Are Gutter Guards Worth It? Here is What You Need To Know

gutter guards portland or - A gutter contractor installing new white, micro mesh gutter guards on a home’s existing gutters.

You might think that having healthy rain gutters is all you need to combat a high amount of rainfall. True, but when it comes to optimal efficiency, you have to keep up with regular maintenance and inspection services, during which an expert checks for clogs and damage and then provides you with gutter cleaning service. Or perhaps your goal is to minimize maintenance duties, which is why you have a set of gutter guards to protect your metal traps from leaves and debris. 

The truth is that there are various types of gutter guards available, and it may not always be easy to choose one that works best for your needs. Furthermore, they don’t come without maintenance and low-quality types might lose effectiveness over time or dent after a day of hail.

At Pacific Gutter, our local gutter service experts keep up with our standards by offering our customers guaranteed workmanship, high-quality products, and outstanding customer service. We are here to answer all your gutter guard questions, as well as introduce you to our all-in-one gutter solution that includes the widely-acclaimed Gutter Shutter system. 

When You Think Just Gutters Might Suffice!

Wherever you live, once you know the amount of precipitation you get per year, you might think twice about your exterior drainage system. You are aware that even one day of heavy rainfall could take a toll on your roofline and foundation. 

Perhaps you’re already taking good care of your rain gutters by scheduling annual gutter cleaning services at least twice per year—once in the spring to get ready for the summer and once in the fall to prevent any gutter clogs before the winter. But to some people this type of seasonal maintenance is a chore that costs them too much time and money. But you understand it needs to be done, even if you don’t live in a tree-dense area.

If that’s you, you probably have considered taking additional measures to prevent clogged gutters from occurring, such as installing a gutter guard system. You may have heard a list of pros and cons about gutter guards and are now too confused about whether or not to have one installed. Don’t fret. We are here to help you weigh out the pros and cons, debunk some myths, and provide some info about Pacific Gutter’s Gutter Shutter system. 

Types of Gutter Guards You Have Tried And Failed

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right type of gutter guard for your existing rain gutters. Each of the examples mentioned below will have its up- and downside. Perhaps you already have one in place and are familiar with some of the issues it has.

As you can see, there is no way around gutter maintenance with these guard systems, although one may perform better or is more cost-effective than the other. What can you do if none of these systems do the job that you need them to do? You probably think that you might as well just leave it entirely since gutter cleaning appears to be a necessity either way. How about we tell you that stressful maintenance and DIY gutter cleaning are no longer needed with what we’re about to share with you?

The Gutter Shutter Difference

Gutter Shutter System

Alt: The branded end cap of a Gutter Shutter gutter system with a home in the background where new gutter and gutter guard installation is being performed.

You already know that your gutter system is designed to protect your property from water damage, flooding, and other problematic issues. Even when you book routine maintenance and inspection service, it’s not unusual that you may need gutter repairs because of rusted brackets, worn out coating, or peeling paint around the materials surrounding your rain gutters. There is a more efficient way to save you time and minimize the risks of costly repairs.

Pacific Gutter is proud to announce that we have partnered with the experts at Gutter Shutter—the leading pioneers of the first maintenance-free gutter guard system. As part of our all-in-one gutter solution, we provide high-quality gutter installation and gutter shutter services to our customers who seek maximum performance, minimal maintenance and long-lasting qualities. 

Essential Gutter Shutter features include: 

Besides these features, there is another major advantage that works in favor of property owners:

Gutter Shutter Has a Lifetime No Clog Guarantee!

This is probably the moment your jaw drops!

The eavestrough systems we install are all seamless, and you may already be aware that seamless systems provide homes with leak-free qualities; however, they don’t eliminate the risks of potential clogs, not until you get the Gutter Shutter system installed.

There is a misconception that seamless gutters never clog because they appear to be hidden underneath the roofline. While providing lots of aesthetic values, they’re only known to never leak because unlike sectional systems, seamless gutters consist of merely one cut coil. Although leak-proof, they could still clog. 

It might be hard to believe but the enclosed covers of the Gutter Shutter system are superior to standard gutter guards, which need periodic inspection because certain types of debris will either find their way into the eavestroughs or get stuck on the guard system. But with a new rain gutter and gutter guard installation service, you can wave goodbye to all the troubles you’ve had before, which includes stressful maintenance and cleaning services.

A lifetime no-clog guarantee means that if you ever experience any issues, our expert team will be there to fix it for you!*

*Please Note: While we are serious about our Gutter Shutter system, we would still recommend some routine inspections to ensure its health and performance. You may never know what kind of flying objects could come into contact with your property during heavy storms and other unforeseen situations.

FAQs—Are Gutter Guards STILL Worth It?

Investing in a new gutter system is a huge commitment for property owners, but we want to help facilitate the decision-making process. Because once done, it’s done, and you can move on with life and finally enjoy the rain rather than fear what it could do to your home. 

How Long Do Gutter Guards Last?

This depends on the type that you choose and how well you treat and maintain it. It will also come down to weather conditions, such as hail. The same damage you would experience on your vehicles could also occur on your guard system. Sometimes, freezing temperatures can deteriorate their performance for the next rain season, and you may need to replace it within a year or two. 

However, the Gutter Shutter system lasts indefinitely thanks to its high-quality, premium-grade aluminum surface that is practically bulletproof. It’s an all-weather system that will perform throughout the year, no matter what season. Thanks to its efficient flow, you won’t even get icicles or ice dams because all the water will be gone. For a unit that doesn’t clog and lasts indefinitely, you couldn’t ask for more!

How Much Does Gutter Shutter Cost?

In order to give you an accurate estimate, we’d need to take proper measurements on site, as well as inspect your existing roofline. The cost of your installation could be affected by additional factors like damaged fascia that must be repaired. For that reason, the best way to get an estimate is to schedule a consultation with our team.

Does Pacific Gutter Offer Financing Options?

We certainly do. We understand that this is a huge investment, yet we want to promote our perfect solution to gutter health, maintenance, and protection. Our company has teamed up with Greensky Financing, which offers easy online loans to help you with important home improvement projects. This financing option also covers some essential roof work, such as optimizing your roof runoff or fixing any existing damage to roof materials like your roof shingles.

What’s The Difference Between Gutter Helmets and Leaf Guards?

Helmets are a type of gutter cover that shields the traps from larger debris. All the types mentioned in the opening of this blog, such as screen guards, mesh guards, and brush guards are considered helmets.

On the other hand, leaf guards (like our Gutter Shutter system) have an enclosed surface with a lip curving inward to keep out debris, so that the flow of water is uninterrupted.

Still On The Fence About Gutter Guards? Call Pacific Gutter For A Consultation!

Our team at Pacific Gutter have been in business for many years, bringing an average of ten years of experience in equipping homes with healthy gutter systems. Having been in this industry for so long, we are still convinced that maintaining your rain gutters is the key to protecting your home’s structural integrity, from the roof down to your foundation. 

Therefore, we decided to dedicate our commitment and effort to efficient gutter installation services that include our all-in-one gutter solution—the Gutter Shutter. 

We understand that there is a lot to consider before deciding on a gutter guard system that meets your needs. Fortunately, Pacific Gutter and the Gutter Shutter system are here to help. We are always happy to promote healthy exterior drainage systems and invite you to contact us online or call 866-391-1039 for more information.