The Vinyl Countdown: Aluminum vs Vinyl Gutters

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There are many different types of materials used for gutters, but the most common are vinyl and aluminum. For DIYers without a lot of experience, vinyl systems that simply snap together can seem like an attractive choice.  Unfortunately, this system has a very short lifespan. Plastic is susceptible to cracking under weight and due to continued UV exposure, thereby causing lots of leaks and clogs. 

Aluminum is nearly as lightweight as vinyl but much more durable and eco-friendly. Most seamless gutter designs are made from aluminum since vinyl is only manufactured in sections. 

Though an aluminum gutter system is susceptible to rust, most are covered in a protective coating and paint to protect them.  

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Gutters



Pros and Cons of Aluminum Gutters




Aluminum Gutters: The Superior Option

Ultimately, the choice between aluminum and vinyl gutters depends on your needs and budget. While vinyl may be more affordable initially, its shorter lifespan makes aluminum a better option in the long run if you want something built to last and won’t leave you with a maintenance headache.