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Fascia and Soffit Cover

Fascia Covering

Fascia covering is one of the best investments you can make for your home or building.  Fascia covering is an aluminum cover that protects the outer edge of your roof known as the fascia.  Wood fascia gets damaged by the baking sun and water.  It also gets invaded by carpenter bees and ants.  Fascia can be costly to replace and has to be repainted quite often.  Fascia covering virtually eliminates the need to maintain and paint your fascia boards.  Our fascia covering comes with the same paint finish warranty as our gutters - 100 years guaranteed not to chip, crack, flake or peel.

The added benefit of fascia is that it gives your home an attractive, finished look.  C
hoose a color and match your fascia cover with your rain gutter. 

Soffit Covering

Soffit covering is a solid cover placed over the open spaces under the roof eves known as soffits.  The soffits make excellent nesting places for wasps, birds and bats.  Soffit covering not only protects these open spaces, but looks fantastic. 

The picture below demonstrates how rain gutters, fascia covering and soffit covering work together.  All three products combined offer a high functioning protective cover that looks great as well. 

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