gutter Company Is Your Best-In-Class for Downspout Installation, Portland OR!

Don’t confine your home to being a marshland! Our experienced team members from Pacific Gutter can keep the outskirts of your residential or commercial property bone dry with proper gutter services such as installation and gutter repair. Reach out to one of our friendly customer service representatives at (866) 391-3399 who are on standby eagerly waiting for your response.

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